from spectreman to x-men apocalypse we've come a long way

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from spectreman to x-men apocalypse we've come a long way

Post by redpill on Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:20 am

What a Face

as a kid i watched this

spectreman is the precursor of captain planet. amazing how if ur a young boy how impressionable you are, but after all these years i am still influenced by spectreman with his nazi hitler salute.

dr gori

for dr gori planet earth is the most beautiful planet in the entire universe. and humans are destroying it with pollution. he's pissed off that the earthlings, that is us, are polluting the planet. so he wants to eliminate the human race and restore earth to a garden of eden.
he thinks the world is overpopulated with humans

in one episode dr gori created a virus with the intention of spreading it and wiping out the human race. luckily spectreman stopped him.

when dr gori sees pollution he gets mad that humans are destroying this beautiful planet

spectreman stops dr gori so humans can continue polluting and overpopulating planet earth.

by today's standards special effects are cheesy but in the 80s they were mind blowing. there was nothing else to compare the special effects, for young boys to watch.

spectreman wants to stop dr gori so humans can continue polluting the planet.

dr gori is an environmentalist. his idea of environmentalist is the wipe out the human race, remove all pollution and all human buildings cities etc., and remake earth into a garden of eden.

he wants to wipe out 7.5 billion people, but he plans to clean up the trash, perhaps launching it into the sun.

i must admit if there is this much trash and polltuion in 2016, how much more will there be 100 years from now when the world population is 15 billion?

as a young boy i thought spectreman's dialogue and special effects were mind blowing.

this documentary by national geographic after armageddon

describes a hypothetical scenario in which a mutant flu virus wipes out billions of humans. the emotions i get from this is pretty intense.

just a couple days ago i saw the third trailer for x-men apocalypse

villian apocalpyse

he also wants to destroy the world and wipe out humanity. he's based on the story of Apocalypse form the bible, the judgment and wrath of god on humanity as described in the last book of the bible, revelation of john.

his creed is survival of the strongest, and humans are not the strongest.

theres a segment of the population that details doomsday preppers

we've come a long way What a Face

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