how to help identify unidentified decedents

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how to help identify unidentified decedents

Post by redpill on Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:56 pm

What a Face there are a lot of crime shows out there, and there is an ID program devoted to missing persons. in each show they use an actor that resembles the offender and victim, or missing persons, as closely as they can.

basically, my proposal is along those lines with any and every unidentified decedent UID - popularly known as john doe or jane doe, esp those older than 10 years. find an actor or actress that resembles the decedent as closely as is possible in life, have them wear the same clothing/jewelry/tattoos as the UID, set them in places there were last seen at by eyewitness, if possible, then film it and upload it on youtube for free.

unsolved mysteries did this for dana point jane doe. in one episode they had a tall blonde young woman as an actrress portraying dana point jane doe, her taxi cab ride, and then the actual beach at dana point where she committed suicide. i saw it and i thought about it. recently i had a dream about it, about a young woman jumping to her death, i did research and voila, i found holly's friend suggesting it.

basically for every jane doe and john doe, have an actor or actress resemble them and possibly crime they may have been in. i think any show that does this could be supported with tax payer money from govt esp if it is a violent crime victim like walker county jane doe and princess doe.

with solved UID that are murder victims like caledonia jane doe aka tammy jo alexander, there should be a show that shows them and asks public for help in providing tips as to her killer. australia and canada and UK should also have access to the show/ideas.

to give 2 concrete example, this is a artistic recreation of UID princess doe

find an actress who looks like that, same height, age hair color, face, skin color etc.
then dress her in this

eye witness said they saw a girl like her shopping in a nearby shop, so have the actress in those clothing in those shops.

film it, film her in variety of angles, side, profile, from behind.
maybe film her getting attack.

i had earlier proposed a similar example here

this is what LE did

i think LE and volunteers can do better. just ask any parent to volunteer any 3-4 year old child who fits this description

Forensic officers who examined the bones say the girl was between two-and-a-half and four years old, Caucasian with fair hair and could have died up to eight years ago.

at one point they considered madeleine mccan as a possible match.

any of these girls could work

if possible make hair style match hair and color as closely as found on decedent.

then dress her with brand-new versions of each and every clothing item found and holding pictured blanket

basically what i am proposing is see this 3 year old?
caption reads Blonde three year old girl wearing red top laying on grass

update she has been identified as  toddler Khandalyce Kiara Pearce

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