Caledonia Jane Doe Tammy Jo Alexander and Jonbenet Ramsey

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Caledonia Jane Doe Tammy Jo Alexander and Jonbenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:11 pm

Suspect along with dana point jane doe one case i looked at was Caledonia Jane Doe aka Tammy Jo Alexander. i even contacted Carl Koppelman who worked on that case.

this is a murder investigation, not suicide as in Dana point jane doe holly glynn or accident as in Grateful doe jason callahan.

i'm reading if there has been any developments in this case and i found this

One year after the body of a teenager killed decades ago was positively identified as Tammy Jo Alexander, investigators have received 76 new leads.

From that they have identified three people who have turned over samples of their DNA.

"These are persons of interest and we'd like to know a little bit more about these people and their past," said Investigator Brad Schneider of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office.

Before they even knew who she was, investigators hoped DNA science (not available in 1979) would one day provide answers.

Several years ago they tested every piece of clothing she was wearing and sent samples to the FBI crime lab. From that, they developed a profile of her DNA which was later matched to her sister and confirmed her identity.

For decades, the 16-year-old girl was known only as Jane Doe, found dead in a cornfield in Caledonia. Investigators have long said once they know her name, they will find her killer.

Billboards with her name and photo have since generated 76 leads.

Investigator Schneider spent a week in Hernandez County, Florida to develop a detailed accounting of her home life, her parents and the people she knew in the community there.

That's when they learned her mother and step-father operated a truck stop.

In August, investigators appeared on a satellite radio program called the Road Dog Trucking Show.

"Maybe someone in the trucking community remembers seeing her," Investigator Schneider said. "Whether they gave her a ride or saw her in a restaurant, something that helps us narrow down the timeline."

That broadcast generated a significant tip from a trucker in Tennessee.

The new leads led investigators back to the DNA tests from the clothing Tammy Jo was wearing.

"They were available to develop some unknown male profiles," Investigator Schneider said.

Yet Schneider cautions that things were held much differently than they are today.

"Do we have good samples to test against? Yes," Investigator Schneider said. "Could they be better? Yes."

They have now obtained DNA samples from three men who were somehow connected to the victim before she arrived here.

"I would be very hesitant to call them a suspect. But we want to know more," Investigator Schneider said.

To submit a tip, you can visit the FBI site on Tammy Jo Alexander.

in other words, they tested the clothing Tammy Jo Alexander was found murdered and found male DNA, and the are now testing DNA samples from 3 possible suspects to see if their DNA matches DNA found on her clothing. as of march 2016, there is no DNA match yet found to a suspect. they do think the male DNA found on her clothing could be her killer and they are currently testing suspect DNA. the DNA was from 1979 and it had rained heavily when she was found dead, but they think the male DNA is the killer's. by they FBI and investigators.

Sound familiar?

there are of course other cases both solved and unsolved involving finding DNA in the form of skin cells on clothing that lead to the killer, or lead to the conclusion of the killer.  

RDI intruder denialists who claim the DNA on Jonbenet's clothing is no evidence value of an intruder are engaged in special pleading as DNA found on other murder victims clothing are evidence value.

with Jonbenet, DNA wasn't the only trace evidence they found. fibers, animal hair, tape, cord, palm print, shoeprint ransom note were also unsourced to the R's.

from what i've read, it seems that 16 year old Tammy Jo Alexander of Brooksville, Florida met her killer in Brooksville, and this killer offered her a ride from Florida up the east coast, at one point buying her a jacket

her killer earned Tammy's complete trust and confidence. Tammy trusted her killer as a friend

my theory

it is highly likely that the jacket and other items such as keychain were purchased by the killer for tammy, and he provided her with food and housing during her trip.

her killer then arrived in a diner in Lima New York, and was seen by a waitress, then taken out of the restaurant, stopped 2 miles away in the corn field, asked her to step out of the car and she did not suspecting anything. while tammy was outside the car waiting, the killer pulled a .38 gun and shot her in the head by the roadside.

and shot and killed. most likely motive is a thrill kill. her killer just wanted to kill her for the fun of it.  could be a serial killer.

my theory and i'm sure the fbi theory, is that the suspect pictured above seen in the restaurant by the waitress
also owned a .38 gun and tan station wagon, shot and killed her, and his DNA is on his clothing, which transferred as she and he were close prior to the killing.
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