why spinlord and spin? RST explained

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why spinlord and spin? RST explained

Post by redpill on Sun May 04, 2014 8:15 pm

at my jb alma mater websleuth they use a term RST

RST = ramsey spin team
MORON = masters of ramsey originated nonsense

so i thought about taking spin as my title.

originally i chose spin lord as a play on a sith lord

i'm not mentioning any names but there is an RDI who is a SW fan. he and i first clashed on websleuth then crimeshot

a sith lord is a master of the dark side of the force
spin lord is a master of the daubert side of the forensics

websleuth has a tread other crimes with ransom notes, mothers who kill their children, siblings who kill siblings, fathers who sexually abuse their daughter

i researched crimes ranging from home invading intruders - valerie percy villisca axe murders to crimes involving girls found murdered in their home alicia o'riley and heather coffin to girls abducted from their home eloise worledge to crimes close to jonbenet like tracy neef and ali bereliz and girls who look like jonbenet morgan nick tracy neef crimes involving ransom notes - bobby frank /leopold loeb barbara mackle

holdontoyourhat had a theory that kim jong il and north korea decided to send an agent to kidnap

i thought it was worth looking at other nations

after i found mr cruel i decided to change my name to redpill after the movie the matrix


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