suicides of ashlynn conner 10, Krista McGee (16), Chelsea Clark 13, Olivia Cori Hansen 13

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suicides of ashlynn conner 10, Krista McGee (16), Chelsea Clark 13, Olivia Cori Hansen 13

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:14 pm

as i am reading about this it is clear that the most common reason teen white females commit suicide is bullying. bullying at school, bullying on facebook, etc. AFAIK bullying wasn't the reason Holly Glynn committed suicide.
second reason is over relationship issues, between parents or boyfriend or rejection from close friends.

here are some that struck me. they were the result of mental health problems and not AFAIK bullying.

this is 10 year old Ashlyn Connor, suicide by hanging

Bullying didn’t drive Ashlynn Conner, 10, to suicide: authorities
Ashlynn Conner’s tragic death put focus on bullies, but sheriff downplays bullying, closes case

An Illinois fifth-grader who became a national symbol for bully victims after her suicide in November wasn't driven to kill herself by bullies, authorities said.

Ashlynn Conner, 10, was found hanged from a scarf in a closet at her parent's home in Ridge Farm, Ill., on Nov. 11.

Her death attracted national attention after her mother told reporters she had been harassed at school about her weight, picked on in her neighborhood and ignored by teachers, who told her to stop "tattling."

But reports by the Vermilion County sheriff's department, which closed the case on Monday, downplayed bullying as a factor and said no one would be charged in her death, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The little girl was troubled, came from a violent home and had threatened suicide before, investigators said.

But evidence that she killed herself because of bullying “was not there.”

"I think saying this was caused by bullying (in the media) was premature," Vermilion County coroner Peggy Johnson told the Tribune.

“The facts, to me, are suicide by hanging. There's probably numerous factors; you put them all together. I would not label (the cause) as bullying.”

Police reports reviewed by the Tribune showed that Conner's mother, Stacy, had attempted suicide twice: once as a teenager and once in 2007.

onner's grandmother, who lived with the family, tried to slash her own wrists immediately after cops told her the little girl was dead, the Tribune reported.

The preteen also exchanged heated word with friends and relatives over Facebook in the months before her death, and in October, she threatened to kill herself if a classmate she considered her boyfriend ever broke it off.

Investigators also found no evidence that teachers at Conner's school, Ridge Farm Elementary, had ignored her or said anything about “tattling.”

School superintendent Nanette Mellen told the Tribune that an independent look into the suicide by a local hospital didn't find any teachers at fault.

“There has been nothing . . . . (brought) to my attention that could have prevented this from occurring,” Mellen said.

Sheriff Pat Hartshorn said suicides usually weren’t motivated by a single factor.

“There's usually multiple factors, and I would guess that is the case with Ashlynn,” he said.

10 years old and already has a boyfriend that may have been a factor in her suicide? kids these days. in the news there are a lot of reports of girls entering early puberty so maybe there's that. when i was 10 i was playing with Cobra Ninja aka storm shadow.

Krista McGee (16)

Krista, an active fun-loving 16-year-old sophomore at Grand Prairie High School, will be missed by so many. She was on the varsity volleyball team, was active in theatre and was a class officer. Krista was in Advanced Placement classes and was in National Honor Society. She loved being with her friends, going to the lake, shopping, singing, dancing and modeling-and the color purple.

Krista, an active fun-loving 16-year-old sophomore at Grand Prairie High School, touched the lives of many while she was here with us and will be missed by so many. She was on the varsity volleyball team, was active in theatre and was a class officer. Krista was in Advanced Placement classes and was in National Honor Society. She loved hanging out with her friends, going to the lake, shopping, singing, dancing and
modeling-and the color purple. She is in a better place now and we pray for her family and all those who knew her.

the rumor was that she killed herself over her boyfriend breakup but a close friend said that's more complicated, she had psychological issues.

Chelsea Clark, 13

Hospital staff have been accused of failing a suicidal 13-year-old girl who hanged herself after they sent her home.

Despite earlier attempts to end her life and her mother’s desperate pleas, Chelsea Clark was discharged.

A month later the grammar school pupil’s parents found her dead in her bedroom.

Staff at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton had missed several opportunities to help the troubled teenager, a serious case review found.

Chelsea, who attended Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, had already tried to commit suicide.

Her mother Margaret Clark told doctors she could not keep her daughter safe, but the schoolgirl was sent back to her home in Finchfield, Wolverhampton.

In May 2011 she took painkillers in a ‘significant’ overdose that left her in hospital for eight days.

Medics considered admitting her to a specialist adolescent unit but she was released without a customary pre-discharge meeting. Just two weeks before she died on June 29, 2011, Chelsea told a school psychologist she had tried to harm herself after hearing voices in her head.

The review, by Wolverhampton Safeguarding Children Board, found ‘a number of examples of individual sub-optimal practice’ involving mental health staff, social and community services workers and the police.

It said there was ‘undue optimism’ among mental health staff who dealt with Chelsea after her initial assessment on the day she was hospitalised.

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Chelsea Clark, 13 suicide due to mental health problems sounds like a close match to Holly Glynn.
there was an inquest in Chelsea Clark to determine if the mental health professionals did their job.
she was discharged from psychiatric care but she ended up committing suicide anyway.

i wonder if there should be an inquest in Holly's suicide.

Olivia Cori Hansen, 13, pictured below

Olivia Cori Hansen, 13, Passed away from this life into her Savior's arms on Sunday, April 21, 2013, in St. George Ut. She was born on October 28, 1999 in St. George, Ut. to Corey and Rebecca Hammond Hansen.

Livvy lived in the same house in the same town (St. George) all her life. She went to kindergarten at Dixie Sun. She attended first through fifth grades at Coral Cliffs. The last two years she went to Lava Ridge Intermediate.

Livvy loved her family. She loved spending time with her cousins and friends. She loved camping, family reunions, shopping, swimming, texting, and Facebook. Livvy loved shoes and always wanted to buy another pair. She loved music and liked to sing along to the radio. She also loved movies and often would quote them. She was so funny and always made us laugh. Livvy loved her niece and three nephews so much and loved spending time with them.
- See more at:

Community responds to incomprehensible loss, benefit for bereaved family


ST. GEORGE –  There are few things in life’s experience as difficult to bear as the loss of a child. And when a child takes her own life, the after-shocks to family, friends and the community as a whole defy description.

Local communities are struggling with these incomprehensible losses as the second young teenager in two months took her life Sunday.

   some are finding ways to put love into action for the support of one grieving family and to open up a process of service through which children and adults may find expression

Through the struggle to accept what does not make sense, some are finding ways to put love into action for the support of one grieving family and to open up a process of service through which children and adults may find expression.

One of these is a benefit car wash and bake sale to help the Corey and Becky Hansen family with funeral costs for their 13-year-old-daughter, Olivia. It will be held Friday from 3-5 p.m. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1610 N. Dixie Downs Road in St. George. Everyone’s donations and participation are welcomed. Monetary gifts and donations of baked goods, crafts and any other items for sale are invited.


Almost always with suicide we want to make sense of it and it almost always doesn’t,” was one point brought out at the meeting, “… so here we sit and we’re still living with it.”

“If people see how much Olivia was really loved, they’ll see ‘maybe people love me too?’” McInnes said, urging young people to talk to their parents, or talk to anyone, about their needs.

Although it is beyond the scope of this report to explore the motivation or causes contributing to this tragedy, bullying does not appear to be one of them.

“This was not a direct result of bullying,” Clyde said.

Washington County School District has responded to meet needs of students with counselors and other support.

Both Olivia Hansen and Ashley Rubio, 12, who died by her own hand on February 23, were students of Lava Ridge Intermediate School in Santa Clara. Lava Ridge principal deferred comment to the school district’s assistant superintendent who has not returned our call as this report is published

Ashley Rubio, 12

Ashley Dawn Rubio was born in Cedar City, UT, on April 19, 2000 to Alfonso and Amber Rubio. She left this earth on February 23, 2013, St. George, UT.

Ashley was in 7th grade at Lava Ridge Intermediate School. She aspired to be a sports physical therapist, because she loved sports almost as much as helping people. Her sports involved softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis and cheerleading. She did scrapbooking, made hair clips and did hair. She loved music, especially One Direction. Her interests were animals, sports, and volunteering. She has only ever lived in St. George and Cedar City, but she loved to travel. She has been to Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, Texas, Kansas, and Nevada. She loved singing, dancing, children and just about everything else that's beautiful in the world. She didn't like hate, bullying, or anything else that brought pain to others.

She is survived by her parents, Alfonso and Amber; sisters: Monique, Katie, and Callie; brother, Alfonso Alexander Rubio all of St. George; her grandparents: Earl and Barbara Rodriguez of Cedar City, Ileen Roper of Washington City, and Ed Rubio of Mexico; as well as many aunts, uncles, and cousins. - See more at:

Madison Holleran, 19

Parents share tragic suicide note of Ivy League track star, 19, who jumped to her death from a parking garage and left gifts for friends and family members nearby

   Madison Holleran, 19, took her life in Philadelphia on January 17, 2014 after leaving a suicide note and gifts for her family
   The University of Pennsylvania freshman's death shocked the school and her hometown in New Jersey
   Her father said she was struggling with school work, had shared her suicidal thoughts with her family and was seeing a psychiatrist
   Now, her family has released her tragic suicide notes, and revealed the gifts the young woman left behind for them
   Andrew Wilcox, the runner who saw her jump, also revealed that he ran his first marathon to raise money for suicide prevention  
   'She gave me 19 phenomenal years,' said her father Jim

She ended her suicide note with an apology, saying; 'I love you all...I'm sorry. I love you.'

'I don't think she realized how awful it would be for us to not have her around,' said her father.

'Parents, if you see a huge change in your child and you haven't discussed suicide with them, open that discussion up.'

Madison was such a perfectionist, and hurting so much, her family also found a first draft of a suicide note in her dorm room.

'I don't know who I am anymore. trying. trying.trying,' the note began.

'I'm sorry. I love you...sorry again...sorry again...sorry again...How did this happen?'

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I wonder if we should petition an inquest to the governor of California and Orange County Coroner's office to see if Holly Glynn received adequate psychiatric care, and whether the psychiatrists and mental health care workers knew Holly was suicidal and did enough to prevent it.

I also wonder if they should have stated that the young woman jane doe who commited suicide at dana point could be their former patient holly glynn. i know there is HIPAA.

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