my thoughts on x-men apocalypse *spoilers*

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my thoughts on x-men apocalypse *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Thu May 26, 2016 8:10 pm

What a Face

i just saw x-men apocalypse

this is the x-men apocalypse i know and love

and this

i did want to see apocalpyse take on phoenix

but not in the way they showed in the movie. i wanted to see a smack down drawn out fight where entire cities and mountains and oceans are levelled.

not what they showed in the movie No

i think they they wasted a perfect trilogy.

i think x-men evolution had done it right.

1- i think movie should be set in the present or near future not 80s

2- the first movie should follow x-men evolution

where they uncover ancient artifacts that unlock apocalpyse from his tomb, and x-men and magneto try to stop him

3- second movie should follow the original x-men where apocalpyse can easily defeat the entire x-men
with flashbacks of him destroying ancient civilizations from babylonians mayans etc

4 third and final movie shows apocalpyse destroying the world through equakquates hurraines etc ultimate it is jean greay and pheonix that destroys him even then its not clear if either are destroyed.

what i saw in the movie wasn't anything like i expected

What a Face

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