Girl found dead on Boston Harbor shore identified "Bella"

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Girl found dead on Boston Harbor shore identified "Bella"

Post by redpill on Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:33 pm

this UID is identified

her name is Bella

BOSTON (AP) — Authorities have identified a young girl who was found dead inside a bag on a Boston Harbor beach this summer and whose case sparked a massive social media campaign to find out what happened to her, a law enforcement official briefed on the case said Friday.

Police received information Wednesday that prompted them to search a home in Boston's Mattapan section Thursday, the official told The Associated Press. Authorities have been in contact with some family members of the girl, the official said.

The official was not authorized to release details of the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

BOSTON —Authorities in Boston say they believe they finally know the identity of 4-year-old girl whose body was found in a trash bag in June.

The name of the child, known as “Baby Doe”, is Bella. She was the daughter of Rachelle Bond of Mattapan, Massachusetts, according to The Daily Beast.

Authorities executed a search warrant at a home outside Boston in connection to the case Thursday night. And the boyfriend of the girl’s mother has been taken into custody for questioning.

That person has not been charged.

A woman walking her dog found the girl’s body in a trash bag on Deer Island.

The case prompted thousands of tips, and a photo of what the girl would have looked like was viewed millions of times on Facebook.

Testing of pollen samples found on items with the body suggested the child spent time in the greater Boston area before her death.

2015 is turning out to be a banner year for UID identification. Many historical UID now identified.

notice they tested her body for pollen, which is trace evidence analysis. Caledonia Jane Doe was also tested for pollen.

some of the comments are similar to my own thoughts

I get that the murderer tried to conceal this. I don't understand how no one in the little girls life or an extended family member raised the alarm that she was missing for months. She wasn't a baby, she was maybe 3/4 years old. I don't get that no one
Whatever this was remains to be seen... but dumping a four old in a garbage bag and dropping her in the ocean is atrocious and needs to be dealt with...

Excellent work by the authorities - I know they weren't going to let this one go and it looks like their determination paid off - now I hope they are able to bring someone to justice for this.

Obviously killed by family since she was not reported as missing.

If there was no trauma then probably she was smothered. I bet some stupid women desperate for a man allowed him to abuse and kill her child. I cannot stand these dumb women who can't breathe without a man holding their hand and will throw there children under the bus for him.


Nobody is missing a 4 year old girl?


The parents are probably too strung out on drugs to take responsibility or even care.

Well they've had plenty of time to hatch an alibi. This oughta be good.

how could a 4yr old go missing without any word from family, friends or neighbors?

lets just say i've had similar thoughts about a 21 year old i know.

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