I believe Mr. Cruel abducted Eloise Worledge, a linkage analysis

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I believe Mr. Cruel abducted Eloise Worledge, a linkage analysis

Post by redpill on Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:32 pm

Suspect first i want to give a shoutout to sherlockholmes76 for his info on Mr. Cruel. Always 2 there are. No more, no less.

for background click

I believe home-invading serial pedophile and killer Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet Ramse


this is 10 year old Sharon Wills, a known victim of Mr. Cruel from her home in Melbourne

this is 8 year old Eloise Worledge

10 year old Sharon Wills and 8 year old Eloise Worledge side by side

Victimology - it is clear Eloise Worledge, who also lived in Melbourne, is within Mr. Cruel's known victim profile. both prepubescent white females, light-colored hair, 4 feet tall, both in their own homes at night with families present. therefore a link.

MO - Mr. Cruel MO is a variety of tools, and skillset to enter an occupied home to abduct young girls as his target. Eloise Worledge's abductor was an intruder who entered Eloise' home with her family at night. Her abductor's skill set falls under Mr. Cruel's known MO. therefore a link.

Signature analysis-

Karmein Chan (5 November 1977[1] – 13 April 1991) was a 13-year-old Australian girl from Templestowe, Victoria who was abducted on 13 April 1991 and subsequently murdered.[2]

While both her parents worked at their Chinese restaurant in Eltham, an individual abducted Karmein from the family home in Templestowe. Before leaving, he spray painted "Pay up Asian Drug Dealer, More and More to Come" on a vehicle in their front yard. Police suspect this was a ruse to distract them from the killer's real motive. Karmein's mother made an emotional plea on television for Karmein's return. The investigation was hampered by the use of an old school photo of Karmein, which may not have represented her true appearance at the time of her abduction. Her badly decomposed body was found a year later in Melbourne's northern outskirts in Edgars Creek, Thomastown.

This crime is believed to have been committed by a man aptly known only as Mr. Cruel, who despite much effort on the part of Victoria Police, has never been brought to justice.

as far as signature

"Pay up Asian Drug Dealer, More and More to Come" on a vehicle in their front yard. Police suspect this was a ruse to distract them from the killer's real motive.

the Jonbenet Ramson note may also be a ruse.

Mr. Cruel signature is misleading both parents and investigators as to the true nature of his crime, for example, he claimed in Lower Plenty, Sharon Will's family, Karmein Chan and Nicola Lynas that he wanted money, he wanted ransom money. In case of Karmein Chan he claimed this was payback Asian drug dealer, seeming to make it appear it was motivated racially and drugs. For Nicola Lyna he claimed he wanted a ransom money.

these specific signatures were not present in Eloise Worledge, however, they did find a torn flyscreen, and the conclusion is that Eloise could not have been abducted through the flyscreen, rather the flyscreen was a red herring intended by the abductor to appear as though she was abducted there, based on scientific testing. the inferred signature he is the abductor's desire to mislead investigators, which is similar to the signature in Mr. Cruel's known 4 crimes.

torn flyscreen

the torn flyscreen, payback asian drug dealer more and more to come, pretend calling someone and calling him a bozo, demanding a ransom, are all signature that is consistent with the desire to mislead investigatures. writing ranom notes as well.

there is a link based on signature

differences - one major difference is that in each of Mr. Cruel's 4 known crimes, he either tied up the family members in Lower Plenty and Sharon Wills, or waited for the parents to leave and tied up the siblings as in Nicola Lynas and Karmein Chan. In Eloise Wolredge no such attempt was made. Instead the abductor entered the Worledge's family home undetected, and left undetected.

it's worth mentioning that Eloise Worledge was abducted on 12 January 1976  Beaumaris, close to Melbourne, where as Mr. Cruel's earliest known crime occurred on 22 August 1987 in Lower Plenty, Melbourne. an 11 year gap.

discussion, with regard to the change in MO, Mr. Cruel may have known Eloise Worledge personally, or specific situational factors of Eloise home may have given Mr Cruel confidence he could enter in undetected. For example, Sharon Wills lived in a small home where she shared a room with 4 sisters, and in the other room were the parents. Mr. Cruel felt that in such a small home, he had to first neutralize the parents first before abducting Sharon Wills. It's also worth noting that he abducted Sharon Wills from her bed, he did not wake up the other 4 sisters who were sleeping. Eloise home may have been different. He may have then changed his MO based on his desire to reduce risk by tying up the family in his 4 known crimes.

with regard to the gap of 11 years, obviously Mr. Cruel may have had personal situational factors that prevented him from offending in those 11 years. there are several other possible crimes of Mr. Cruel during this time, one famous example is
Murders of Margaret and Seana Tapp.

Margaret Tapp, a 35-year-old nurse, and her nine-year-old daughter, Seana Tapp, were murdered on 7 August 1984 when an unknown assailant broke into their home in Ferntree Gully, a suburb of Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria.[1] The assailant strangled Margaret to death before going on to kill Seana.

conclusion- there is a basis in linkage analysis to state that Mr. Cruel was indeed involved in the abduction of Eloise Worledge based on victim profile, MO, signature from his known 4 crimes and Eloise Worledge abduction. The differences can be accounted for by situational dynamics (i.e layout of the house, pre-existing relationship with Eloise, etc.,) and personal life situation (i.e he may have offended in this time period).

based on what happened to his 4 known victims, an 11 years younger Mr. Cruel from his first crime abducted Eloise from her home as she did Sharon Wills, Nicola Lynas, and Karmein Chan. He abducted her silently into his car, which was waiting. He then drove her to another location where he sexually gratified himself. He took photos. Eloise Worledge may have recognized him and therefore, in order to conceal his identitiy he had to kill her, and bury her remains. What happened to Karmein Chan is that she was shot in the head 3 times, and her body was buried, and it was clear his intention was that Karmein's remains were never to be found.

as the Jonbenet ransom note says

Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter. You will also be denied her remains for proper burial.

it is highly likely Eloise Worledge was murdered shortly after her abduction and her remains are buried. quite possibly not far from where Karmein Chan was found -

Her badly decomposed body was found a year later in Melbourne's northern outskirts in Edgars Creek, Thomastown.

Linking Eloise Worledge to Mr. Cruel provides us with additional information on Mr. Cruel's motives and what happened to Eloise Worledge herself.

this tells us that an 11 years younger Mr. Cruel, possibly a teenager or young adult, has some contacts with Beaumaris, and that his successful abduction of Eloise Worledge put him on the path. Based on what happened to Karmein Chan, it is clear he murdered her because she could identify him, so he killed her to cover his tracks. It's highly likely her remains may be buried somewhere in Edgars Creek.

Such a linking provides even stronger linkage evidence Mr. Cruel abducted and murdered Jonbenet Ramsey, since as with Eloise Worledge, she was 8, and he was undetected. Jonbenet was 6, and the intruder went undetected like Eloise Worledge.

It could also shed light on whether Mr. Cruel is responsible for the murder of Margaret and Seanna Tapp, via linkage analysis. and whether he was responsible for the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey in Dec 26, 1996  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven

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