my own personal list of other possible victims of The Oakland County Child killer

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my own personal list of other possible victims of The Oakland County Child killer

Post by redpill on Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:32 am

over the years i've looked at other unsolved crimes against children.
now if you type in serial killer of children victims you come up with the Atlanta child killer, Wayne Williams, and the many black mostly boys he murdered. there's John Wayne Gacy who murdered a dozen or so young boys. there are a couple of Russian/Ukrainian child killers and a couple in Brazil.

in the US, the most significant UNSOLVED serial killer who targets white children is The Oakland County Child killer.

my theory is that in addition to killing

the victims

he also murdered

and Jonbenet

now since the 70s, he's suspected of murdering Donna Serra, Jane Allen, and Kimberly King, no relation to Timothy King, based on location, time, age of victim.

I've wondered if he has murdered/abducted others outside of Michigan after 1970's.
now Elan Patz and Adam Walsh are officially closed.

but there are others
for example, when it came to Timothy King

Timothy King, 11, borrowed 30 cents from his older sister and left his home in Birmingham, skateboard in hand, to buy candy at a drugstore on nearby Maple Road on Wednesday, March 16, 1977, at about 8:30 pm. He left the store by the rear entrance, which opened to a parking lot shared with a supermarket, and vanished

     With atleast three child murders all committed by the same man, the entire state of Michigan was in a panic. There was no real evidence, and the killer was still out there somewhere, likely to strike again. Stranger danger was high already. In one instance a man stopped and asked some kids for directions in his car, and a man came up and attacked him, thinking the man in the car was the child killer.

    On March 16, 1977 the terror seemed to continue, with Timmy King. Tim was 11 years old, and the youngest of four, with two brothers and a sister. Tim was to be left home alone, since his two brothers were busy and his sister had a date. Tim's parents had gone out dining with a client of his dad's law firm, and were certain Tim could manage by himself since they weren't traveling far, and they weren't going to be away for too long. "Since he had sat for other children in the neighborhood," his mother Marion recalls, "we decided he could take care of himself. And we weren't going far or for very long." At about 7:30 that night Tim decided he wanted to go get some candy from a local drug store that was three blocks away. He borrowed 30 cents from his older sister right before she was about to leave, and told her to leave the front door part way open for him. He then left his home in Birmingham, skateboard in hand, to buy the candy at a drug store on nearby Maple Road. At about 8:30 p.m. He left the store by the rear entrance, which opened to a parking lot shared with a supermarket and as he was standing int parking lot of the drugstore two witnesses saw him get approached by a man with long shaggy dark hair and sideburns. The man was standing near what one witness thought was a blue Gremlin with a white racing stripe on the side of it. This was the last anyone saw Tim alive.

    All of Oakland County soon flew into a panic. They had to get Tim back before it was too late. Although at the time it wasn't confirmed if he had been taken by the Oakland County Child Killer, they knew that if it was Tim might be alive if they found him in time, because the killer often kept his victims alive for several days before killing them. It took two days before police started released info on the abductor, after which they soon made up a legal document to show to motorists requesting to search car trunks and inside the car for Tim. The document stated that if they found anything else like drugs or a fire arm, they wouldn't arrest them. They just wanted Tim back alive. No one refused to let the police search their cars, and neither Tim nor his abductor were located.

this actually sounds familiar based on my research. there are several children abducted who fit this.

the most famous is Morgan Nick

wiki wrote:
Morgan Chauntel Nick (born September 12, 1988) was an American girl who was abducted at a Little League Baseball game. Her mother is known for creating the 'Morgan Nick Foundation', which helps people find their missing children.


On June 9, 1995, Morgan Nick and her mother, Colleen Nick, went to a Little League baseball game in their town of Alma, Arkansas. At around 10:30 p.m., Morgan asked her mother if she could catch lightning bugs with her friends. At first, her mother was uncertain, but eventually let her go. She was last seen at 10:45 p.m. by her friends, emptying sand out of her shoes at her mother's car. Her friends said that there was a "creepy" man talking to Morgan around the last time she was seen.[1]

Later that evening, when the game was over, Morgan's friends returned without her. They told Colleen that Morgan was at her car, but when Colleen went to the car to look for Morgan, she was not there. She has not been seen or heard from since.

i've mused that Morgan Nick was abducted by OCCK. I don't deny her abductor could be a one-off. but what witnesses saw with Timothy King in the parking lot talking to a man in a blue gremlin and Morgan Nick sound eerily similar. Did Timothy/Morgan "willing" enter the car of their abductor? How could the abductor snatch the kid without the kid screeming? Morgan Nick was abducted at night, but in a ball park full of family and friends and parents, and a little league team playing baseball, and Morgan Nick was close to 2 other girls, all catching fireflies. Some some fella decided to abduct her, somehow, taking a risk, if Morgan did scream, no one heard it. Timothy King similar story, in a parking lot by a drug store. There were witnesses. They didn't report anything amiss. One of the long standing mystery over OCCK is how he abducted children, in some cases in broad daylight in heavily trafficked area, without alerting anyone anything was wrong. If anyone could pull off the abduction of Morgan Nick in a heavily populated venue, with witnesses, and without alerting anyone of anything was amiss, it's the OCCK killer.

then there's Tracy Neef

Tracy was a 7 year old girl that lived with her loving parents. They lived in Colorado. Tracy was dropped off at school by her mother late on March 16, 1984. That would be the last time Tracy would be seen alive. Tracy would disapear while trying to find a way into the school. Because she was late some of the doors would have been locked. At around 2:45 Tracy's mother was waiting outside the school for Tracy. She would waite for a little while before driving home to see if her daughter had walked home. When Tracy wasn't at home her mom drove back to the school and spoke with Tracy's teacher. Her teachers told her that Tracy was never in class that day. Tracy's parents would drive around until 4pm looking for their daughter. They would then call 911. At 4:45pm a couple would find Tracy's body. She was lying sideways with her knees bent together and hands palm down on her belly. Her school supplies were scattered around her. Tracy had a scrtach on her right cheek and another one above her left eye. The scratches were thought to be caused by a fingernail. Tracy also had ligature marks on both wrists. It is thought her hands were bound with some type of rope. Tracy's autopsy showed she had died of asphyxiation. Two hairs were found on Tracy but both peices of evidence were lost. Tracy's killer still has never been caught.

compare Tracy Neef

At 4:45pm a couple would find Tracy's body. She was lying sideways with her knees bent together and hands palm down on her belly. Her school supplies were scattered around her.


Mark Stebbins
His body was found on February 19, neatly laid out in a snowbank in the parking lot of an office building at Ten Mile Road and Greenfield in Southfield Rope marks were seen on his wrists. He was fully clothed in the outfit he was wearing when last seen alive
Jill Robinson

. Her body was found on the morning of December 26, along the side of Interstate 75 near Big Beaver Road in Troy. She was killed by a single shotgun blast to the face. She was fully clothed and still wearing her backpack. The body was placed within sight of the Troy police station, once again, laid out neatly in the snow.
Kristine Mihelich,

She had been smothered. The body was laid within view of nearby homes, eyes closed and arms folded across the chest, once again in the snow
Timothy King

In the late evening hours of March 22, 1977, two teenagers in a car spotted his body in a shallow ditch alongside Gill Road, about 300 feet south of Eight Mile Road in Livonia, just across the county line in Wayne County. His skateboard was placed next to his body. His clothing had been neatly pressed and washed.

then there's Amber Hageman

On January 13, 1996, nine-year-old Amber Rene Hagerman (November 25, 1986 – January 17, 1996) was abducted while riding her bike in Arlington, Texas.[18] A neighbor who witnessed the abduction called the police, and Amber's brother Ricky went home to tell his mother and grandparents what happened. On hearing the news, Amber's father Richard called Marc Klaas, whose daughter Polly had been abducted and murdered in 1993

Richard Hagerman and Amber's mother, Donna Whitson (now Donna Norris), called the news media and the FBI. The Whitsons and their neighbors began searching for Amber. Four days after the abduction, a man walking his dog found her body in a storm drainage ditch. Her killer was never found, and her homicide remains unsolved.

Jill Robinson had a possibly similar event (though no one actually witnessed it)

angelfire wrote:Then three days before Christmas mother and daughter argued briefly. Jill left home on her bicycle, apparently to visit her father in nearby Birmingham.

Jill Robinson, 12, of Royal Oak, packed a backpack and ran away from her home on Wednesday, December 22, 1976, following an argument with her mother over dinner preparations. The day after her disappearance, her bicycle was found behind a hobby store on Main Street in that city.

basically Jill Robinson, like Amber Hagerman, was seen riding a bicycle. It's clear that she was abducted. There is some controversy over whether her bike was snatched at the same instant she was, or whether Jill parked her bike behind the hobby store where it was found, and then abducted, or her abductor placed the bicycle there.

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