Dirty Harry and why the intruder left the body behind part 2

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Dirty Harry and why the intruder left the body behind part 2

Post by redpill on Sun May 10, 2015 11:45 pm

this is a continuation of part 1 "Dirty Harry and the RDI "intruder would not leave body and ransom note"

the second half of the objection is why did the intruder leave behind Jonbenet's body inside the house, when he could have easily removed it with him to collect on a ransom? Why did the intruder hide the body to delay discovery?

they give a false dichotomy of either an intruder would remove the body entirely to collect a ransom demand, or leave the body in a highly visible and easily locatable location. they argue that an intruder would not leave the body in the house, but difficult to find.

obvious when you watch Dirty Harry

you can watch it here before it gets taken down for DCMA


the badguy Scorpio, this guy,

leaves a second handwritten ransom note with ransom demand (not shown but read aloud)

this is the actual dialogue from the movie with time
scorpio wrote:
00:41:13,700 --> 00:41:16,300
It's a whole new ball game, fellows.
00:41:16,600 --> 00:41:19,000
He grabbed a 14-year-old girl.
00:41:20,600 --> 00:41:25,400
Ann Mary Deacon.
The bomb squad got a call.
Suspicious object in Golden Gate Park.
00:41:25,700 --> 00:41:30,100
It was addressed to the mayor. The lab
sent it to us, with this letter inside.
00:41:30,300 --> 00:41:32,000
"Ann Mary Deacon, buried alive. "
00:41:32,300 --> 00:41:36,200
The poor kid went to the movies
last night and never came home.
00:41:36,500 --> 00:41:39,500
"Double-crossing San Francisco police
made me do this.
00:41:39,800 --> 00:41:43,300
Now ransom $200,000,
in used tens and twenties.
00:41:43,900 --> 00:41:48,200
One man with yellow bag.
South side Marina.
Green East Harbor.
00:41:48,500 --> 00:41:49,800
9 p.m.
00:41:50,100 --> 00:41:54,900
She has oxygen
till 3 a.m. tomorrow.
Red panties and bra. Nice tits.
00:41:55,100 --> 00:41:58,800
Mole on left thigh. Anything cute
and you'll force me to let girl die...
00:41:59,000 --> 00:42:01,900
...of slow suffocation.
Signed, Scorpio. "

this ransom note was read, and as soon as Dirty Harry hears it he says
dirty harry wrote:
with a pair of pliers.
00:42:20,200 --> 00:42:25,700
You know she's dead.
All I know is the letter says
she'll be alive until 3 a.m.

nevertheless the major does the same thing John Ramsay does

00:42:26,900 --> 00:42:30,300
The mayor's out trying to
put the money together now.
00:42:31,100 --> 00:42:33,400
He's using up a lot of favors.
00:42:34,700 --> 00:42:36,300
He wants to pay.
00:42:37,900 --> 00:42:39,300
No tricks.
00:42:45,200 --> 00:42:47,800
We need a bag man.
You want the job?
00:42:49,200 --> 00:42:53,200
You got it.
- Be in the chief's office at 6 p.m.
- All right.

afterwards Dirty Harry attempts to meet Scorpio's demands

00:42:53,500 --> 00:42:56,000
- Wait a minute. What about me?
- You're out.
00:42:56,300 --> 00:42:58,400
No cover?
Not even one man?
00:43:00,200 --> 00:43:04,600
Sure that's how to do it?
I'm not sure!
But those are my orders. All right?
00:43:06,500 --> 00:43:10,800
No wonder they call him Dirty Harry.
He gets the shit end of the stick.
00:43:10,900 --> 00:43:14,200
One more word and you're
chopped off at the ankles.

Dirty Harry follows Scorpio's instruction attempting to get the girl alive.

1:01:37,700 --> 01:01:39,200
Kezar Stadium.
01:02:41,000 --> 01:02:43,100
Illegal entry. No warrant.
01:02:43,300 --> 01:02:45,100
Looks like we climb.
01:02:46,300 --> 01:02:48,000
Too much linguine.
01:02:49,900 --> 01:02:51,800
I'll find another way.
01:06:00,600 --> 01:06:01,600
01:06:20,700 --> 01:06:23,800
Don't do anything more!
You tried to kill me!
01:06:25,100 --> 01:06:26,800
You need any help?
01:06:27,600 --> 01:06:31,600
- Go on and get some air, fatso.
- Please! No more!
01:06:32,000 --> 01:06:35,400
Can't you see I'm hurt?
You shot me! Please, don't!
01:06:35,900 --> 01:06:38,000
Let me have a doctor!
01:06:38,200 --> 01:06:41,000
Please, get me the doctor!
Don't kill me!
01:06:41,200 --> 01:06:44,000
The girl, where is she?
You tried to kill me!
01:06:44,300 --> 01:06:48,300
If I did, your head would be splattered
all over this field. Where's the girl?
01:06:48,500 --> 01:06:51,700
I want a lawyer.
I said, where's the girl?
01:06:52,000 --> 01:06:55,100
- I have the right for one.
- Where's the girl?
01:06:56,300 --> 01:06:58,500
I have the right to a lawyer!
01:06:59,300 --> 01:07:00,800
Don't! Please!
01:07:01,000 --> 01:07:03,400
I have rights. I want a lawyer!
01:08:37,900 --> 01:08:40,100
Harry Callahan.
He said it was urgent.
01:08:40,400 --> 01:08:44,200
Yes, the district attorney has
been wanting to talk to you.
01:08:44,500 --> 01:08:48,000
- It's Inspector Callahan.
- Have him come in, please.
01:08:48,600 --> 01:08:50,700
Won't you come this way?
01:08:51,100 --> 01:08:54,400
- May I bring you in a cup of coffee?
- No, thanks.
01:09:02,700 --> 01:09:04,700
I'll be done in a minute.
01:09:05,100 --> 01:09:06,500
Have a seat.
01:09:10,700 --> 01:09:14,000
I've just been looking over
your arrest report.
01:09:15,600 --> 01:09:18,800
A very unusual piece of police work.
01:09:20,500 --> 01:09:22,000
Really amazing.
01:09:22,900 --> 01:09:24,100
I had some luck.
01:09:24,400 --> 01:09:29,000
You're lucky I'm not indicting you for
assault with intent to commit murder!
01:09:31,600 --> 01:09:35,400
Where does it say you've got a right
to kick down doors, torture suspects?
01:09:35,700 --> 01:09:39,600
Deny medical attention and legal
counsel? Where have you been?

during the entire time Dirty Harry was chasing Scorpio

01:11:58,700 --> 01:12:01,200
And Ann Mary Deacon,
what about her rights?
01:12:01,400 --> 01:12:06,100
She's raped and left in a hole to die!
Who speaks for her?
The district attorney's office!

Ann Deacon was already dead, and hidden in a hole to delay discovery.

just like Jonbenet.

The ransom note has a paraphrase from a key line of Dirty Harry from Scorpio. It is handwritten like Scorpio's messages. Scorpio abducts a young girl Ann Deacon and hides her body to delay discovery. Scorpio makes Dirty Harry follow his instructions, but during that time the girl was already dead. Ann Deacon, though dead, her body was discovered in a fox hole. Jonbenet though dead, was found in the basement.

The reason the intruder left the ransom note is that is what Scorpio did. The reason he killed her and left her body hidden in the house is that is what Scopio did with Ann Deacon, eventually her body was found but she was already dead.

What we can conclude is Jonbenet's dead was not a kidnapping for ransom. It was a thrill kill. The UNSUB had fantasies formed from the movies Dirty Harry, and thought that it would be fun and exciting to kill Jonbenet like Ann Deacon, leave written messages like Scorpio, and make it look like an attempt at ransom money to confuse investigators.

This UNSUB probably also played mind games with LE and profilers, wondering if any one in the public picks up on the clues.

Jonbenet was murdered and her body was hidden to delay discovery solely to satisfy warped fantasies of a Dirty Harry fan who saw himself as Scorpio.

the RDI dichotomy of body and ransom note is a false dichotomy. this is a thrill kill made to look like a kidnapping. there was never any intention of collecting any ransom money. this issue is very clear simply by watching the movie Dirty Harry as alluded to in the RN. RDI are very bad investigators.

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