aww superdave, you killed the last force-sensitve

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aww superdave, you killed the last force-sensitve

Post by redpill on Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:39 am

over at websleuth
ss wrote:
Originally Posted by ScarlettScarpetta
You need help. I am not impressed by you
superdave wrote:
Your hatred only fuels my fire. I absorb and redirect it.

aww superdave, that is wasted on a non-force sensitive. if only i were alive to reply

i don't know if superdave watches Star Wars Rebels but

are you paying attention boy? the rdi are all dead! but there is another path, the daubert side.

then there are the clone wars

and then this

there has been an awakening. have you felt it? the dark side and the light!

2 posters attempt to "refute" ScarlettScarpetta by claiming "handwriting" of patsy and national inquirer sample
andrew wrote:
I'll also repost this one...

Below you will see a comparative sample comprised of examples from the ransom note and the National Enquirer sample that was provided. What I wanted to try and prove her is that Patsy was purposely trying to disguise her handwriting by changing the character structure of certain letters. What I did was take random letters from page three of the ransom note. My feeling was that by the third page she would have relaxed a bit and was more likely to be writing as she normally would. These samples comprise the first column. The second column is comprised of the last clear example of that character from the National Enquirer sample. I chose the last examples for the same reason I did on the ransom note. On the right side of the divider are the first four or five instances of that character form the National Enquirer sample. I think it is quite clear from this chart that Patsy was trying to be evasive with certain letters, notably "g", "a", "h", "w" and "n". The letter "g" shows that she has taken to a cursive style, then slipping in to a block style whilst still being careful to keep that bottom cradle small. By the end of the note the cradle is back to full size and the proportional size is identical to the RN. Again, with the letter "w" we can see a deliberate attempt to construct the character from straight lines, but by the end of the sample we have a rounded "w", very similar to the RN.

I won't go through every character because for most of them the original deception is quite obvious. And as a final thought, I think it is actually pretty startling how close Patsy,s sample letters are to those on the ransom note in all cases.

kkzoo wrote:
Patsy's writing tablet, putting the pen neatly back in the cup where it belonged, the similarity of her writing to the ransom note writing and her trying to disguise her handwriting after the murder..paired with the fact that she was the only person in the house at the time of the murder that couldn't be eliminated..and SuperDave is the one that needs help.

after all these years, not a single RDI at any time ever went to amazon and did this

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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