i wonder if an east asian "oriental" version of a medieval renaissance fair would sell

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i wonder if an east asian "oriental" version of a medieval renaissance fair would sell

Post by redpill on Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:18 pm


where i live and throughout the usa during the summer are medieval renaissance fair

staff wear period clothing -

which on a hot july must be unpleasant

typically you pay $$ for tickets to get in. there's food.

some offer spectacles like jousting

and knights fighting

i've wondered whether there is a market and demand of an oriental version of this - note oriental is not pc

where instead of knights we have

dresses would look like this

food like this

some  demos on this

demos on  how to paint like this

plays along the lines of a young ninja warrior whose father was killed by evil shaolin monks wanting revenge
or a play long the the lines of

for some there's this

you can buy

for me the fun would be watching this


is there interest in this and is there a way to get "Asians" to perform to do this.
can this make money?

there has to be a large demand of customers willing to shell out $$$
it would cost a lot of money to get costumes, martial artists, dancers etc. to provide spectacles

i suppose some politically correct might protest if there aren't enough Asians doing this.


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