Secret Santa Visit - no forced entry

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Secret Santa Visit - no forced entry

Post by redpill on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:26 pm

Secret Santa Visit

Carnes Account. "On December 25, 1996, while playing at the home of a neighborhood friend, JonBenet told her friend's mother that "Santa Claus" was going to pay her a "special" visit after Christmas and that it was a secret. (SMF P 124; PSMF P 124.) The person who may have said this to JonBenet has never been identified. (SMF P 125; PSMF P 125.)" (Carnes 2003:101).
PMPT Account. "Barbara Kostanick was the mother of a playmate of JBR's. She asserted: "The day before Christmas, JonBenet was at our house playing with Megan. The kids were talking about Santa, getting all excited. I asked JonBenet if she had visited Santa Claus yet. She said, “Oh, Santa was at our Christmas party the other night.” Megan had seen Santa at the Pearl Street Mall, so we talked about that. Then JonBenet said, “Santa Claus promised that he would make a secret visit after Christmas.” I thought she was confused. “Christmas is tonight,” I told her. “And Santa will be coming tonight.” “No, no” JonBenet insisted. “He said this would be after Christmas. And it’s a secret” (Schiller 1999:38-39)

If Barbara and Megan are entirely correct and not mis-remembering, then it is clear that Jonbenet may have had a prearranged agreement with her killer who she calls "Santa Claus". There is no forced entry. Jonbenet allowed him in.

On Dec 25, the R's tucked Jonbenet in for sleep. Then she work up, perhaps she pretended to fall asleep to trick her parents, she woke up after everyone else was asleep. She went to the kitchen to eat pineapple. There she saw Santa through a window on one of the doors in the R's house, and allowed him in voluntarily. No forced entry. Entry was not through the basement window. Kolar's claim about the spider web being intact ruling out an intruder is simply invalid.

It's not clear if "Santa" removed her entirely from the R's home, or remained in the home. It seems highly probable that at this Christmas Party Santa or an accomplice took the notepad from the home. At his own residence, he proceeded to imitate Patsy's handwriting and tear out the pages. He and possibly an accomplice then returned on Dec 25/6 with the notepad and ransom note, and placed it on the stair case.

I asked JonBenet if she had visited Santa Claus yet. She said, “Oh, Santa was at our Christmas party the other night.”

The other night could be any night prior to Dec 25th. It could be days or even weeks prior.

We would need more information from everyone at this party Jonbenet was referencing. Who was there, who was the Santa there, how long this party lasted, how many people, what areas of the house they had access to, how they know the R's, to be able to fully elucidate what happened.

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