IDI is based on science, evidence, the scientific method and criminalistics

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IDI is based on science, evidence, the scientific method and criminalistics

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:17 pm

IDI is based on science, evidence, the scientific method and criminalistics

over at forumsforjustice they complain of drinking Ramsay kool-aid and how Alex Hunter and Mary Lacy are "corrupt".

every RDI you see at forumsforjustice and websleuths and topix have, without exception, never studied Criminalistics
below is a vid

Alex Hunter and Mary Lacy are advised by CBI, FBI, Colorado forensics laboratory Criminalistics who use science to reconstruct the crime scene.

let's go through the steps which is why RDI have no case. RDI is defeated once and for all.

the  American Academy of Forensic Science uses science and the scientific method and scientific research to train and education Criminalistics in forensic crime scene reconstruction.

these highly trained experts in  forensic crime scene reconstruction work for CBI, FBI, Colorado forensics laboratory, BPD, to advise and reconstruct crimes for LE.

Criminalistics look at the forensic evidence, understand the term "unsourced" then propose a theory based on science and crime scene reconstruction, that best explains unsourced trace evidence. their conclusion is an intruder handled the items and wrote the ransom note. they then write a forensic report detailing their finding and their conclusion.

Alex Hunter and Mary Lacy and now Stan Garnett have a copy of these reports in the case file.

Alex Hunter and Mary Lacy and now Stan Garnett  have to act on the recommendation of these reports. Mary Lacy exonerated the Ramsey's based on the recommendation of these experts.

the professional Criminalistics who are licensed and accredit by the  American Academy of Forensic Science and have used the scientific method and scientific training, and using the same scientific standard in the Ramsey murder case that they use for other crime scene reconstructions conclude in a detailed forensic report,

there is no innocent explanation for DNA in 3 places in combination with other trace evidence other unsourced evidence and handwriting and linguistic evidence in the Ramsey ransom note. the intruder theory is the most scientifically and evidence supported theory of what happened.

the conclusion of professional crimianlistics is that an intruder theory is the best explanation for the UNSOURCED trace evidence. they 1- have access to the original reports and 2- are trained in crime scene reconstruction using objective science.

what these means of course is that RDI, forumsforjustice websleuth and all the RDI are simply lacking in basic science and evidence.

RDI forum posters like tricia superdave cynic ukguy koldkase et al, you see really do not know what they are talking about. they have never even studied the most rudimentary aspects of criminalistics and do not know what the term "unsourced" means.

RDI exists b/c of ignorance of basic science.

no RDI has ever studied

criminalistics employed by BPD, and consulted by DA's office have. they studied those books, they apply the science in those books to the ramsey case.

their conclusion is IDI.

RDi makes it sounds like there is overwelming evidence for RDI and just this DNA which could be the result of secondary transfer is the only evidence of IDI. the truth is that there is multiple unsourced trace evidence unsourced hair fiber cord tape shoeprint PLUS dna that makes intruder theory the most scientific supported theory.

plus handwriting and linguistics which is IDI.

RDI are crackpots. they are anti-science obstructionists. they are a lynch mob. forumsforjustice et al is fundamentally a lynch mob.

what makes RDI a lynch mob is that if you apply the same scientific standards in other cases to the Ramsey case, with the same kind of evidence, then intruder is the conclusion that is best supported by both evidence and methodology.

one thing to keep in mind is that detectives are NOT forensically trained criminialistics. their job is to interview suspects, develop theories and leads in attempt to interview more suspects or find incriminating evidence.

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