unsolved mysteries the mystery of dana point a tremor in the Force

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unsolved mysteries the mystery of dana point a tremor in the Force

Post by redpill on Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:08 pm

way back in 1995, i saw Unsolved mysteries feature Dana Point Jane Doe story.

this is unsolved mysteries

this is one of the few complete episodes on UFO

it aired an episode on dana point jane doe which i only saw once, way back in jan 1995.

around june 2014 i started thinking about her and i wondered if she was ever identified.

i knew i saw her on unsolved mysteries but not her name but i then searched that website for suicides, and only 1 suicide involved blonde teen girl by beach dana point jane doe.

kinda sad story she drew angel wings in the sand.

i looked at several forums devoted to solving the identities of jane does. there is a reddit websleuth forum devoted her and facebook.

so of 7.5 billion people on the planet, one woman, francine mcmillion said she thinks dana point jane doe is holly glynn of whittier. she said so on facebook. this was almost the same month that i started thinking about dana point jane doe.

i then attempted to get Orange County sherrif's office to look into it and they said there's no missing person report for holly glynn. so i tried to recruit websleuth carl koppelman to file one. this is around sept 2014. then i got an email around feb 2015 that the OC coronor contacted holly glyn's surviving relatives to get DNA for comparison.

so of all the people on websleuth and reddit attempting to ID DPJD, i am the only one to get in touch with Holly Glynn's childhood friend and follow through with phone calls and email. later Carl Koppelman also contacted OC. i'm now also talking to another friend of Holly Jeannette.

I am a huge fan of Star Wars, and I can't help but be amazed how way back in 1995 Jan i saw UM story on DPJD. and only in 2014 june that i am in touch with 2 on facebook who know her as holly glynn.

must be destiny.

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