8-year-old Cadence Orcutt loses control of car and dies, little miss 1565

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8-year-old Cadence Orcutt loses control of car and dies, little miss 1565

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:04 am

What a Face What a Face 8-year-old Cadence Orcutt


8-year-old Troy girl killed when she loses control of car she was driving

An 8-year-old girl who was behind the wheel of a car — with her grandfather in a passenger seat — was killed Sunday afternoon when she lost control of the vehicle and crashed in Doniphan County.

The Kansas Highway Patrol identified the young victim as Cadence Orcutt, of Troy.

According to the patrol’s website, the crash occurred at 4:48 p.m. Sunday at 175th and Peck Road, about 2 miles west of Wathena.

The patrol said Cadence was driving a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt west on 175th when she lost control of the car and overcorrected to the left.

The car then left the roadway and went down an embankment, where it overturned and landed on its top.

Cadence, who the patrol said wasn’t wearing a seat belt, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her passenger, Dennis Eugene Meers, 56, of St. Joseph, Mo., was reported possibly injured. He was taken to Mosaic Life Care in St. Joseph. It was unknown whether Meers was wearing a seat belt.

According to the St. Joseph News-Press, the car came to rest upside down in a creek, though Kansas Highway Patrol officials said they didn’t think water played a role in the young girl’s death.

The crash was under investigation on Monday. Officials told the News-Press that a final report would be given to Doniphan County officials for consideration of possible charges.

News of the crash was being circulated Monday on media outlets throughout the nation.

Many took to Facebook, with many posts critical of how an 8-year-old would be allowed to drive a vehicle in the first place.

Cadence’s mother, Brittany Nicole Orcutt, took to Facebook to speak to those who were commenting on the tragedy.

“For all the judgmental people saying bad things about me and my parenting skills, there’s one thing you all should know — I am so over protective of my children,” the post read. “I would have absolutely never let my daughter drive on one gravel road.

“I wasn’t with her and if I had been, this wouldn’t have happened. I don’t need anyone’s judgment. I’m blaming myself enough as it is. My heart is dying. There are no words. There’s nothing. She will never come home again.

“I will never hear her voice or hold her extra tight like I did. I had so many hopes and dreams for my baby. She is the smartest, most beautiful, athletic, loving princess in the world.

“I don’t know why things happen, but my princess spent the morning in church worshiping God and there’s no doubt in my mind he knew he needed her home with him. ...

“I am full of hate, pain, and all else. I had plans for her she wanted to be an art teacher. She wanted to go to college and damn it she could’ve — she was smart as a whip.

“I just hope that every parent holds their babies extra tight and realize how lucky you are that they are in your arms. A piece of my heart died tonight and it’s never coming back.”

Efforts to reach the Kansas Highway Patrol for additional comment weren’t successful on Monday afternoon.

so many ways to die but i'd never heard this before No No No No No No

we can learn something new.

don't allow 8 year olds to drive cars they might lose control of the car and get into an accident No No No No No No

learning about accidents and crimes that lead to death so you can avoid it.

thus far i've learned
don't get your daughter involved in child beauty pageants (jonbenet)
don't let them answer phones from strangers (amy mihalavic)
don't let them get involved with drugs (holly glynn sara townsend)
don't let them drive cars ( Cadence Orcutt )
don't let them alone to collect fireflies (morgan nick)
be careful of circus (little miss 1565)
don't have children Very Happy
if you believe in reincarnation she'll be back in some form. Question

i do think sara townsend 18 missing then suicide due to cocaine is the reincarnation of Holly glynn 21 missing then suicide to cocaine What a Face

i don't want to temp fate but i'm surprised i survived past childhood and teenage years.Shocked

i'm wondering if something like this has happened in the past. so far i've found nothing yet. i do wonder if  Cadence Orcutt  is a reincarnation of some girl with a similar sort of story

the closest i can find of a white female 8 years old dying tragically

little miss 1565 is believed to be 8 years old when she died in a circus fire

they think she was 8 year old eleanor cook though this is disputed

Eleanor Emily Cook, age 8
Eleanor Emily Cook of 202 East Street, Southampton, Massachussetts, was born March 17, 1936 in Manchester, Connecticut, daughter of Southampton native Mildred Corinthia (Parsons) and Winsted Connecticut-born Wesley Wells Cook.  Eleanor attended the circus on July 6 with her mother Mildred and brothers Donald, 9, and Edward, 6.  Mildred and Donald survived the fire, Edward died the next day, and Eleanor was assumed to have died in the fire though her body was not identified at the time. Eleanor leaves her mother Mildred, 38, her brother Donald, and her father, Wesley, 45, who was estranged from the family.

whether little miss 1565 may never be answered without DNA but it is near certain eleanor cook who was at the hartford circus fire perished

pretty amazing resemblance i think. they look very similar.

i'm thinking 8-year-old Cadence Orcutt  is the reincarnation of 8 year old Eleanor Cook perished  

2 8 year old girls died from different eras. one 8 year old girl wanted to go to the circus in a era of no-tv. the other 8 year old girl wanted to drive a car. the great circle of life.Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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