Was There More Than One Oakland County Child Killer?

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Was There More Than One Oakland County Child Killer?

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Was There More Than One Oakland County Child Killer?

1 Was There More Than One Oakland County Child Killer?

In the late 1970s, a terrifying wave of crime struck Oakland County, Michigan. Over a 13-month span, four children—two boys and two girl—were abducted and murdered. The bodies of the two male victims showed signs of sexual assault. A specialized task force was formed to find the murderer, who had been dubbed, perhaps unwisely, “The Babysitter.” In spite of thousands of tips, a task force of 300 people, and a parade of viable suspects, no one was ever charged with the murders, and the case quickly entered the archives of unsolved mysteries.

In the 40 years since the murders, however, some of the case’s clues have hinted at a disturbing conspiracy: There was a group of men who may have been complicit in the murders, some very wealthy and prominent. A perfect storm of money and influence, coupled with a staggering amount of police negligence, allowed them all to go free.

During the original investigation, police questioned a promising suspect, Christopher Busch, the 26-year-old son of a General Motors executive, who already had a lengthy rap sheet for child molestation but had never served a single day in jail. Although another serial pedophile told police that Busch had killed Mark Stebbins, the first victim, he was released after passing a polygraph test. Some have commented on what role Busch’s rich parents may have played in his remarkable knack for always getting out of serious trouble, regardless of his history of child abuse.

Also among the cast of unsavory characters active in this part of Michigan at the time was Francis Sheldon, a multimillionaire “philanthropist” who used his his private retreat on North Fox Island to start a young boys’ nature camp, called “Brother Paul’s Children’s Mission,” which was actually a cover for his real endeavor—producing and distributing child pornography. His other hobbies included writing articles for pedophile digest Better Life Monthly and acting as director for a school for emotionally disturbed young boys.

So what links young miscreant Christopher Busch with senior miscreant Francis Sheldon? The answer is North Fox Island, which apparently drew a number of men with similar predilections for boys. Police raided the island in 1977, and among the men present was none other than Christopher Busch, who had eight rolls of film in his possession, which police confiscated. Police never got a chance to interview Sheldon about his ties to Busch. He fled the country with another Fox Island cohort, Dyer Grossman, just as the FBI announced charges against them. He was never captured. Christopher Busch was found dead in his bedroom from a shotgun blast to his head in 1978 in what was ultimately ruled a suicide, though some doubt the suicide ruling and theorize that Busch was murdered, perhaps to be silenced. In his bedroom was a sketch of a young boy resembling the first victim, Mark Stebbins.

In recent years, reexamined physical evidence has also pinpointed another person of interest, James Vincent Gunnels, a teenager at the time of the murders who had been sexually abused by Christopher Busch as a child and may have been used as a lure.

The family of 11-year-old Timothy King, the child killer’s last victim, are adamant that there is real and compelling evidence which suggests that connections among Christopher Busch and his coterie of disturbed friends, as well as the very active pedophile ring at North Fox Island, were overlooked during the first investigation and could hold the key to solving the mystery of the murders. Detectives in Oakland County continue to investigate.

when i read this i wonder how i ever survived past childhood. i had no idea there were men who wanted young boys like this. i'm surprised some man-boy lover didn't capture me.

2 of OCCK victims were girls. but Busch was a man-young boy lover as was his "friends" and his pedophile ring was young boys. Helen Dagnar who worked on the OCCK does note that problems with the  prime suspects being man-boy lovers but that 2 of the OCCK victims were girls. Some theorize Amy Mihlavic was a victim of OCCK, but she is a girl.

for OCCK killed Jonbenet via Allan letter-ransom note same author to be viable, the OCCK Allan letter writer has to prefer girls and boys, not boys only.

they found white dog hair which proves all 4 victims of OCCK are linked. no prime suspect is known to have owned a pet white dog, and all of them are man-boy lovers only. No

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