personally i'm rather disappointed Burke doesn't seem to want to help LE

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personally i'm rather disappointed Burke doesn't seem to want to help LE

Post by redpill on Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:49 am
cnn wrote:
Police in Boulder, Colorado, want to talk to the older brother of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year-old girl slain at home on Christmas night 14 years ago, the Ramsey family's attorney said.

Supporters of the family call it harassment. The brother, Burke Ramsey, has no interest in once again answering questions he has answered for many investigators many times, said the attorney, Lin Wood, of Atlanta, Georgia.

And yet the mere hint of activity in one of the nation's most famous cold cases has headlines swirling.

So, what's the story this time? Burke Ramsey was the 9-year-old brother of JonBenet who, by all accounts, slept soundly in his room that Christmas in 1996 while his sister's skull was fractured and she was strangled elsewhere in the house.

Now, he's 23, and although police investigators aren't talking, the family's lawyer is. Wood said police investigators approached Burke Ramsey on his college campus in the spring, gave him a business card and said that if he wanted to talk about the case, they'd like to hear from him.

Investigators, no doubt, are hoping that locked in Burke's memory is some clue that could crack the case; maybe it's a detail that he was afraid to mention as a child or as a teenager but that he now wants to discuss.

But police will have to keep waiting. Wood says his client has declined their latest request to talk.

Good for him, say some journalists and legal analysts in the Colorado foothills who have long followed the story.

"Burke Ramsey has been completely cleared," said Denver attorney Larry Pozner, who has no direct involvement with the case but has been sharply critical of how authorities have handled it.

does Burke Ramsey want his sister's killer brought to justice? What is Burke Ramsey's theory as to who killed his sister and why? How does Burke Ramsey explain crime scene and pineapple?

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