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unsolved mysteries the mystery of dana point

Post by redpill on Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:09 am

way back in 1995, i saw an episode of unsolved mysteries. it showed a young, white female, blonde teenage, calling for a taxi, in a taxi cab, being dropped off. the next morning she was dead by the beach. investigators saw her purse and trace it to a woman who did not know her.

i only saw it once. i did spend hours wondering who she was and why she committed suicide. i did not have access to the internet at that time. i didn't tape unsolved mysteries on vcr vhs. unsolved mysteries robert stacks ends perhaps you can help solve a mystery.

around June 2014, i had recollections of that episode.
it just popped in my head. i was thinking about her and that episode, almost 20 years after i saw it.
don't know wny.

i didn't remember any details, so i looked up suidides at unsolved mysteries. there was a long list, but only 1 that fit this, suicide at dana point jane doe. in june of 2014, her name is still a mystery. from there i found forums like reddit and unsovledmysteries and websleuth that talked about her.

we then speculate who she was and what her name is.

i then found on facebook someone named frances who said she knew someone named Holly Glynn from Whittier elementary, she believed was DPJD. she posted her belief about the same time june 2014 that the memory of my episode popped in my mind.

must be psychic.

She gave me photos of Holly Glynn and then I contacted California LE and eventually they told me they contacted Holly's surviving relatives and got DNA. DNA is underway.
So if DNA matches then I did help solve a mystery. DPJD is Holly GLynn. I also told this to Carl Koppelman, who i heard about from Tammy Jo Alexander/Caledonia Jane doe.

Just weird though that the thought of DPJD and my memory of the episode just entered my consciousness for no apparent reasons. there may be other episodes i saw on UM, but I have no recollection.

i have vague ones on miracle healings, for example.

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