Final Destination: Kristen Johnson, Claudia Melgar, Brianna Coon, Amy Stiner and Melissa Moyer

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Final Destination: Kristen Johnson, Claudia Melgar, Brianna Coon, Amy Stiner and Melissa Moyer

Post by redpill on Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:01 am

is back.

this time Kristen Johnson

not this Kristen Johnson, the nurse who took photo of male penis patient and got fired and lost her license permanently

Kristen Noelle Johnson, 25 of Benton

she discovered a way to die i've not heard before nor imagined wrote:
HARRISON, Ark. — A root wad that trapped and killed an Arkansas woman after her canoe overturned Sunday in the Buffalo National River likely won't be removed because of the difficulty in reaching it, park officials say.

"It may be physically impossible to remove this without heavy equipment, and it is next to impossible to get heavy equipment into this area without doing some major tree clearing and road building," said Buffalo National River park spokesman Caven Clark. "It is my understanding there have been numerous people who have paddled this section with no problem."

The incident near the Hasty access point claimed the life of Kristen Johnson, 25, of Benton, Arkansas, who was paddling a rented canoe with another woman when they encountered the root wad sticking up out of the water.

Newton County Sheriff's Investigator Glenn Wheeler said the canoe capsized either just ahead of the root wad or after floating up against it.

"Both women went into the water, but one became pinned underwater by the canoe and she became entangled in the roots," Wheeler said. "This happened in 4 or 5 feet of water. The river was low to normal at the time, but it started to rise and flow faster after rescuers were able to get there, due to thunderstorms in the area."

Wheeler said a group of paddlers tried to pull the submerged canoe off the root wad but were unable to because it was sideways to the river, with the full force of the water holding it against the roots.
A heavy current keeps a canoe pinned against a root wad. An Arkansas woman drowned in the June 12 incident. (Photo: National Park Service)

Johnson was not wearing a life jacket, though Wheeler said that would not have helped in this instance. A fellow paddler discovered he had a cellphone signal and was able to call for help. Wheeler said that because of the location, with no nearby roads, it took rescue personnel about an hour to reach the site by both jetboat and canoes.

A dive team was on standby, but Wheeler said it was too risky to try to send them into the root wad, since the current had picked up speed, the water had quickly become murky with rain runoff and there was a significant risk of a diver's gear getting entangled in the roots.

The woman's body was eventually recovered shortly before sunset.

The accident is a reminder of how powerful a river can be, and how quickly a pleasant day's float can go seriously wrong. Wheeler said the best way to avoid trouble is to steer clear of obstacles in the river whenever possible.

There was plenty of room to paddle around the root wad, and many other paddlers successfully navigated around it, Wheeler said.

"It seemed less hazardous than other root wads you see in the river," he said.

But if your canoe does capsize, Wheeler said paddlers should try to get away from the boat and never be on the downstream side of the canoe.

"If you're between the boat and an obstacle, you won't be able to move that canoe because of the power of the water," he said. "We typically have ropes and pulleys to dislodge a pinned canoe, but sometimes if you push one end of the canoe down on the current side, it can dislodge the boat.

"If your canoe is stuck against a tree or root wad we also recommend getting a ride downstream with another canoe and letting the outfitter deal with it, since they have the experience to get boats out. It can be a very dangerous situation for anyone who's not trained."

If a canoe gets stuck sideways against an obstacle, Wheeler said paddlers should lean downstream to help the water flow beneath the boat. If they lean upstream, the current can quickly roll and swamp a canoe.

Some other tips:

   Don't grab onto overhanging tree limbs. Doing so can easily destabilize a canoe in the current.
   Always wear a life jacket, even if you're a strong swimmer.
   If walking a canoe or kayak around an obstacle, hold onto the upstream end. Trying to pull the boat from the downstream end can cause it to quickly pivot and knock you off your feet.
   Be honest about your paddling skills. Talk to an outfitter about canoeing basics, or take a paddling course before you hit the rivers.
   Don't hesitate to pull ashore and walk your canoe or kayak around an obstacle.

thats a new one. i guess i'm gonna pass on canoing now, if i hope to watch star wars rogue 1 and episode 8. playstation 4 vr and xbox scorpio also looks nice.

it is here

she met

her obituary reads

Kristen Noelle Johnson, 25 of Benton, passed away June 12, 2016.  She was born September 14, 1990 in Little Rock to Tim Johnson and Karla Shepard.  Kristen was employed as a loan assistant for Eagle Bank in Little Rock.  She was of the Baptist faith.
She is survived by her mother, Karla Shepard of Benton, father, Tim Johnson and Holli and her son, Blake Stratton of Benton, sister, Kayce Johnson of Little Rock, grandparents, Paul and Melba Shepard of Benton, Curtis and the late, Mary Johnson of Prescott and a host of family and friends.
Memorial services will be 3:30 p.m., Thursday, June 16 at Ashby Funeral Home with a release of balloons following the service at 3600 Kayce Lane in Benton. - See more at:

being a baptist christian may have protected her from death from recreational drug overdose but not drowning by canoe as it hits a tree root in the river Suspect

25-year old Claudia Melgar also drowned, in her car

in her car

is where she met wrote:

A 25-year old woman from Houston, Texas, was tragically killed when she attempted to drive her SUV through a deeply flooded underpass at the eastbound Westpark Tollway exit to Post Oak at 6am Monday.

Following a public information request, the Harris County Toll Road Authority released a video of the incident from a surveillance camera, which shows Claudia Melgar driving a white Dodge Durango straight into 17-feet of rising waters.

In the footage, the woman is seen switching on a flashlight – possibly from her cellphone, as she tried to find a way out, but within seconds, the large SUV started sinking, before disappearing under water.

Tragically, it was reported that in another video that was not released by authorities, Melgar was shown avoiding a truck that was blocking the submerged exit, with a toll road worker purportedly seen chasing after the woman’s SUV when she passed the barrier, with some reports saying he even jumped into the water to save her. Unfortunately, the woman drowned.

"What happened was truly unfortunate. There was a barrier in place," Harris County Judge Ed Emmett told Click2Houston. "We are going to work with TxDOT and the city. I'm going to take ownership of this. We've got to make it safe."

Melgar is one of at least eight victims of the catastrophic floods that hit Houston this week.

if you read comments she's nominated as a darwin award winner since she avoided a blockade by a truck and do not enter sign, and even after she entered, there was lots of water visible, but she still drove anyway.  i wonder if she was suicidal. she wins redpill's darwin award since this was foreseeable and she did get adequate warning. unless she was suicidal in which case the award is revoked.

lesson: if there is a blockage and warning and lots of water don't drive through unless u wanna kill urself

Brianna Coon was just 17 when

she met

'I'm in the water! Somebody help me!' Haunting 911 call made by girl, 17, killed after car plunges into pond and sinks

A 17-year-old girl who lost control of her car and plunged into a pond made a desperate call to 911 from inside her trapped, sinking vehicle.

But police were unable to reach Brianna Coon, from Rockford, Ohio, before the car became fully submerged in the water, killing her.

The teenager lost control of her 1995 Dodge Neon on Saturday night as she drove home from the cinema along a rural road near Ottoville, Ohio.

Scroll down for 911 call
Tragic: Brianna Coon, 17, lost control of her car along a rural road and swerved into a pond. She called 911 but drowned before police could reach her

Tragic: Brianna Coon, 17, lost control of her car along a rural road and swerved into a pond. She called 911 but drowned before police could reach her

Authorities believe she may have been speeding when her car flipped over and landed on its roof in the water, according to the 911 call log.

In the frantic call, Brianna is heard pleading with the operator for help.

'I'm in the water! I'm in the water!' the teenager tells the operator. 'I don't know what to do. Please help.'

'Where are you at?' The operator asks. 'Ma'am? Ma'am?'

The line falls silent before cutting off. There was no answer when the operator returned the call.

She was unable to determine the exact location of the cellphone, but the sheriff's office and Highway Patrol immediately launched a search.

But it was too late. Two hours later, a trooper found tire tracks, a hubcap and Neon car parts near the pond - where a submerged car was found.

'I'm in the water! I'm in the water! I don't know what to do. Please help!'
Brianna Coon, 911 call

Police contacted Ms Coon's mother, Diana Rissner, who said she had texted her daughter just before 11 p.m. but had not received a reply.

Police accompanied Ms Rissner to the pond. When the vehicle was pulled from the water, her daughter's dead body was on the back seat.

Ohio's Highway Patrol is investigating the accident but do not believe alcohol was a factor.

It is believed Brianna, who had been wearing a seat belt, had driven across a bridge before swerving to the left after breaking quickly.
Location: The teen's Dodge Neon swerved off the road near Ottoville, Ohio

The 911 call log notes that she may have become airborne as she plummeted towards the water.

Brianna attended Parkway High School in Rockford, where she took part in the bowling team and community outreach programs.

The teen, who had four brothers and lived with her mother and stepfather, also worked at a McDonald's restaurant in Van Wert.

Funeral services are being held on Saturday February 11, where her family are encouraging that memorials be given to an educational fund for the teen's brothers.

Read more:
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this is second teen who managed to get her car to fly

Marissa Frederick, 16 who also lives in the state of Ohio, just recently, got her car to fly and she died


is where she met

lesson - what to do when your car is in the water, apparently would be to find some way to escape since 911 takes to long.

Amy Stiner, 37, of Machias, and Melissa Moyer 38

it is here

they met

2 Maine hikers rescued but drive to ocean deaths
ap wrote:

ROQUE BLUFFS, Maine (AP) — Authorities say two women who got lost while hiking in a Maine state park died in a car accident shortly after their rescue.

Thirty-seven-year-old Amy Stiner, of Machias (muh-CHY'-us), and 38-year-old Melissa Moyer, of Sunbury, Pa., were killed Tuesday night when they drove their car into the ocean after driving the wrong way down a road. The county sheriff says Stiner was five months pregnant.

Officials say the women became lost while hiking at Roque Bluffs State Park. A landowner found them and their dog and gave them a ride to a home. Authorities later took them back to their car.

A short time later, the women called to say they had driven their vehicle into the water — and then the phone went dead. The car was later found underwater.
A Maine woman and her pregnant friend visiting from Pennsylvania got lost hiking and were rescued but died later that evening, authorities said, when they accidentally drove their car into the ocean in the nighttime fog.

Amy Stiner, 37, of Machias, and Melissa Moyer, 38, of Sunbury, Pa., presumably drowned when Stiner drove her car down a boat ramp at the end of a dead-end road at about 9 p.m. Tuesday in this town of 300 people in eastern Maine, said Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith. He called the deaths a tragic accident made worse because Moyer was five months pregnant.

"They called on the phone that they were in the water and the car was filling up. Then the phone went dead," Smith said. "An hour later, the deputies found the car."

Earlier in the evening, the women hiked in Roque Bluffs State Park but got lost and called for help. A landowner found them and their dog and gave them rides on his ATV back to his house, where a warden picked them up and brought them to their vehicle, which was parked at the park.

But Stiner then drove toward the boat ramp instead of the other direction to Machias, Smith said.

Authorities found the submerged car about 175 feet off the boat ramp, the women and the dog inside with the doors closed and the windows up.

Weather could have contributed to the accident, Smith said.

"It appears they went the wrong direction and drove off the ramp," he said. "If you don't know the area, in the fog and rain it wouldn't be a difficult thing to do."

lesson careful not to drive in areas with lakes ponds or water when it is dark foggy or raining

what new ways will


my list from bees to drugs to fire ants in haystacks hammocks car accidents, drownings possible allergies, murder shootings brain eating amoeba keeps growing No  No  No

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