recent airplane disaster in France and flight 370 and others

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recent airplane disaster in France and flight 370 and others Empty recent airplane disaster in France and flight 370 and others

Post by redpill on Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:29 pm

Other investigators have wondered what I have wondered, if there is some kind of suicide pact between pilot/co-pilot of flight 370 and germanwing airplane crash. or maybe there is some online forum where pilots discuss suiciding a plane full of people.

this article
nvestigators will now be looking to see if the apparently deliberate actions by the Germanwings co-pilot were inspired by any other recent disasters including the ongoing mystery of Malaysian Airlines MH370.

French prosecutors have concluded that Andreas Lubitz put the Airbus A320 into a deliberate descent after waiting for the captain to leave the cockpit.

• Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed deliberately: latest news
• 'We only hear screams in the last seconds. Death was instant'
• What we know about pilot Andreas Lubitz

Evidence from the black box flight recorder suggests he refused to open the cockpit door and then flew the aircraft into the Alps, killing all those on board.

Suicide and mass murder remains one of the most likely theories surrounding the crash of flight MH370, which was lost without trace somewhere over the Southern Indian Ocean in March last year.

Malaysian police have identified Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah as the prime suspect, having cleared all other passengers of any suspicious motives.

Captain Shah was reportedly having domestic problems at the time of the crash and was deeply upset following the breakdown of his marriage.

Air crash investigators will now be looking at Mr Lubitz’s background and personal situation to see if there were any indicators that he was depressed or had reason to want to take his own life.

Pilot suicides are extremely rare but terrifyingly there is little anyone can do if the person at the controls decides to crash his aircraft.

In November 2013 Mozambique Airlines flight TM470 went down while on a routine flight between Maputo and Luanda in Angola, killing everyone on board.

There are chilling similarities between the circumstances of that crash and the German Wings disaster.

In the Mozambique Airlines crash the captain waited for the co-pilot to go to the bathroom before locking the cockpit door.

The black-box flight recorder revealed how the captain desperately tried to get back into the cockpit as the co-pilot put the plane into a deliberate descent from its cruising altitude of 38,000 feet.

There was no Mayday call and it was later revealed that the co-pilot had marital problems and his son had recently died.

In 1999 an Egyptair flight between New York and Cairo crashed with the loss of 217 people.

or if there is some copycatting going around.

and i wanted to fly to australia. affraid

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