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Post by redpill on Sat May 24, 2014 1:53 pm

there's a forums devoted to the Zodiac Killer, and of course his possible connection to Jonbenet is a thread here

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terry b wrote:
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The first thing that anyone dealing with the JonBenet Ramsey murder needs to recognize is that fact that it was a very vicious and brutal murder, that little girl was technically dead when the massive blow was delivered to the back of her head. There is evidence that she suffered through a series of two strangulation's, the second one was intended to kill her, the hemorrhaging of the skin and other evidence clearly demonstrate that as a fact. Probably during the course of the first strangulation her hymen was viciously ruptured with the broken end of a artist type paint brush.There are many other details about the murder itself that I won't go into at this time.

The second thing for anyone that carefully studies this case to recognize is the vicious and brutal verbiage in the three page ransom letter.

Both Lou Smit and former FBI profiler John Douglas;
two of the most highly regarded detectives in the country have said an intruder murdered the little girl, I highly recommend others review their work. I also recommend others to read some of John Douglas' books like "Mind Hunter" and " The Cases That Haunt Us"

Regarding the works of John Douglas; I have a couple of minor differences with a couple of his statements and those differences have to do with the age of his suspects, I point out that the killer was emotionally immature making him seem much younger, secondly in the Zodiac case I think the documents point to a person that was from the era of B grade movies put out by RKO and Republic Pictures, for example the use of statements like "This is the Zodiac speaking" and "I shall", "you will", the same goes for the JBR ransom letter because very similar phrases and tone were used in it, like; "Follow our instructions" There were other terms the Zodiac killer used that pointed to an earlier era like; "how does it feel to have your nose rubbed in your boo-boos, boo-boos being a very dated expression. Or "fiddle and fart around", that phrase is said to come from around Texas as I recall.

There's more much more, this was a very sophisticated crime.


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