Why the killer of Jonbenet Mr. Cruel was in Colorado in Dec 26 1996

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Why the killer of Jonbenet Mr. Cruel was in Colorado in Dec 26 1996

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Why Mr. Cruel was in Colorado in Dec 1996

Uploaded on Dec 24, 2010

Australian's just love skiing the powdery snow of Vail, Colorado. Catch these Aussie's along with a classic red pick-up, off to Vail. Join the best ski instructor ever in Vail, as we zoom through the snow powder for a super crash n burn at over 40mph! Enjoy a meal at the famous 'Larkspur' Vail restaurant of world class food and service. Laugh along with the 'Demolition Derby' at Vail too ...and enjoy the lovely ladies of 'Kemo Sabe' ...a Vail shopping experience to die for. Heh heh!

when Mr Cruel isn't entering the homes of young girls to abduct or molest them at night, he travels. He makes enough money that while he made ransom demands he never collected, nor has he stole any large sums of money from any of his victims.

one of the fav places australians in general love to travel is to travel to Colorado to ski. The US is almost identical to Australia. Mr Cruel is racially white male with blue eyes and sandy blond hair and speaks flawless English.

Mr Cruel was skiing in Colorado, as he has several previous seasons, when he learns of a child beauty pageant winner named Jonbenet. Mr Cruel likes little girls. Jonbenet is a beauty pageant winner. They don't have those in Australia.

On Dec 26 1996 he paid a visit to Jonbenet and the next day Dec 27 he was on the next airplane back to Melbourne Australia. This was his first, last, and only crime he's ever committed in the United States.

Mr Cruel had no need to remove the body from the home since he was heading back to Australia. No need to collect on any ransom. No concern about handwriting or anything else being traced to him. Skiing and little girls are his passion.

if you think that's ridiculous watch this

Uploaded on Apr 11, 2010

For the first time, Anthony Prince, one half of the Dumb and Dumber bank robbery duo, provides a firsthand account into what may be the worlds most inept bank heist.
Youve just robbed a federally insured bank of the United States, youd have to be retarded to think you can get away with it. ANTHONY PRINCE

We had them identified within 8 minutes of the robbery.

In 2005, Anthony Prince and Luke Carroll, two hapless 19-year-olds from Byron Bay, were dubbed Dumb and Dumber by international media when they mounted possibly the most hare-brained bank heist in history — holding up a branch in the ski village of Vail, Colorado, where they were living.

From their audacious getaway on snowboards, to buying a Rolex with $5 bank notes and tipping a cab driver $US20,000; Australian Story separates the myths from facts to reveal that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

The crime shocked their hometown community and devastated Princes family who could barely comprehend their sons moment of madness.

After serving nearly five years in a US federal prison, Anthony Prince returns to his hometown to make amends and start over.

For the first time Anthony Prince, his family and friends speak out. They are joined by one of the bank tellers, the Assistant Federal Public Defender for Colorado, the FBI, and a local Vail police officer involved in the case.

Dumb and Dumber explores the series of events that led a young man from a solid middle-class family to commit one of recent historys most humiliating felonies.

These 2 australian brothers, flew from Australia to Vail, Colorado where they robbed the bank. They got caught and sent to prison, and their family back in Australia is embarassed.

They were pretty dumb. They spent 5 years in a US federal prison and when released they flew back to Australia.

Australians travel to Colorado. Australians commit crimes in Colorado. It happens.

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