How Jeffrey MacDonald could be proven to be innocent and lessons for Jonbenet

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How Jeffrey MacDonald could be proven to be innocent and lessons for Jonbenet

Post by redpill on Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:59 am

Jeffrey MacDonald story of 4 intruders chanting acid is groovy kill the pigs, is fantastic. It sounds like a rip off of the Manson murders. It is about as fantastic a story as Sam Sheppard bushy haired intruder.

The following evidence, if it existed, would prove Jeffry innocent, and explain why he was spared.

Suppose semen on the 3 females who were murdered, Colette, and their daughters, Kimberly, five, and Kristen, two had DNA evidence that eliminated Jeffrey as the source, and came from 3 different men.

1- this would prove Jeffery's account of 3 men and 2- would explain why he was not murdered.

in this instance the DNA does not have to match anyone.

the second scenario imagine tDNA from clothing and weapons were found and sourced to 3 different males, and eliminated Jeffrey MacDonald. There can be ongoing debate as to whether the DNA was incidental or secondary transfer. Suppose though this tDNA was matched to known serial killers on death row, guilty of home intrusion murders, and had no other reason to be in the MacDonald house such as being guests.

Such a match would obviously show MacDonald is telling the truth as shown above. To date no such testing has been done that I know of.

Same sort of facts applies to Sam Sheppard and his bushy haired intruder.

based on this scenario, no matter how fantastic Jeffrery and Sam's stories are, the forensics and DNA exonerates them.

Essentially this is what happened when Heather Coffin was found dead. She was found dead in her father's home, with sisters and dog present, but the semen they found did not match the father. Father was under umbrella of suspicion until the DNA was matched and the suspect confessed.

Until the tDNA in Jonbenet is matched to a suspect, and the suspect investigated, there is no compelling reason to prosecute the R's based on however fantastical their story might seem and inability to find an access point.

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