experiment - how long does it take you to write the Jonbenet ransom note by hand?

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experiment - how long does it take you to write the Jonbenet ransom note by hand?

Post by redpill on Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:10 pm

Suspect one RDI claim is that an intruder writing a ransom note at the crime scene, esp "one of the longest" ransom notes, the war and peace of the ransom notes, is one of the longest, is very onerous and time consuming and increases the risk of discovery.

the ransom note was found written from paper from a notepad located inside the Ramsey's residence and the sharpie used to write it was located there as well.

why didn't the kidnapper bring the already written ransom note to the crime scene?
why write the ransom note at the crime scene and increase one of the R's discovering him in the act?

there are several issues at play. the first is the assumption that the ransom note was actually written on the night of Jonbenet's murder.

It's possible that the intruder entered the home at an earlier time, possibly during a party or open house, saw the notepad, in the days leading up to the crime, removed the notepad and sharpie, wrote the RN at the comfort of his own home in another location, then returned on the night of her murder with the notepad, the sharpie, and the already written ransom note.

second there's no reason to think it is a genuine ransom note. it could be a prank or a troll, which explains why the body and the ransom note was found together.

even if it was written that night with notepad and sharpie present, the issue is, is it really onerous to write such a long ransom note?

here's an experiment you can do. how long does it take you to write the Jonbenet ransom note by hand?

i tried doing this and timed myself and you can do. what the time it takes shows what is humanly possible. so here's my examples - i call myself voynich after the voynich manuscript

first side by side


my RN  

i made more than one attempt
heres another example

and another example

here i try to imitate Patsys writing

all in all it takes me 5 minutes to write the RN all 3 pages by hand from memory using a sharpie and notepad. this shows what is humanly possible, the intruder may have taken even less time than 5 minutes.

the intruder may have murdered jonbenet as a thrill kill, to film a snuff video, then as he was leaving the Ramsey home, he saw the notepad and sharpie and decided to spend an extra 5 minutes trolling the Ramsey. explains why there is both a body and ransom note. the ransom note is a joke prank troll letter.

then left
mr cruel was a home invader who targetted young females in their homes made ransom demands he did not collect and left written message payback asian drug dealer more and more to come. this signature is present in jonbenet


the killer of amy mihalavic had amy call her mother at work to reassure her she is fine, when amy made that call and spoke to her mother, her killer was standing next to her. some similar motivation may be here as well if amy's killer also killed jonbenet.

the occk killer wrote the allan letter where killing rich white kids for vietnam was his motive. neither amys killer nor mr cruel nor occk were ever identified Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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