why does the Ransom note contain references to Dirty Harry Ransom Speed?

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why does the Ransom note contain references to Dirty Harry Ransom Speed?

Post by redpill on Tue May 20, 2014 9:02 pm

It is highly likely that the author of the RN was familiar with Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed, and this was reference by both Douglass Cases that Haunt Us and Judge Carnes decision. Steve Thomas et al and RDI produced no evidence the R's were fans of this genre, had copies of these movies in their possession, or otherwise were familiar with these movies, and of course they denied any such knowledge. This would rule out the R's as the authors.

Any viable IDI theory would 1- have to weigh the significance of these apparent movie references and 2- offer reasons an intruder would be familiar with such movies.

I outline why Mr. Cruel would be a fan of these movies here

Mr. Cruel a fan of movies Dirty Harry, Ransom, Speed


while Mr. Cruel is not publicly known for telling his victims he's a fan of these movies, his line to Sharon Will's father Don't be a hero could come from Dirty Harry, and he abducts young girls and demands ransom money, which is exactly what these movies are about. These movies depict villians who do what Mr. Cruel did in his real life crimes.

So my Mr. Cruel theory explains that 1- Mr. Cruel loves these movies as they depict his life and passion, abducting young girls and making ransom demands like the movies and 2- he included references in the RN.

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