cynic why not debate AK on WS or invite IDI to FFJ?

Go down cynic why not debate AK on WS or invite IDI to FFJ?

Post by redpill on Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:29 pm

cynic wrote: I recently ran across a story on unidentified DNA found relating to the Boston Marathon bombing.
I couldn’t help but picture Lacy writing a letter of exoneration to the Tsarnaev brothers and releasing Dzhokhar from prison.

Boston Bombing: Female DNA Found on Bomb Fragments Does Not Match Tamerlan’s Wife
“DNA found on a fragment of one of the Boston Marathon bombs does not match DNA taken earlier this week from Katherine Russell, the widow of the dead suspect in the attack, but she remains under scrutiny, investigators told NBC News.” NBC “news”
Of course, they simply dismiss it as if it never happened. No mention of the fact that they didn’t find either of the brother’s DNA on the bomb.. no mention of any questions as to what alternative meaning this DNA could have to the case. They literally found someone else’s fingerprints on a murder weapon and completely ignore it because it doesn’t support the narrative, the only narrative, they will allow. Remarkable.

This thread has one of my favorite posts:
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Who is Mary Lacy's immediate superior?

Also good...
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Don't trust me on this, but I think it's Lin Wood.

so cynic, you honestly don't see a difference between the two cases? again, in what way is Jonbenet tDNA different scientifically from Allie Berelez? you say this even after you read Mark Beckner's claim that the DNA is your suspect? cynic why not debate AK on WS? for that matter why not invite him and other IDI on WS to FFJ?

how can you call your forum "forumsforjustice" when only RDI are allowed to join and post? bounce

if forumsforjustice is so sure the DNA is inconsequential, why not invite AK to discuss and debate it, or debate AK on WS?

kk knows ak from topix


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