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petsmart cats with bowties Empty petsmart cats with bowties

Post by redpill on Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:12 pm

Tue Jan 08, 2019

in the 70s and 80s i visited pet shops that were small businesses. i of course wanted a puppy but my family refused on the grounds dogs are high maintenance. but yeah i visited these pet shops, saw their puppies, and then used my imagination and imagined my life with this puppy. Embarassed

chinese restaurants were similar in that they were locally owned, often by the immigrant family.

in the 90s there was for me the first time i set foot in a petsmart,

here its not a family run small business but a large retail chain. similar with PF Chang which is a retail chain chinese restaurant.

one day i saw that petsmart had a cat adoption with an independent cat adoption agency,

and the employees did something i've not seen before or since,

they put bow ties on the cats

petsmart cats with bowties Rainbo10
petsmart cats with bowties 0404c410
petsmart cats with bowties Dbc1e610

cuties thing i ever saw.

it gave me the feeling these cats were like little people, going to an job interview, which in this case is to be adopted.

i do think if a cat is adopted to a loving family, it's got it made with free food and board and protection and shelter and warmth.

they didn't do this since, and i've not seen it done.

only 1 time when i visited petsmart in the 90s did i see the employees do this.

it was a cute thing for me to experience and remember

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