a customer review of Angel Betrayed

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a customer review of Angel Betrayed

Post by redpill on Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:07 pm

finngirl13 on April 9, 2014 wrote:Verified Purchase
... that outlines the basics of the unsolved 1996 JonBenet Ramsey murder case and examines the political machinations which failed to deliver legal justice for this child. The author is accurate in his statements of fact and points out the various instances of misleading media propaganda. He expresses his personal opinions regarding the major players and, with logic and reason, explains his theory of who killed JonBenet, and why. It was, and remains, difficult to believe that the actions of the parents were those of innocent people. There were too many inconsistencies in their accounts of what happened that Christmas night and the author presents his case with vigor. I recommend this book to those who are familiar with the case and those who are looking for a place to begin learning about what happened and, more importantly, what didn't happen in the justice system in Boulder, CO. RIP, JonBenet.

SD fails to state the daubert standard in his book and how this applies to the forensics and expert witnesses. Doing so completely changes the conclusion namely the RDI failed to deliver legal justice for this child.

the justice system in Boulder, CO is working just fine. it is the cyber lynch mob at websleuth and forums for justice that deserve a reprimand.

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