I wish i could solve other Unidentified Decedents sleuthing names

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I wish i could solve other Unidentified Decedents sleuthing names

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:08 pm

I wish i could solve other Unidentified Decedents names.

over at websleuths and facebook there are scores of volunteer Unidentified Decedents sleuthing names and identification. for example, Karl Koppelman saw Tammy Jo Alexander name posted as a new MP report and proposed Caledonia Jane Doe is Tammy Alexander and he is right. I saw on facebook Holly's friend state Dana Point Jane Doe was Holly Jo Glynn and I sprung into action.

I tried to repeat my success when Gerald Taylor on facebook said he thinks Walker County Jane Doe is Renee from Wisconsin, but he's not replied and there are some problems with age and location and circumstances.

I do think its rewarding to do this.

My view is that after 10 years almost every missing persons report for a UID has been proposed as been checked and if the UID remains UID, then probably there is no MP for the UID. for example if a family member murders their spouse, then that family member would probably not want to file a MP. new MP are added daily. so for the older than 10 year UID i also suggest checking social media to see if anyone says hey i think that's my friend and follow up.

I went through facebook posts for other listings for UID and thus far, other than WCJD, I've not found any leads along the lines of hey this is my friend. Other volunteer sleuths have proposed lists of MP to match to suspect. I suspect esp with CODIS and DNA they have been investigated and ruled out.

the other fun thing about this is sleuthing and speculating. we can speculate as to what the person was like in life and sometimes we can see if our speculation pans out. everyone's guesses on DPJD are mostly wrong.

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