Holly Glynn's friends had a memorial for her

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Holly Glynn's friends had a memorial for her

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:41 pm

Embarassed I dont live in california i live next to mama and crimeshots of all people Embarassed it actually rains here, a lot. What a Face IMO its boring here i eventually hope to move.

all my studies of crime have made me think of moving someplace that is fun but also very safe with very low crime. no drugs! with fresh water of course.

i was invited to attend a memorial but it is too far where i live, but holly's friends did have a meeting to reflect on holly, in dana point, so this is the first year and first time they met, in honor of their friend as she was only identified this year.  it'd be kinda adventure to be around much older people who all know this person, not me, but i was the one that actually contacted OC. i wonder what they think of me and if they read my posts. Suspect i'd be surrounded by strangers who are much older than me, for a person i never knew in life. if they actually read my posts, well i do call their friend my ghost friend cause i had a dream of a young woman jumping off a cliff. they might think i'm a fruitcake. then again, it's california, country tilted and all the nuts roll there. oh and there's no water there either. no fresh water.

just think about how much time has past. 28 years since her suicide. longer than a lot of people alive. and they talk about events that happened in 1970s almost 40 years ago.
a lot of them still live in california and close to Whittier. some of them didn't move far.

i didn't ask b/c i don't want to create an awkward situation but i do wonder if her older sister tammy glynn or her parents were there. there are a lot of questions for them. Mad

you know there are still a very long list of mysteries with respect to dana point jane doe and holly glynn from penni-cal brand clothing and stolen purse with carol l pinkham to events just prior to her suicide, to failure of her family to report her missing.

even her friends are mystified about her suicide and her failure to reach out to them for help. yeah they knew she had a drug problem but still. holly did have close friends who could have talked her out of suicide, possibly. basically holly made a decision to commit suicide but did NOT tell any of her close friends of her decision. holly dropped out of school but was attempting to get a GED and get into drug rehab.

i did find several suicides due to drug use, with recent suicide of 18 year old Sarah Townsend basically being a reincarnation of Holly Glynn.

i wish i could solve more of these UID but thus far no luck. Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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