michael jackson is in the news and his and other rock star influence

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michael jackson is in the news and his and other rock star influence

Post by redpill on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:49 pm

for some reason this forum cuts off photos so

here's why he's in the news and its being reported now

Michael Jackson underage sex collection: The photos of naked teenage boys and 'all-male erotica depicting men and children' detailed in newly released police report from 2003 search of Neverland Ranch

The police report from the 2003 search of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been released
The police report claims that in Jackson's bedroom and bathroom alone there were at least seven collections of work with nude teenage boys
'He also had disgusting and downright shocking images of child torture, adult and child nudity, and sadomasochism,' said one investigator
The report states that many of the materials featuring naked men and women could be used to groom and then molest young children
He was accused of sexually assaulting Gavin Arvizo, a 13-year-old cancer survivor at the time of the alleged incidents
Jackson was acquitted in 2005 on seven felony counts of child molestation and two felony counts of providing an intoxicant to a minor

Michael Jackson was found to have a sizable collection of pornographic material at his Neverland Ranch in 2003 according to police reports cataloging the property following a search of the residence.

Many of these books and videos are also detailed in court papers from the time, submitted after a young boy came forward claiming that he had been sexually abused and assaulted by the singer on multiple occasions.

The police report claims that in Jackson's bedroom and bathroom alone there were at least seven collections of work found by investigators that show boys in their teenage years - and in some cases younger - fully nude or partially clothed.

One of the collections, Taormina Wilhelm Von Gloeden, is described in court papers as: 'Nude photos of teenage boys from late 1800s.'

The search of the home occurred in November of that year while Jackson was in Las Vegas, with 70 members of the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Department turning up to the residence.

An arrest warrant had been issued at that time as well, and Jackson later turned himself into police when he returned to California.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3651294/Michael-Jackson-underage-sex-collection-photos-naked-teenage-boys-male-erotica-depicting-men-children-detailed-newly-released-police-report-2003-search-Neverland-Ranch.html#ixzz4CEg2OJvG
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Michael Jackson loves young boy homosexual child porn and had sex with young boys.

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In 2003, police raided Neverland Ranch while investigating charges of child molestation that had been brought against Michael Jackson.
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michael jackson has some competition

i do think that some young impressionable girls who love these guys

and i'm not mentioning any names here but they love

Led Zeppelin was infamous for their heavy drug use and groupie sex. they communicate to young and impressionable girls that to be into the rock star lifestyle u must do drugs.

On the road with Led Zeppelin in the 70s | Vanity Fair
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Lisa Robinson recalls her time spent on tour with Led Zeppelin and manager ... for unprecedented debauchery, thanks to tales (often true) of drugs, sex, and ...
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Dec 6, 2014 - Led Zep legend Jimmy Page has chronicled his colourful life from ... after-parties, with free-flowing booze, drugs and hordes of groupies.
Led Zeppelin (band): Was Page high when he did the 'stairway to ...
Jul 1, 2012 - It was in the years following the release of Led Zeppelin IV that the band members began to use heroin. It is likely that the drug use from the ...

and grow up doing this

possibly other girls who grow up listening to

they know michael jackson likes young boys and has sex with young boys so they will end up doing this

unless its' an orientation like homosexuality Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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