murder of kent heitholt renactment and Jonbenet Ramsey intruder theory

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murder of kent heitholt renactment and Jonbenet Ramsey intruder theory

Post by redpill on Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:46 am

Suspect the murder of kent heitholt is of personal interest to me since I currently live in the same state as  kent heitholt. what happened to him could happen to me. as I do not wish to be beaten and murdered, i feel learning about his crime can help me better prevent this from happening to me. its also interesting bc the person who confessed said he had  a  dream about it.No No

here is a renactment

for me if i'm in a similar scenario how can i prevent myself from being murdered:face: No

one lifestyle change i've made is for me to try to limit how much time i spend alone in darkness

one comment

imateapot51 wrote:
Sometimes investigators have a hunch someone is guilty and then fit the evidence and ignore exculpatory evidence  to prove their hunch rather than let the evidence dictate their opinions.  In the case of Boyd, sometimes investigators have a hunch a person is innocent and then fit the evidence and ignore incriminating evidence to support their erroreous hunch.  They did both in this case.   

thats clearly what RDI does, that they ignore combination of unidentified fiber + hair, palm, hi tech shoe, forensic handwriting and linguistcs + DNA, and do not let evidence dictate their conclusions.

this case is fascinating in that 3 set of suspects

Michael Boyd
Michael Cook
Ferguson and Erickson

hopefully they can test the belt and other items for DNA.

the reasoning in this case can be cross applied to Jonbenet

ron hendry wrote:My investigation has been limited by access to information only found on the internet. Notwithstanding this limitation, hopefully some of my analysis and findings in the following articles may assist the police in a proper ending to this case. Some of my findings explained in the following articles are:

Currently no killer-specific identifying evidence has been developed that has a high degree of assurance of only being left by the killer
Such evidence would identify only the killer and eliminate other persons of interest from being involved in the murder of Kent Heitholt
Why the severed belt buckle offers the best prospect for finding killer-specific DNA identifying evidence and where on the buckle to look for it
The watch that was taken was likely destroyed in the assault and this suggests robbery was not the reason it was taken
Considerable evidence on the vehicle and pavement was not discussed or plausibly explained as to how it was generated in the Ryan Ferguson trial
For instance, several downward scrub markings on the vehicle were consistent with having been made by the assault weapon during the striking process
These weapon markings suggest a two handed grip assault weapon with the weapon likely being rectangular in shape
One marking on the left rear tire suggests a thickness for the assault weapon of one plus inch
The pavement and vehicle markings present a picture of a frantic-moving-about struggle between Heitholt and the assaulting person until the conflict centers at the left rear wheel

A tire tool was promoted as the assault weapon during the Ryan Ferguson trial. More recently Pathologist Blum promoted a nail puller as the assault weapon.

Now my evaluation infers a rectangular object of the approximate size of a metal clipboard with paper storage compartments. Another possibility would be a metal or hard plastic cased notebook computer.

A more accurate determination of the assault weapon is needed as that might help identify the killer and or help eliminate others from being suspects or persons of interest. An opportunity to examine the full file of police photos and videos as well as the autopsy report and photos would most likely result in modifications and enhancement of my findings. I am also optimistic that such an examination would lead to a strong determination of the actual assault weapon.

in jonbenet the killer specific evidence is both DNA and ransom note, possibly hi-tech boots, palm print, and fiber/hair

its certainly worth asking this question, can a reenactment of the Jonbenet murder with an intruder reproduce all of the forensic evidence found at the crime scene. an a reenactment of the Jonbenet murder with only the parents/ burke reproduce all of the forensic evidence found at the crime scene. which of the two renactments better reproduces the forensic evidence, and that includes both dna and handwriting and forensic linguistics experts conclusions.

answer intruder theory Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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