Jonbenet's killer the intruder saw himself as Dirty Harry's Scorpio

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Jonbenet's killer the intruder saw himself as Dirty Harry's Scorpio

Post by redpill on Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:21 pm

these comments are similar in intention

tawny wrote:
the fail in logic is astounding.

This is an example of NO IDI explanation. Why would an intruder hide her body? Seriously, please answer that for me. Why would an intruder hide her body rather than take her with them and dump her, or leave her where she was? Did an intruder seriously believe she would NEVER EVER be found inside the house?

Serious question: Why would an intruder hide her body in a dark room in a basement?

If he wanted to ensure it was found, why hide it? If he had to bug out, not taking the kidnapped-turned-murdered with him, why did he leave the note?

Delay discovery to what end? If he were bugging out, why would he care when, where, and how she's found?

It makes zero logical sense.

ukguy wrote:
Why does an intruder need to bother with a RN at all, all that sitting around authoring a RN, increases the risk of being caught.

No JonBenet in the house tells its own story, when followed up with a ransom phone call, no RN is required.

There is no IDI explanation forthcoming as to why the said intruder did not remove JonBenet from the house, which is just as inconsistent as any staged kidnapping leaving JonBenet in the house!

Intruder plan of action: Enter Ramsey household remove JonBenet, dead or alive, relocate to the boot of awaiting car, then simply drive away. Next day phone ransom demands. Total time to execute less than fifteen minutes!

nimyat of reddit wrote:
There is absolutely 0 reason to start to write a draft ransom note and then write the real thing and make it that ridiculously long.

If it was a premeditated kidnapping, ('hid in the house' theory) why the fuck wouldn't you bring a ransome note with you and why the hell would you start to draft one and then write one on paper found in the house.

If it was a burglary turned kidnapping, why would you start to draft a ransom note, and then write the real thing 4 pages long? You would scribble something like "I've taken your daughter, dont contact police, deposit money at this location at this time if you want to see her again." A panicked burglar does not sit and start writing about his 'organisation'.

A lot of people get bogged down in the details of the case, because it is a fascinating one and it is very interesting, but the ransom note is the most ridiculous thing ever and was totally written by one of the family in my opinion. They also completely over thought it - mentioning the fathers business, his bonus, writing 4 pages worth etc.

There's no way the family wasn't involved. As for which one did it, that is what is hard to prove.

docg makes a similar claim
docg wrote:


An intruder intending to express his anger or disdain for the Ramseys would have had no reason to write a meaningless ransom note. A kidnapper would not have left both the note and the body. If the parents were involved in this together, as so many assume, such a note might serve to throw the police off the track, but only if the body were found, days later, in some remote area. Or never found. With the body hidden in the house, where it is sure to be discovered, the note only creates problems for the Ramseys, the only ones who could "logically" have written it. If they were not planning on getting the body out of the house before the police came, then why would they write an obviously phony note?

Also, why was the note hand printed? Why not print it via computer? Or paste words together from newspapers? If the parents, or anyone at all close to the family, wrote it, they would be risking exposure for sure.


No intruder would have had anything to gain by writing the ransom note. No intruder would have any reason to write it. A kidnapper would have taken the child (or her body) with him. If something had gone wrong with his plan, he would have had no reason to leave a possibly incriminating note. Someone intending to frame John or Patsy would not have written the note in his own hand, as that would be evidence of an intruder. The conclusion is simple: there was no kidnapper. There was no intruder. The note must have been written by someone on the inside -- and it does indeed read like a staged kidnapping attempt.

why does a criminal have to commit a crime via logic? what is logic anyway? is flying an airplane full of passengers into a mountain logic? what about a school shooting at Colombine or Virginia Tech?

I think RDI stands for Retards demonstrating incompetence. What is logic why does a sociopath have to do something that makes sense to you? is Jeffrey Dahmer logic and sensible in eating young men? Is Ted Bundy making sense when he rapes and murders women?

if an intruder wants to leave both a written message and the body, and has the opportunity to do so, what would prevent him from doing so? may be the written message is a joke or a troll. maybe he heard voices in his head. maybe he thought he was being fun. why does a crime have to make sense? The Villisca Axe murderer murdered an entire family with an axe. does this intruder make sense?

maybe the intention of the author was to kill jonbenet for fun, and the ransom note is a joke. there are many instances of serial killers from BTK to charles manson to zodiac to beltway sniper to jack the ripper leaving a written message at the crime scene.

Right now there is a trial of James Holmes, the Aurora Colorado Batman movie shooting.

this is him.

Aurora 'Dark Knight' Suspect James Holmes Said He 'Was the Joker': Cops

The man in custody for allegedly killing 12 people at the screening of the latest Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado told authorities after the shooting that he "was The Joker," NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly said today.

Kelly told reporters the suspect, identified by federal officials as 24-year-old James Holmes, had dyed his hair like The Joker. The Joker is a well-known villain in the fictional Batman universe. The attack took place at a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises," the final movie in a Batman trilogy, following "The Dark Knight" in which The Joker was the principal villain.

Two federal law enforcement officials confirmed the details of The Joker reference to ABC News. Aurora police chief Dan Oates declined to comment on Kelly's remarks but said he had spoken with the NYPD, where he had previously served.

Police said the weapons used in the massacre include a military-style AR-15 assault rifle with a high-capacity drum-style clip, a shotgun and two handguns. The guns were purchased legally over the last several months, according to law enforcement officials.

READ: Colorado Batman Movie Shooting Suspect Was PhD Student

Holmes does not have a criminal record except for a traffic violation, which would allow him to pass any background check for weapons, law enforcement sources said. A local pawn shop owner said that Holmes never bought any firearms there but believed he had been in the shop before talking about guns.

"Since I do see a lot of people in and out of my shop, I don't remember all conversations that I have with everybody," Hillcrest Pawnbrokers owner David Casper told ABC News. "But when they started mentioning the firearms that he had, it sounded very much like the firearms I recommend to my customers... I immediately put that connection together."

Police also said they believe Holmes' apartment, just five miles from the theater, is rigged with explosive booby-traps and are cautiously exploring the residence with remote-controlled cameras. Authorities told ABC News the place appeared to wired to explode if police had raced through the doors -- a plan to add even more to the night's body count.

"It's another tragic event from an obviously deranged individual," Aurora City Councilman Bob LeGare told ABC News. "I don't know what more can be said."

this is Batman's Joker

this is one of several examples of a deranged person using movies, books, stories, comics, as inspiration for crime. other examples include the zodiac killer, vampire killers, that guy who shot Ronald Regan etc

Jonbenet's killer the intruder saw himself as Dirty Harry

   "Now listen to me carefully." (JBR's RN begins "Listen carefully")
   "Now listen. Listen very carefully."
   "If I even think you're being followed, the girl dies."
   "If you talk to ayone, I don't care if it's a Pekinese p i s s ing against a lamppost, the girl dies." (JBR's RN says "If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies")
   "... that's the end of the game. The girl dies." (the phrase "the girl dies" is used 3 times, just as in the JBR RN)
   "It sounds like you had a good rest. You'll need it."

Jonbenet's killer, the intruder obviously saw himself as Scorpio

what did Scorpio do?

if you watch 1971 Dirty Harry you would know

Scorpio ran around San Francisco leaving behind hand written messages for Dirty Harry to read.

again RDI stands for retards demonstrating incompetence.

since the Ransom note clearly shows that the author is a huge fan of Dirty Harry, simply watching Dirty Harry and asking, What would Scorpio Do? would answer all those objections noted above.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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