Mr. Cruel reward is now $1 million, my tip is he also killed Jonbenet Ramsey

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Mr. Cruel reward is now $1 million, my tip is he also killed Jonbenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Thu May 05, 2016 2:18 pm


last night i just finished watching survivor kaoh rong

my personal favorite

they are competing for the $1 million dollar prize. i think the first winner of $1 million some 30+ years ago got more if you count in inflaton and interest rate.  a million bucks today is worth less than a million bucks some 30 years ago with the first season of Survivor and the first winner.  

one person in this group tai, aubry sidney or michelle will get $1 million dollars.

imo the most intelligent play is for michelle and tai to vote out aubry and sidney then michelle will crush tai in ftc. tai pissed off jason scott and julia, and he's not articulate. he speaks broken english.  aubry sidney and michelle are 3 girls who formed a very tight alliance and voted out so many other players, but since there is only 1 winner, the 3 will have to turn on one another  like the Sith. Shocked basically if michelle is in ftc with aubry or sidney it's hard to say who the ftc will award $1million, but if any of them is in ftc with tai, they win.

anyhow, i want a million bucks to Smile  bounce   Basketball  affraid  Embarassed

the reward for mr cruel is now raised to $1 million AUD.

Mr Cruel child killer case: $1 million reward announced in Karmein ... Sun
Apr 12, 2016 - VICTORIA Police have used the 25th anniversary of the abduction of schoolgirl Karmein Chan to increase the reward in the case to 1 million.

Mr Cruel child killer case: Ex-teachers names given to police ... Sun
Apr 12, 2016 - “We are hoping that today's $1 million announcement will encourage someone out there with crucial information or direct knowledge of this ...

sadly the current exchange rate is

1.00 AUD = 0.746141 USD

so at best i'll get $746 k dollars  Neutral  not sure how taxes will work out as i am a US citizen.

while i do not know who mr cruel is, the news reports on mr cruel is that there is no known forensic evidence in the form of dna, fingerprints, or otherwise unique evidence that can uniquely single out a mr cruel suspect.

there are a dozen suspects for mr cruel, all pedophiles. there's a university professor of english literature named "bill" who is a suspect. he's a suspect bc in addition to english literature and shakespeare, he's had molested young children.

there's a school teacher also named, who also somehow is involved with children.

but there's no forensic evidence that can uniquely connect them to any of the victims.
all mr cruel suspects are suspects bc of pedophilia. the only way is if in their private child porn collection they find photos of a naked sharon wills nicola and karmein chan, if they still possess them.

its possible the real mr cruel has kept his pedophile urges under wraps, never molesting children, never buying and selling child porn.

any way my tip for $1million is that an australian national from melbourne, who is responsible for Lower Plenty, Sharon Wills, Nicola Lynas and Karmein Chan also travelled to Boulder Colorado in Dec 26 1996 and murdered Jonbenet Ramsey, and he acted alone.
he wrote the Ransom note, that is his handwriting and linguistics, not as some say Patsy Ramsey or John Ramsey, and he entered Jonbenet's home and took photos, molested her then killed her.

Mr Cruel's DNA is what James Kolar in Foreign Faction identifies as distal stain 007-2. my theory predicts Mr Cruel 10 DNA markers is a match for the 10 markers identified as distal stain 007-2

if i'm right, then the search for the intruder who murdered Jonbenet should be found in Melbourne, Aus who lived there in the 80s and early 90s. the ransom note was written in english, and mr cruel crime spree is really the only example in the english speaking country of a serial offender who entered as many as a dozen homes solely to get sexual gratification from a minor. so if Jonbenet was murdered by a serial home invading child sex offender, there is only 1 candidate mr cruel. of course its' possible she was murdered by a family friend, a neighbor, some teen kid down the block of where they lived, etc.

i have some unclarities as to how i'll actually collect the money and from who. i sent my tip using their form but they've never replied. Suspect Suspect Suspect

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