1969 Jane Doe #59 has been identified after 46 years as Reet Jurvetson

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1969 Jane Doe #59 has been identified after 46 years as Reet Jurvetson

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What a Face

Jane Doe #59
Jane Doe #59 in 1969 has now been ID's as Reet Jurvetson from Montreal, original from  estonia

people magazine wrote:
PEOPLE exclusively reveals in this week's issue that Jane Doe #59 is Reet Jurvetson, who was born in Sweden, grew up in Montreal and was 19 when she died.

The break in the case came last June when a friend of Reet searching crime websites saw her post-mortem photograph and called Reet's sister, who then contacted law enforcement. DNA taken from Jane Doe #59's bloody bra matched her sister.

Police learned that Reet flew to L.A. in the summer of 1969 to visit a man named John she met in a Toronto coffee shop. "She was smitten by him," says Rivera. After she arrived, she sent her family a postcard to let them know she was happy, and had a nice apartment.

But, after the postcard, her family never heard from her again.

"As incredible as it seems, my parents never thought to report Reet missing to the police," her sister Anne wrote in a family statement. "They thought that she was just living her life somewhere and that eventually news from her would turn up."

Both the PEOPLE article and this article from True Crime Diary suspect this to be a Manson murder.

Los Angeles Police Department cold case detective Luis Rivera says he is determined to solve Reet's murder, and identify the mysterious "John."

she was stabbed 150 times way back in 1969, and only now in 2016 46 years later has she been identified. Her DNA matched her sister's DNA.

AP wrote:
Detectives in Los Angeles have identified the body of a woman who was found stabbed 150 times near the site of the killings carried out by members of a group headed by Charles Manson. The 19-year-old woman was known simply as Jane Doe No. 59, until now.

Los Angeles police Detective Luis Rivera told People magazine investigators identified the victim as Reet Jurvetson, of Montreal, who moved to California the same year she was murdered.

Rivera told the magazine that investigators can’t rule out that the Manson family was involved in the killing. He said the best lead police have is a man known as “John,” whom Jurvetson met in Toronto before flying to Los Angeles to see him the summer of 1969.

However, Jurvetson’s sister, and last living member of her immediate family released a statement following the publication of the People article, with the hope it provides new leads for detectives working to find the murderer behind Jurvetson’s gruesome killing

In the statement, Anne Jurvetson, 73, described her sister as a “lovely, free-spirited and happy girl” who was very artistic and “liked to sew her own clothes.”

Anne explained her sister was the youngest in the family, and Reet was born in Sweden after the family fled Estonia as refugees in 1944 during the Second World War. The family made their way to Montreal in 1951 when Reet was a year old.

“She was deeply loved by both family and friends,” Anne said in the statement.

After graduating high school, Reet moved to Toronto to live with her grandmother after she landed a job with Canada Post.

“During her teenage years, Reet developed a taste for adventure and freedom, all the while being naive and trusting of others,” Anne said.

In the fall of 1969, Reet went to California and apparently decided to stay there as her sister explained Reet sent her parents a postcard saying she was happy, found a nice apartment in Los Angeles and for them not to worry.

Anne said her family eventually stopped receiving “news” from the 19-year-old and attempts at reaching Reet “proved fruitless.”

“Initially, we believed that Reet was probably in search of more autonomy, and therefore we waited for her to get in touch with us,” Anne said in the statement. “As months and then years passed, we imagined that she was making a new life for herself.”

Anne said the family was always hoping Reet would reach out to friends and family.

“But no one ever had any new information. However, not once did we suspect that she had been killed,” Anne said.

Reet’s parents did not file a missing person’s report with police as they thought their daughter “was just living her life somewhere and that eventually news from her would turn up.”

“In hindsight, I realize that this is a lack of discernment. But sadly, we did not know how to find someone on the other side of the continent, in another country,” Anne said.

The 73-year-old admitted in the statement that she eventually decided that Reet had probably passed away.

“My little sister was savagely killed,” Anne said in the statement. “I can hardly grasp how she could have been stabbed over 150 times. It is devastating.”

Anne explained the cornorer’s report reveals that her sister wasn’t raped at the time of the killing and that she draws “comfort” from that.

Reet’s body was found Nov. 16, 1969, by a birdwatcher in dense brush off iconic Mulholland Drive.

After going unidentified for years, Reet eventually became known Jane Doe No. 59. The location and timing of her killing, just a few miles away from several Manson family murders, has long fueled speculation that her case was connected.

In the statement, Anne explained composite drawings of her missing sister were not accurate and “did not resemble her in the least.” In June 2015, Anne explained, Reet’s friends managed to view a post-mortem photograph of Jane Doe No. 59 and after viewing online descriptions of her, they reached out to Anne.
“We spoke with the authorities and, after confirming all aspects of her description, I was asked to provide my DNA. It matched,” Anne said. “Jane Doe #59 now has a name.

“She had one all along, but no one knew,” Anne said in the statement.

Manson became notorious in 1969 as the leader of a “family” of young killers that terrified Los Angeles. Manson was convicted of killing seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate, the wife of director Roman Polanski.

“I am horrified to think of how terribly frightened and alone she must have felt as she died,” Anne said.

Anyone with information related to Reet’s stay in California is asked to write or call Detective Luis Rivera of the Los Angeles Police Department.

this is artist rendering of jane doe 59

based on this

this is what Reet Jurvetson looked like in life

photos taken from her before 1969

while it certainly could be a Charles Manson killing, there are plenty of freaks out there who kill. No

how is it possible to identify john after 46 years, from events that happened in 1969? unless John is Charles Manson or one of his followers.

John is certainly a suspect, but being her boyfriend doesn't automatically mean he's guilty. still, John never came forward to report her missing Suspect Suspect Suspect

who stabs someone 150 times? No No No

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