Mr. Cruel wrote the Jonbenet ransom note, a fan of Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed

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Mr. Cruel wrote the Jonbenet ransom note, a fan of Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed

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i originally posted this at crimeshots but it is down permanently, and it will take me too long to reproduce it in its entirely.

the Mr Cruel killed Jonbenet theory is that Mr Cruel, after Karmein Chan, travelled to Boulder Co  in 1996 to watch Led Zeppelin perform live and ski. While in Boulder, he learned of Jonbenet, and acting alone, he entered the home, abducted and killed Jonbenet and wrote the ransom note.

the Mr Cruel killed Jonbenet theory is that Mr Cruel acting alone murdered Jonbenet and wrote the ransom note.

the Jonbenet ransom note is famous for.....
wiki wrote:
Dirty Harry (1971)

   When Aired. Internet poster narlacat claims Dirty Harry was aired on TBS in Boulder on November 29, 1996.
   Story Lines

   Specified denomination of bills and type of container for delivery of the ransom
   The delivery of the ransom requires extreme physical exertion (Harry had an exhausting run at the kidnapper's direction). This could explain why the killer advised John to be rested
   The kidnapper employs counter-surveillance
   The girl was dead all the while Harry was running all over town

   Similar Phrases

   "Now listen to me carefully." (JBR's RN begins "Listen carefully")
   "Now listen. Listen very carefully."
   "If I even think you're being followed, the girl dies."
   "If you talk to ayone, I don't care if it's a Pekinese p i s s ing against a lamppost, the girl dies." (JBR's RN says "If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies")
   "... that's the end of the game. The girl dies." (the phrase "the girl dies" is used 3 times, just as in the JBR RN)
   "It sounds like you had a good rest. You'll need it."

Speed (1994)

   Story Lines

   Specified denomination of bills and type of container for delivery of the ransom
   The kidnapper employs counter-surveillance


   "You know that I'm on top of you. Do not attempt to grow a brain." [RN states: "Don't try to grow a brain John"]

Ransom (1996)

   Story Lines

   Specified denomination of bills and type of container for delivery of the ransom
   The delivery of the ransom requires extreme physical exertion [The RN encourages John to be well-rested]
   The child is bound with his hands placed above his head
   Duct tape is used on the child
   The child's parent is a wealthy businessman who can fly his own plane
   The kidnapper employs counter-surveillance

   Similar Phrases

   "Do not involve the police or the FBI. If you do, I will kill him."
   "Do not inform the media or I will kill him."
   "No tracking devices in the money or the cases or I will kill him."

this is what Mr Cruel does

Mr Cruel enters the homes of private citizens, and creates a situation that is tense and criminally motivated, with the threat of violence.

Dirty Harry



all 3 movies involve abductions, and Dirty Harry and Ransom explicitly involves abducting children for ransom money.

Dirty Harry Scorpio abducted a schoolbus full of children and taunted FBI and police he'll blow them up, and in the showdown, he threaten a young boy.


A psychopathic serial killer calling himself "Scorpio" (Andy Robinson) murders a young woman in a San Francisco swimming pool, using a high-powered rifle from a nearby rooftop. SFPD Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) finds a blackmail message demanding the city pay him $100,000. Scorpio also promises that for each day that the city refuses his demand he will commit a murder, and his next victim will be "a Catholic priest or a nigger." The chief of police and the mayor (John Vernon) assign the inspector to the case, though the mayor is reluctant because of an incident involving the shooting by Callahan of a naked man with a butcher knife chasing a woman the previous year in the city's Fillmore District.

While in a local diner, Callahan observes a bank robbery in progress. He goes outside and kills two of the robbers; he also wounds a third (Albert Popwell), who ends up on the ground with a loaded shotgun nearby. Callahan, standing over him, challenges him:

   I know what you’re thinking: 'Did he fire six shots or only five?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do you, punk?

After the robber surrenders, he tells Callahan that he must know if the gun was still loaded. Callahan pulls the trigger with the weapon pointed directly at the robber, and laughs as it is revealed to be empty. In the confrontation with the robbers, he catches some shotgun pellets in his leg, so he is later treated by a police doctor who mentions that he is from Callahan's home district, Potrero Hill.

Assigned a rookie partner, Chico Gonzalez (Reni Santoni), Callahan complains that he needs someone experienced because his partners keep getting injured or worse. When Scorpio kills a young black boy from another rooftop, the police believe the killer will next pursue a Catholic priest. Callahan and Gonzalez wait for Scorpio near a Catholic church where a rooftop-to-rooftop shootout ensues, with Callahan attempting to snipe Scorpio with a .458 Winchester Magnum rifle while Scorpio returns fire with an MP-40 submachine gun. Scorpio escapes, killing a police officer disguised as a priest during his escape.

Scorpio kidnaps, rapes, and buries alive a teenage girl, then demands as a ransom twice the sum he previously demanded, or he will let the girl's air supply run out. The mayor decides to pay, and tells Callahan to deliver the money with no tricks, but the inspector wears a wire, brings a knife, and has his partner follow him. As Scorpio sends Callahan to various payphones throughout the city to make sure he is alone, the chase ends at Mount Davidson. Scorpio brutally beats Callahan and tells him he's going to kill him and let the girl die anyway; Gonzalez comes to his partner's rescue but is wounded. Callahan stabs Scorpio in the leg, but the killer escapes without the money. Gonzalez survives his wound, but decides to resign from the force at the urging of his wife.

The doctor who treated Scorpio phones the police and tells Callahan and his new partner, Frank DiGiorgio (John Mitchum), that he has seen Scorpio in Kezar Stadium. Running out of time, the officers break into the stadium and Callahan shoots Scorpio in his wounded leg. When Scorpio refuses to reveal the location of the girl and demands a lawyer, Callahan tortures the killer by standing on the wounded leg. Scorpio confesses, but the police are too late to save the girl.

Because Callahan searched Scorpio's home without a warrant and improperly seized his rifle, both pieces of evidence are inadmissible, and the District Attorney (Josef Sommer) has no choice but to let Scorpio go. Outraged, Callahan warns that Scorpio will kill again because of the excitement that killing gives him. Callahan proceeds to follow Scorpio on his own time. To thwart Callahan, Scorpio pays to have himself beaten by a thug, then claims the inspector is responsible. Despite Callahan's protests, he is ordered to stop following Scorpio.

After stealing a gun from a liquor store owner, Scorpio kidnaps a school bus load of children and demands another ransom and a plane to leave the country. The mayor again insists on paying but when offered to deliver the ransom again, Callahan angrily refuses. Callahan, fed up with the way the city is handling the situation with Scorpio, instead pursues him without authorization, jumping onto the top of the bus from a railroad trestle. The bus crashes into a dirt embankment and Scorpio flees into a nearby rock quarry, where he has a running gun battle with Callahan. Scorpio keeps running until he spots a young boy (Robinson's real-life stepson Steve Zachs) sitting near a pond, and grabs him as a hostage.

The inspector feigns surrender, but fires, wounding Scorpio in his left shoulder. The boy runs away and Callahan stands over Scorpio, gun drawn. The inspector reprises his "Do you feel lucky, punk?" speech. Scorpio lunges for his gun and Callahan shoots him instantly, causing him to fall into the water. As Callahan watches the dead body, he takes out his inspector's badge. After contemplating what will happen to him as a result of his actions, he hurls the badge into the water before walking away.


here's a plot summary


While multi-millionaire Tom Mullen and his wife Kate attend a science fair, their son Sean is kidnapped. Sean is taken to an apartment by Maris, a caterer for the Mullens, along with criminals Clark, Cubby and Miles. Tom and Kate receive an e-mail from the kidnappers demanding $2,000,000. Tom calls the FBI, which begins operating from his New York City penthouse.

Detective Shaker of the NYPD is arresting a perpetrator in a convenience store when Cubby buys some FrankenBerry cereal. Shaker follows Cubby into the building where the kidnappers are residing, sees Sean tied in a bedroom, and holds Cubby at gunpoint, berating him for being so obvious; Shaker is revealed to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping.

Tom agrees to the FBI's instructions for delivering the ransom. Receiving a phone call from Shaker, who is electronically disguising his voice, Tom follows his instructions. He meets Cubby in a New Jersey quarry. Shaker indicated that Cubby would give Tom an address where Sean could be picked up in exchange for the money, but when Cubby appears ignorant of these instructions and simply demands the cash, Tom refuses to hand it over. The FBI sends a helicopter after Cubby and Cubby opens fire. FBI marksmen kill Cubby before he can reveal Sean's location.

Shaker sets up another ransom drop. Angered that the FBI followed him instead of the money and killed his only lead, Tom insists on taking the money without being tracked. Realizing the first drop was a setup and there is no guarantee that Sean will come back alive, Tom goes on the television news and offers the ransom as a bounty. The only way for the kidnappers to save themselves is to return his son, in which case he will withdraw the bounty and drop all charges.

Despite the pleadings of Kate and FBI Special Agent Lonnie Hawkins, Tom sticks to his plan, believing it is the best chance of having Sean returned. Shaker lures Kate to a meeting where he tells her to pay the ransom or Sean will die. Tom responds by increasing the bounty to $4,000,000. Shaker calls Tom and demands to be paid. Tom replies that Sean must be returned or else the kidnappers will be hunted down. Tom hears Sean's voice screaming for his father. Shaker fires a shot heard over the phone before the call cuts off, leaving Tom and Kate believing their son is dead.

Shaker forms a new plan; he will kill Clark and Miles, pretend to rescue Sean and claim the bounty for himself and Maris. He calls in a possible kidnapping to the NYPD, requesting backup. He then flashes his badge and gun at Clark and Miles, who realize he has betrayed them. Clark tries running Shaker over with his van, but Shaker fatally shoots him. He then kills Miles, making it look as though Miles shot first. Maris, trying to back out of the plan, shoots Shaker in the shoulder. Before she can fire again, Shaker kills her and re-enters the apartment just before a SWAT team charges in, finding a wounded Shaker sitting next to Sean.

Hawkins takes Tom and Kate to the scene of Sean's rescue. Tom thanks Shaker, who is being hospitalized. Hawkins takes Tom to Maris' body, where he recognizes her.

Shaker later appears at the Mullen penthouse to receive the reward, claiming he wants to avoid publicity. As Tom writes a check for him, Sean recognizes Shaker's voice. Seeing his son's horrified reaction and hearing Shaker speak the same phrase the kidnapper did, Tom realizes who Shaker is. Tom gives Shaker the check with a false signature, but Shaker realizes that Tom is on to him. Shaker threatens to kill everyone in the house, but Tom convinces him to take him hostage and go to the bank so Tom can wire the money to Shaker's account. En route, Shaker orders Tom to ready his private jet. Tom fakes a call to his pilot, actually calling Hawkins, whom Tom manages to tell covertly that the kidnapper is with him.

Cops converge on Tom and Shaker outside the bank. Shaker opens fire, shooting both officers. Tom lunges at Shaker, grabbing his gun. Tom throws Shaker through a store window and when they emerge, they are surrounded by armed policemen. Shaker draws his back-up revolver from an ankle holster. Tom and Hawkins fire first, killing Shaker. The film closes as Hawkins stops the police from arresting Tom.

In Speed, the bus and an adult women are abducted for ransom money.


Los Angeles SWAT officers Jack Traven and Harry Temple thwart an attempt by a bomber to hold an elevator full of people for a $3 million ransom. They corner the bomber, but as he grabs Harry, Jack (on Harry's urging) shoots Harry in the leg, forcing the bomber to release him. He turns and runs around a corner, apparently dying in an explosion. Jack and Harry are praised by their superior, Lieutenant "Mac" McMahon.

Later, Jack sees a city bus explode. The bomber then contacts him, explaining that a similar bomb is rigged on another bus, and will get activated if it goes over 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) and blow up when the speed drops below 50. The bomber demands a larger ransom of $3.7 million and says he will set off the bomb if any passengers are offloaded. Jack races through traffic and manages to board the moving bus, but by the time he gets on board, it is already going over 50 and the bomb is armed. Jack explains the situation to the driver, Sam, but a panicked small-time criminal on the bus, fearing Jack is going to arrest him, fires his gun, wounding Sam. Another passenger, Annie Porter, takes Sam's place behind the wheel while Jack explains the situation to everyone aboard. Jack examines the bomb under the bus and phones Harry, who uses clues to identify the bomber as a former police officer.

The police clear a route for the bus to a closed-down freeway. Mac insists they offload the passengers onto a pacing flatbed truck, but Jack warns about the bomber's demands. The bomber allows the officers to offload the injured Sam, but detonates an explosive under the bus's front stairs when another passenger attempts to escape; she falls out and is run over. Later, Jack learns that part of the freeway ahead is incomplete, but gets Annie to accelerate the bus and jump the gap. Jack directs Annie to nearby Los Angeles International Airport to drive on the runway. Meanwhile, Harry has identified the bomber as Howard Payne, a retired Atlanta bomb squad officer with a local address, and takes a SWAT team there. However, the house is rigged with explosives; Harry and most of the team are killed.

Jack attempts to defuse the bomb while riding on a towed sledge under the bus, but it hits debris on the runway and he can only hold on by puncturing the fuel tank. He is pulled back aboard by the passengers and learns that Harry has been killed. An enraged Jack smashes his cell phone, suddenly realising that the bomber has been watching the bus the entire time with a hidden camera. Mac gets a local news crew to record a transmission, then rebroadcast it in a continuous loop to fool Howard while the passengers are unloaded onto an airport bus before all the fuel leaks out. The rescue is interrupted by a flat tire, stranding Jack and Annie. To escape, they fix the positions of the gas pedal and the wheel and exit via a floor access panel. The empty bus rams an empty 707 cargo plane and explodes.

Jack and Mac decide to continue the ruse and head to Pershing Square to drop the ransom that Howard demanded. Howard, realizing he has been fooled, poses as a police officer and seizes Annie. When the drop is made into a waste can, no one shows up to take it. Jack discovers a hole under the can leading into the Metro Red Line subway. Jack finds Howard and Annie, but she is wearing a vest covered with explosives and rigged to a pressure-release detonator. Howard hijacks a subway train, handcuffs Annie to a pole, and sets the train in motion. Jack manages to board at the last second. Howard then kills the train driver. Howard attempts a bribe with the ransom money, but is enraged when a paint bomb in the money bag goes off. He and Jack engage in a fight on the roof of the train, which ends when Howard is decapitated by an overhead signal. Jack removes the vest from Annie, but she is still handcuffed to the pole. Since they cannot stop the train, Jack instead sets it for full speed, causing it to derail through a construction site and onto Hollywood Boulevard before coming to a stop. Jack and Annie both survive and kiss passionately as onlookers take pictures.

Let's review what Mr Cruel does

CHILD ABDUCTIONS for "ransom money"

let's review what Dirty Harry and Ransom is about

CHILD ABDUCTIONS for "ransom money"

In Speed an Adult woman is abducted for ransom money.

Mr Cruel is no movie. He is a real life child abductor. He actually abducted real girls from their homes.

The movies bad guys also abducted young children.

Mr Cruel told Sharon Wills his intention to deliver a ransom note just like the movies Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed
heraldsun wrote:

As he carried her to the car he reassured her that he wasn’t going to hurt her and stated he was going to give her parents a ransom note and that he would return her in the morning when the banks opened and he got his ransom money.

so what is explained,

Mr. Cruel is a fan of Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed. He loves those movies. Those movies depict villians doing exactly the same thing he did. Abduct young children and making ransom demands, and interacting with law enforcement.

the Mr Cruel killed Jonbenet theory explains why the Jonbenet Ransom note has movie references to Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed.

1, it is a fact that he told Sharon Wills he wants her father John to withdraw money from a bank and 2 made ransom demands for Nicola Lynas $25, 000 and

2 he loves the movies that depicts badguys doing what he intended.

it also explains why no ransom money and no phone call. Mr Cruel uses ransom money as a ruse for his real intention which is sexual.

Mr Cruel did NOT follow through on ransom demands for Sharon Wills and Nicola Lynas.

Mr Cruel had previously stated his intent to leave a ransom note, and made ransom demands. He abducts children, and the movies Dirty Harry and Ransom and Speed are all about abducting children and women.

Ultimately he left the ransom note to mislead investigators, as he learned from Karmein Chan it is highly effective.

the Mr Cruel killed Jonbenet theory rests on the factual observation Mr Cruel made ransom notes, intended to demand ransom money to be collected from a bank in the early morning, and abducts young girls. from this factual basis, the theory posits that Mr Cruel loves Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed. He abducts young girls for sexual pleasure, and he confuses police with ransom demands. He then watches movies Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed which he vicarious enjoys the villians doing what he does in real life. Mr Cruel changes the wording so there would be some unclarity as to the strength of the link. in essence he is doing a parody.

Mr Cruel learned from his own personal experience leaving handwritten message and making ransom demands completely confuses investigators as to his true intention, and derails investigations.

the Mr Cruel killed Jonbenet theory  explains these aspects of the crime with the fewest assumptions

Mr Cruel wrote the Jonbenet ransom note. it's his words, his handwriting, his linguistics.
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coming soon, Nicola Lynas Karmein Chan case linkage analysis and Mr Cruel wrote the Jonbenet ransom note. Suspect Laughing Embarassed Razz Shocked

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