suicide of Morgan Ingram 19 shadows of jonbenet and holly glynn

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suicide of Morgan Ingram 19 shadows of jonbenet and holly glynn

Post by redpill on Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:06 pm

you know before i had a dream of a young woman walking off a cliff and falling to her death, i never not once gave much thought to suicide. the most i thought about suicide is japanese kamakazi pilots of ww2 as i played video games, and japanese samurai committing suicide due to dishonor as i used to be into ninjas.

since i did research on dana point jane doe holly glynn i've had my ears and eyes open to reports of teen-early twenties suicides

i saw a new tv show

Suspicion US S01E02 Edge of Insanity
Season 01, Episode 02 – “Edge of Insanity”
Toni Ingram’s 19 year old daughter, Morgan is creative and funny. Threatening behavior quickly escalates into stalking.Toni and her husband are thrown into a desperate race to unmask their daughter’s nemesis before everything they hold dear is destroyed.
Suspicion US S01E02 Edge of Insanity HDTV x264-W4F

this is Morgan Ingram

heres a segment on dr phl

she did have an undislosed history of mental health problems, as she was prescribed anti-depresent elavil, amitryptiline

her parents think she was murdered

there were police incidents of possible stalking reported to police. but in the year prior to her death the family installed a dozen security cameras that recorded all approaches to the home, they had fence, dogs, everything was locked, and cameras recorded no intrusion and no evidence of intrusion on night she died.

autopsy report says she OD on amitrpyline

in my mind if you're going to commit suicide, OD sounds like the least painful way to die compared to hanging, train, or jumping off cliff.

this reminds me of jonbenet in that the parents believed Morgan was murdered by an intruder, but an entire cadre of volunteer sleuths who worked on this case beleived Morgan committed suicide by overdose. the autopsy report and toxicology is clear about this.

as for why she OD, hard to say.

December 17, 2012 by truthformorgan

The contributors to this blog have worked tirelessly to compile a “fact sheet” for those interested. Everything listed here is backed by an official report, a screenshot, or links.

Again, our intent is not to discredit or attack the Ingram family, but to spotlight the truth of the tragic events surrounding Morgan’s death.

It is irresponsible of Mrs. Ingram to write a fictional account of what happened to her daughter, naming individuals who were investigated and cleared, and accusing those who tried to help her of unprofessionalism at best and nefarious motives at worst.

FICTION:  Morgan was forcibly given or injected a “date rape cocktail”.

FACT:  Morgan ingested one medication.  The toxicology screen shows amitriptyline and cotinine in Morgan’s blood.  This means it had time to be processed and make it’s way through the body.  Cotinine is the metabolite of nicotine; in other words, she was either smoking or had been around smokers.  Morgan’s stomach contents showed a massive amount of amitriptyline in the orange, granular substance found there.  The amitritpyline pills she was prescribed may have been orange.  Also, in her stomach contents was the presence of cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), which had not had a chance to make it to her blood stream, so didn’t contribute to her death.  All other medications were negative or inconsenquential.  In addition, the fact that the medication was found in her stomach means it was not injected or applied by a transdermal patch.  The fact that there was pill granulation in the stomach contents proves the medication Morgan ingested was in pill form, not liquid.

FICTION:  Liquid amitriptyline and transdermal patches were readily available at the horse ranch behind the house.

FACT:  While transdermal patches are available for veterinary medicine, it is designed, and dosed, for cats and dogs, not large animals such as horses as seen here.  Liquid amitriptyline can be special-ordered through this pharmacy, as mentioned in the link above, but is not readily available or lying around in ranches across America.  Amitriptyline paste is also available for veterinary medicine, but there was no residue of medication on Morgan’s skin, and again, she had granulated pills in her gastric content; the same pills she had been prescribed.

FICTION:  The Ingrams reported most of the incidents/The police failed to followed up on stalking reports.

FACT:  As shown on the Incident List at Truth for Morgan, most of the time spent at the Ingram home by police officers was not a result of calls from the Ingrams, but rather followup on previous calls and increased patrol.  In fact, only 8 of the 34 reported incidents were actual calls from the Ingrams.  Furthermore, the Ingrams themselves often chose to report various incidents via email to the detectives, as outlined in the police reports.  In addition, the Ingrams often sabotaged the investigation.  From Toni’s own blog:

“A few minutes later one of the Deputies called back ,and Steve talked to him.  They were going to try to bring a dog, and wanted us to stay inside until they got there so as not to contaminate the scene with our scent.

I think that after spending most of the day in the yard our scent is everywhere already, but I am happy we are at last giving the dog a chance.  It seemed like forever, and I kept hearing noises outside, hard to explain, but they were like taunting noises. The motion detector alarms kept going off, and I knew he was right out there. It was driving me crazy.  Steve and I were soon fighting about running outside to chase him down or waiting for the dog.

these reminds me of the "rebuttals" of "rdi" who claim that the Ramseys are lying about an intruder killing their daughter.

the part that might remind me of what may have happened to Holly Glynn to her family was what Morgan said to hers

Last year a woman named Toni Ingram started a blog. This blog was to commemorate her daughter, Morgan, who had committed suicide the previous December. Toni, however, believed that Morgan was stalked and killed by a neighbor boy. She wrote her blog on a day-by-day basis, taking from notes and memory from the year before, leading her readers down a trail of fear and shock as the “stalking” escalated.

At first.

This blog was shared over on a true crime forum called Websleuths. Many of us followed the blog. Most felt Toni was telling the truth and agonized over Morgan’s death.

I never believed it. It didn’t sound like a stalking; more like perhaps natural phenomenon or at most kids playing around. The “stalking” did not follow the recognized pattern of a stalker. But more importantly, I noticed that when readers would comment on the blog, suggesting various differing scenarios, that Toni would then incorporate those suggestions into subsequent blogs. It was more like she was trying to write a novel or movie of the week.

Finally, the police reports, autopsy reports, toxicology screens, and murder investigation reports were released, and we were all able to view the case from both sides. It was apparent to all but a few die-hards that Toni – at the very least – was delusional, at most was potentially dangerous. Munchausen by proxy was mentioned by several people in the psych field, as well as a new phenomenon called Munchausen by Internet. Either way, there was no stalking and there was no murder.

The true crime board closed discussion on the case after it was decided Morgan had killed herself, since no crime had been committed. A group of us created our on board to continue investigation of the case. Our group (and yes, there are many of us involved) decided to make the official documents available for other people who wanted all the details of the story they were reading, so we put up our own website, so people would make informed decisions about the case before donating money or investing emotion. We later added another site.

Toni, undeterred, continued to insist that a stalker penetrated the perimeter of her home, passed unnoticed by at least 6 cameras, lights, and motion detectors; past dogs and the Ingrams themselves; into Morgan’s room and held her down while they injected her with liquid amitriptyline as part of a “date rape cocktail”; waited hours for her die, sexually molested her, then got away, without leaving a single trace of evidence.

Thing is, none of this happened. There was no cocktail of drugs, only the two Morgan ingested and their metabolites. There was no struggle, no rape, no forced ingestion. There was no injection of medication, as there was pill residue in Morgan’s stomach with a massive amount of a medication she herself had been prescribed for years. This was no accidental overdose, this was suicide. Morgan had fought with her mother the night she died, called her a bitch, and told her to leave her alone. Those were Morgan’s parting words to her mother.

So it would appear that the blog, the accusations, the crazy descriptions of this superhuman ninja kid getting into a house guarded by several cameras, motion detectors, security lights, dogs, and keypad locks were just the ramblings of a grief-stricken mother.

So, you might ask, who cares? Why do I personally care if this woman writes her blog?

Good question.

I care because Toni went beyond grief, to evil and vindictiveness. She named the neighbor boy by full name, calling him a rapist and murderer, even saying he has done this before and will do it again. Keep in mind he wasn’t even in the same state through much of the “stalking”, and was questioned and cleared by law enforcement. But, because of Toni’s blog, his name will forever be associated with rape and murder, and this could effect future employment and even relationships.

Toni didn’t stop there. She included this guy’s girlfriend at the time, her father, his mother, and depending on her mood, others in the neighborhood. These people are now trying to defend their reputations from a woman who has found a way to capitalize on her daughter’s death (note the “donate” button on her site).

Even then, it’s none of my business, so again, why do I care?

I care because Toni started allowing comments on her blog endorsing harm to these people and their children. Toni is fully responsible for the content of her blog. She moderates all comments, disallowing hard-hitting questions and allowing self-gratifying glorification and comments of violence. She allowed a comment specifically calling for the girlfriend’s infant to be kidnapped and murdered “so she’d know how it felt”. Toni commented afterward that violence wasn’t called for, but she’s the one who allowed the threatening comment to appear in the first place.

I do this for the kids. Advocating the murder of an infant is NOT okay ever, I don’t care how grief-stricken the responsible party is, and the responsible party is Toni Ingram.

When Toni realized that we weren’t going to leave her alone, were going to make sure everyone had the same chance to view the official documents that we had, she took a turn from evil to vile.

All of the sudden a group of newly-created Twitter accounts cropped up, all making accusations against these people, but going further. Now, keep in mind that for the most part, these are all new accounts and they follow only one an another. We believe “they” are in fact just a few people, and there are many clues that point to that, but they persist. Also keep in mind, the only common denominator is they are all followed by and follow @Morgansstalking, Toni’s Twitter account.

They’ve taken to creating blogs about me, a woman named Marcie __________, the woman who runs Websleuths, Tricia, and a few other people. They’ve decided we’re all the same person, or I’m pretending to be them, but sometimes they’re pretending to be me. . . actually, it’s kind of confusing.

The truth is, we are all individual people and have never impersonated the other. I’ve been accused of slandering/libeling Sarah Afshar, a friend of Toni’s who wrote a one-sided article on Morgan’s death. In reality, I don’t talk about her at all in my tweets or blogs because she’s a non-issue. To me, she’s not relevant to the case, so I’m not going to bother being side-tracked. There are others who have written about her, and it’s convenient for these Twitter trolls to pretend we’re the same person so they can accuse me of what others have said, but it’s all just a game. None of my group has been involved in libeling Sarah.

The trolls have claimed I’ve made death threats to Sarah and Toni, yet fail to show proof of this. They claim I sent naked pictures to Steve, Toni’s husband, but again fail to show proof. They claim all kinds of things; none of which have been proven by any of them. It’s just an attempt to discredit me, and by extension, discredit our blog site listing the truth.

These people have tried to manipulate Anonymous into DOXing me, have lied to anti-bullying sites, trying to discredit me, and have made the most outrageous claims that my daughter and I can only sit and laugh over them. They’ve also accused me and Marcie’s son of being pedophiles, thinking they can manipulate Anonymous into shutting us down. What they don’t know is I’ve invited a member of Anonymous full access to my sites, proving we have nothing to hide.

So, while I’ve been honest over my identity, have stated nothing but facts, have backed everything with proof, and have kept vital information about Morgan secret in order to honor her memory, her mother has not. She has resorted to this made-for-TV attack on anyone who doesn’t believe her story, including the officials who agonized over Morgan’s death.

The official opinion on Toni Ingram? “Bat-shit crazy” was the phrase used to describe her.

She’s even taken to attacking her grandchildren’s mother, because she dared to step forward and admit publicly that some of Toni’s stalking “proof” was in fact faked by the Ingrams. And yes, I have proof she said that. I’ve screen capped EVERYTHING.

I’ve created this blog to show everyone I have nothing to hide. I don’t hide behind fake accounts. I don’t fake comments. I don’t pretend to be other people. I dare anyone to prove I’ve attacked Sarah Afshar on a personal level at all. I dare anyone to provide proof I’ve threatened Sarah, Toni, or Steve.

this part

Thing is, none of this happened. There was no cocktail of drugs, only the two Morgan ingested and their metabolites. There was no struggle, no rape, no forced ingestion. There was no injection of medication, as there was pill residue in Morgan’s stomach with a massive amount of a medication she herself had been prescribed for years. This was no accidental overdose, this was suicide. Morgan had fought with her mother the night she died, called her a bitch, and told her to leave her alone. Those were Morgan’s parting words to her mother.

I've always wondered what Holly's parting words were to her sister and parents. its um not what i had expected i would do is think about suicide.

i wonder if she has the SKA2 suicide gene variant. i think in any suspicious death they should test to see if the decedent has the SKA2 suicide gene variant.

the world's a crazy place.

the ID show though clearly suggests an intruder killed Morgan.

as with jonbenet and dana point jane doe
this is debated on topix

Morgan Ingram was not murdered nor stalked. - Discussion on Topix › Colorado › Denver County › Denver
Nov 2 6, 2012 - As to be expected, but still...the parents did their best, and yet their daughter, the ... Questions about the 2011 death of Morgan Ingram, 20, are ...


as with rdi vs idi in jonbenet, there is a small minority who espouse the stalking/intruder scenario for morgan.

for me the difference is there is no signs of strugle no signs of violence or defensive wounds, the only 2 drugs were amitryptline and flexerill in her system, and ingrams had a state of the art security system with video recordings in all approaches to the home, but no image on that night was recorded despite a forensic examination of the recordings.

from what i am able to gather she was apparently stalked as she heard tapping on her bathroom window in the years prior. she did ballet, and music. she had migraines so that was another reason for amitrpytline. not clear to me why if she was 19 and graduated from high school, this is in Colorado, and she felt she might be stalked she didn't just go off to college across the nation in Seattle, Virginia or Florida.

morgan ingram 19 committed suicide

this happened in 2011 in Colorado, same state as Jonbenet.

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