why University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder law professor Paul Campos is an idiot part 2

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why University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder law professor Paul Campos is an idiot part 2

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DA ties hands of successor in Ramsey case
By Paul Campos
12:00 AM, Jul 17, 2008

I don't know if any member of the Ramsey family was involved in the killing of JonBenet Ramsey, which puts me in exactly the same position as almost everyone else in the world -- a category that most emphatically includes Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy.

Everyone knows that relative immunity from criminal conviction is something money can buy. Apparently another thing it can buy is an apology for even being suspected of a crime you probably already would have been convicted of committing if you happened to be poor. That at least is one explanation for the letter Lacy sent John Ramsey last week, absolving the Ramsey family of any involvement in the killing of his daughter, and apologizing for contributing "to the public perception that (anyone in the family) might have been involved."

The letter in effect declared the Ramseys innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. Under the circumstances, this is, to put it mildly, a bizarre conclusion.

Those circumstances include a great deal of evidence suggesting some sort of familial involvement in the crime. To believe otherwise requires accepting some version of the following theory:

Sometime between 10 p.m. Christmas night 1996 and the early hours of the next morning, an intruder slipped into the Ramseys' home, and, while the rest of the family slept, took JonBenet from her bedroom, sexually assaulted, bludgeoned, and strangled her, hid the body in a wine cellar in the basement, and then took the time to write both a draft and a final version of a three-page letter, demanding $118,000, which happened to be the exact sum of the bonus John Ramsey had received from his company earlier that year.

The killer then went back upstairs and placed the letter on a staircase, before slipping out into the night.

Apparently the only evidence supporting this extraordinary theory is some unidentified male DNA on the dead child's clothes, which doesn't match any of the family members.

Yet for reasons known only to herself (she has refused all requests for interviews) Lacy has concluded that, in her words, there "is no innocent explanation" for the presence of this DNA on the child's clothing, and that therefore the DNA belongs to the child's murderer.

It's difficult to describe the astounding leaps of logic required to come to that conclusion. On the other hand, simple deduction leads to a genuinely unavoidable conclusion: if the killer wrote the letter, the killer is someone who knew the precise amount of John Ramsey's bonus.

In other words, of the approximately 5 billion 7 hundred million human beings alive on Earth on Christmas night 1996, Mary Lacy has constructed a theory that limits the possible suspects in JonBenet Ramsey's killing to those who knew the precise amount of John Ramsey's bonus, and that furthermore assumes the killer's DNA has already been identified.

Given those assumptions it's difficult to understand why an arrest hasn't been made. (None of this even touches on the fact that even if one assumes the killer wasn't a family member, nothing about the available evidence excludes the possibility of familial involvement in the crime).

Lacy should be required to answer a straightforward question. Why did she write this letter, given that it isn't part of her job description to be handing out public exonerations and apologies in open murder cases to people who any disinterested observer would conclude remain under reasonable suspicion?

Lacy leaves office in less than six months. Her reckless exoneration of the Ramseys has tied the hands of her successor, and made it even more unlikely that anyone will ever be brought to justice in this case.

To the many questions that have plagued the Ramsey case we can now add another: is Mary Lacy merely incompetent, or is something more disturbing going on?

Paul Campos is a law professor at the University of Colorado and can be reached at Paul.Campos@Colorad

Law professor Paul Campos did you actually read the letter? Or do you have very poor reading skills?

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