what slenderman and fredrich nietzsche have in common - slenderman in the news

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what slenderman and fredrich nietzsche have in common - slenderman in the news

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slenderman wrote:
WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — Two young Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing their classmate to please the horror character Slender Man must stand trial as adults for attempted homicide, a judge ruled Friday.

Both girls face a count of being a party to attempted first-degree intentional homicide, which automatically places them in adult court under Wisconsin law. They each could face up to 65 years in the state prison system if convicted. Both defendants and the victim, Payton Leutner, were 12 at the time of the stabbing.

Both girls' attorneys have argued that the girls legitimately believed they had to kill Leutner to protect their families from Slender Man's wrath. Anthony Cotton, an attorney for one of the girls, called his client a schizophrenic in court Friday.

Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Bohren found there was enough evidence to order a trial in adult court.

The defense teams had asked him to dismiss the charges during a hearing last month. They contended second-degree attempted intentional homicide would be a more fitting charge because the girls, as misguided as they were, thought they were defending themselves and their loved ones from Slender Man by attacking Leutner.

Second-degree attempted intentional homicide is a lesser crime that prosecutors would have to pursue in juvenile court. The girls could be held in the juvenile system only until they turn 25.

those 2 girls are just or were just 12 years old, 12 years young, when they tried to kill a classmate b/c slenderman wanted them.

makes me wonder if maybe Burke's friend convinced Burke to let him visit and kill Jonbenet to invoke some ghostly sacrifice. perhaps $118k ransom does invoke psalms 118.

so 2 girls read creepypasta and wanted to kill a third person. 12 years old

this is over slenderman

2 supergenius with iq estimated 160 to 190 Leopold and Loeb

read Fredrich Nietzsche

instead of slenderman, it was ubermensch

Leopold and Loeb read nietzsche ubermensch and decide to kill bobby frank to prove they are ubermensch.

they were older than 12 though.

I do wonder if perhaps a perp killed jonbenet as some kind of fantasy. i wonder if burke invited a friend over. his dna is on jonbenets panties and longjohns.

if 2 12 year old girls attempted to murder another 12 year old girl over slenderman, why not?

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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