dana point jane doe i get no love :(

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dana point jane doe i get no love :( Empty dana point jane doe i get no love :(

Post by redpill on Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:31 pm

Sun Jan 06, 2019

i'm combing through youtube and i found this video posted 2 days ago from Sun Jan 06, 2019

there are several other dana point jane doe videos

while i certainly did not know Holly Glynn growing up

I did meet Francis, and she introduced me to 2 other friends, and they told me about her and her old sister Tammy, and sent me their photos and stories of the time they shared with Holly growing up.

I was the one that put it all together and actually contacted California Med examiner with my proposed ID and info on how they can get in touch with Tammy.

But all these reviews and the wikipedia article don't mention my role that I did in having her identified Sad

I did spontaneously started thinking of her so.

Holly's friends deserve all the credit since they actually knew her, grow up with her, provided me with info.

But my role was that I was the one that actually contacted the coroner's office. Embarassed

this happened several years ago. i find it amazing that even as recent as 2 days ago from Sun Jan 06, 2019

people are still posting videos about her.

what if Holly survived her suicide attempt?

obviously Holly would get in touch with her friends and they would support her.

what would she be like now?

she was very attractive so she probably could have gotten married to a guy. Holly's friends tells me Holly loved heavy metal music most and rock bands like Led Zeppelin and other heavy metal.

her older sister Tammy is still alive (i think)

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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