i just finished watching s2 star wars rebels finale *spoilers*

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i just finished watching s2 star wars rebels finale *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:48 pm

bounce bounce bounce

my brain is still overloaded. i'm od'ing on pure awesomeness bounce

the poster who said maul dies is full of shit since you see maul piloting vader's advance tie fighter

i cant believe they killed fifth sister 7th brother and another inquistor

ahoska gave vader one hell of a fight.

i love the idea of getting secret knowledge. since some of the things i think about are unsolved mysteries.
ezra got the sith holocron.

ezra seeked special knowledge of the sith so he can beat the sith

it is implied ahoska died. i've been following her since s1 of tcw, when she was called snips.

i'm wondering if ezra is snoke or becomes snoke. pretty dark for disney. i thought maul was redeemed but no he's still angry and revengeful.

one reason why i don't do drugs like cocaine or crystal meth or heroin is that star wars rebels gets me high, and if i die from an OD, then i won't get to watch another season of rebels

cant wait to next season.

bounce bounce bounce

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