safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:01 am

Twenty-year-old Birna Brjansdottir was found murdered Jan 2017

safety thoughts - what kind of lifestyle can one live to have fun but avoid being murdered?
i would prefer not to be a victim of a murder. shame there's not documentary on safety from crime, and accidents

Crystal Eldridge 16, one day shy of being 17 was killed in a 2-car car crash on Wed Jan. 18, 2017    was born Jan. 19, 2000,

details wrote:
fficers determined it was a two-vehicle crash with entrapment with one of the cars on fire. The fire was immediately extinguished by arriving officers, the press release said.

The driver of a Ford pickup truck, who resides in Barnstead, was traveling west on Parker Mountain Road when his vehicle was struck by a Saturn driven by a female from Wakefield, who was traveling east. Police have not released the identities of either driver.

The female driver did not survive her injuries from the crash, police said.

The crash is being investigated by the Strafford Police Department and the Strafford County Accident Reconstruction Team. It is not a criminal investigation, and no charges are being filed at this time, police said.

safety thoughts  Crystal was heading eastbound when she crossed into the opposite lane and was hit by a car heading westbound. She was hit, trapped in the car, and the car caught fire. So yeah, entering the opposite lane carries risk of being hit by another car and instant death

i prefer  to drive 4 car sedans, but i can see if they do get into a crash it's pretty lethal

what was the reason for her to enter the opposite lane?  Suspect

with technology that now exists in 2017, including iphone type cameras and motion sensors, perhaps cars should be fitted with both recording video and a black box type device that monitors engine, tires transmission, steering etc like airplanes, with gps trackers.

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Charlotte Foster 23, Katelyn Taylor 19, Rebekah Hoak 20

Post by redpill on Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:35 am

Charlotte Foster was 23 when she died from a blood clot that entered her lungs which caused brain death as a result of taking birth control pill January 25 2016

safety thoughts prescription medication has risks. blood clots can kill

19-YEAR-OLD Katelyn Taylor went surfing and drowned Sunday morning March 16 2014
mother not angry with friend who allowed her to surf in rough waters.

safety thoughts given how many drowning deaths there are i'll think i'm not going to risk unsafe choppy waters.

Rebekah Hoak 20 was killed when the vehicle she was in was driving Sunday morning in foggy conditions and missed a stop sign and was t-boned by another car, killing her Jan 22, 2017

safety thoughts driving in foggy weather is dangerous, not only you might miss stop signs but so could other drivers.

mystic thoughts. one of the longest standing questions i have had is about god, soul, jesus, the afterlife, prayer, the bible, church. life is short and fragile. life is like a game of survivor. you form alliances to get to the end. should i form an alliance with jesus/god?

all the news articles emphasize that Rebekah Hoak was an extremely religiously christian girl like survivor s33 michelle schubert
Pastor John Ebel wrote:
"She was cooking meals for people, she was praying for people, she was blessing people and that was a way of life for her and that's what she was doing," said Pastor John Ebel. "She was on the way to bless one of her great friends and this happened."

She got a full scholarship to a Bible school in Florida and we were meeting tomorrow to pray about if that was the right choice. It wasn't just enough to be a full scholarship to a Bible school, she wanted to make sure it was the right thing that that's what God wanted for her life."

"She wanted to do what her Heavenly Father wanted her to do, and that was to serve people and to bless people,"
stephen Johnson wrote:
“That last moment at life group (the bible study group) with her, she was just herself,” said Johnson, of Greece. “There’s a relationship with God that you can ‘put on’…but it’s kind of hard to be genuinely personable and genuinely the one that jumps up to pray for people.”
On a typical day, you could find Rebekah sipping coffee with friends, baking or cleaning at her house or bringing smiles to her co-workers’ faces while working at a local T.J. Maxx. She was considering attending bible college, but was less focused on her own ambitions as she was on how she could minister to her family, her church, her friends and her community.

She was one of the best examples in my life of faith in action — she wholeheartedly believed that her life had been redeemed by a God who loved her enough to die for her on a cross, and she used the personality and talents she had to bring that love to others.

Rebekah taught me that a God-honoring life is so much more precious and impactful than storing up earthly wealth or success.

Her last Instagram post, uploaded a day before she died, says it all.

The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever. -Isaiah 40:8

Rebekah Hoak  was a religiously christian girl who attended church of the new testament, was part of a bible study, age 20. she by all accounts from her friends and pastor was happy, participated in church retreats and didn't do drugs, radical politics, feminazism, anti-trump protests, promiscuous sex or wild partying. she didn't bully.
she posted bible verses on her social media such as the quote from Isaiah.
she loved jesus.

she spent her time wondering what god's plan is for her life, how she can reach out to unsaved souls about jesus, lead a life of example of jesus and planed to go to bible college in florida.

yet she died.  No  No  No
and of all the reasons she died, she left her tight-knit church she grew up in, in the godless forsaken heathen state of new york, to visit a sick friend and provide food.

i'm glad to hear she was a kind compassionate soul who loved jesus and wanted to serve god and didn't do drugs or extremist political activism or sexual promiscuity but um personally i'm not sure i want to suffer her fate.  No  No  her bible church prays and believe she is in heaven with jesus and the angels so there's that.  Neutral

imagine if by a miracle she survived and told her church she was in heaven for a few hours and saw jesus and the angels.

anyhow one reason i don't go to church, is that she that morning was at church and left church to bring food to a sick member of that bible study.

now i would have cautioned that it is very foggy with poor visibility, so in effect i'm not sure i'd go.
but you know church puts a lot of pressure on christians to go and help the needy and put it in god's hands.

so Rebekah Hoak died from car accident due to reduced visibility from a heavy fog. so in effect going to church can put you in a situation where you have a risk of death. Rolling Eyes

when i think of a blessing from god, i think of blessing as something that makes your life happier and safer, and a curse from god as something that makes your life more painful, or early death.

Rebekah Hoak did everything you can expect a christian to do from reading bible, posting bible verses to praying and going to church and accepting jesus into her heart.
was Rebekah Hoak blessed even though she died? Suspect

so Katelyn Taylor 19,

spends her sunday mornings surfing, not church or praying or reading the bible, or singing to jesus and god

she drowns. she died. her obituary makes no mention of any religious belief in god or jesus or is in heaven with jesus

Rebekah Hoak 20
spends her sunday mornings church and praying and reading the bible, and singing to jesus and god

and dies in a t-bone accident in foggy conditions while trying to bring food and blessings to a sick church member, not surfing. her obituary emphasizes how much she loves god and how her church support believes she is now in heaven with jesus.

two young women, one 19 the other 20, 2 very different activities on early sunday morning, church and surfing.

both dead on a sunday morning doing an activity they love. Suspect

these Katelyn Taylor 19, Rebekah Hoak 20 actually look like sisters, and they were 19 and 20

almost like twins.

i'd consider spending my sunday mornings in church if it resulted in actual miracle supernatural benefits for me.

for me there's no difference between an antivirus antispyware antiransom ware firewall on my pc and anti-early death from accident murder cancer brain anueryisms with jesus in my heart, provided they actually work.

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:37 am

today Wed, Jan 26, 2017 Hayley Gascoigne, 32 was in family court when she suffered from full cardiac arrest and died, in a packed room. her family said she had no history of drug use.

the sun wrote:
Her parents and sister watched in horror as she stopped breathing and begged for help.

Her mum screamed: “Hayley. Oh My God. Call an ambulance. Please save her please.”

It is believed Hayley had been in court for a ruling on her case. She had gone to the loos before sitting down.

Her parents noticed her eyes rolling into the back of her head before she began to fit.

Two security guards and a first aider raced to her side, followed by a prison guard as her barrister dialled 999.

A single paramedic arrived at 2.40pm and began CPR. Her mum sobbed: “Please Hayley. Please save her.”

Three police officers stood by as a further four paramedics arrived and gave her adrenalin.

Her dad yelled: “It’s my daughter please save her.”

Barristers involved in her case publicly wept as they witnessed her suffering a cardiac arrest.

Hayley’s parents were comforted as the rescue operation continued for more than 20 minutes.

Two court rooms were also brought to a standstill as the defendants were ordered out of the building.

After 40 minutes Hayley was put on a trolley and taken via a lift out of the building to one of three waiting ambulances.

She was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary but was pronounced dead. A police probe has been launched.

mystic thoughts at 2:30pm wed jan 26, 2017 Halyel left our planet for the other side after 32 years
from cardiac arrest. any hour could be your last hour

prayer eternal buddha please let me live another day What a Face

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:37 am

Emily Rhynne Dalley  February 27, 2007 - November 25, 2016 (Age 9)
was killed along with her father in a drunk driving in Caledonia, Wisconsin just outside their home  just before 5:00 p.m. Friday afternoon when they were rear-ended. She died on the scene.

was killed by this drunk driver

Levi Ruohonen

obituary says the family were church going christians, specfically mormons

safety thoughts not sure what to do about drunk drivers. at best i look at rear view mirror

shame there's not some kind of radar in a car that can warn me and other drivers of dangerously close vehicles on a collision course, given today's technology with webcams and lcd's

personally i think drunk drivers should be given the death penalty ASAP. including serious but nonfatal accidents. their organs donated

it's the only way to be sure

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:58 pm

Margaret Mary Lore , a 17-year-old was at a party in Tasmania when she slipped and fell over a cliff and died on the spot where she landed on midnight Saturday Jan 28, 2017. she fell 15 meters or 30 feet, which is high enough to kill her.

Inspector David Wiss wrote:
"Some of her companions, it appeared, climbed over the fence," Inspector Wiss said.

"She followed, lost her footing, and that's where the tragedy occurred.

"This is a mistake of youth. It's a terrible tragedy

   "The friends would be feeling really traumatised by what's occurred. They'd probably be feeling a bit guilty. It's not something that they could have prevented.

"This was a tragic accident.

"This was a determined group of teenagers, taking some risks, which led to some really unfortunate outcomes."

"You can understand how distraught he is

"Also, her friends are distraught and so we'll ensure there's some appropriate counselling followed up during the week."

where she died

safety thoughts yeah climbing over a fence overlooking a cliff above an ocean at midnight in total darkness has a risk of slipping and falling. just one slip and after 17 years of life she's dead instantly fatal.

mystic thoughts she's just 17 and died in 17

deja vu i'm not mentioning any names but i knew of a spirit that as a woman climbed a fence and jumped in near total darkness off a cliff by the ocean and died. this is something of a deja vu for me, ala neo of the matrix

safety principle remember this face

remember this mnemonic
the maggie lore law - if you climb over a safety fence overlooking a cliff in near total darkness you can slip and fall with instantly fatal consequences. no second chances.

Hannah Lyson was 20 years old when she died Saturday Jan 28, 2017 from bowel cancer, was diagnosed May summer 2016 age 19.

i her own words

“I had cramps and was struggling to go to the toilet. It wasn’t major at the beginning but it gradually got worse,” says Hannah, who lives with her parents Beth, 55, and Mark, 52.

“I had bouts of bad sickness and would vomit. I thought it could be something more serious but they put my nausea down to the fever that I had when I was unwell.”

“By this point I had severe back pain and constant agonising cramps. I’d have a full day of just throwing up,” she explains.

I was missing shifts in the supermarket where I worked part-time and I was missing college. I didn’t feel well enough and couldn’t stand up for long periods of time. It was getting to the stage where I couldn’t really go out.”

When he gave me my results the doctor said that he was baffled but I had five tumours, one in my bowel and four secondary tumours in my liver  Hannah Lyson

“I was going to write about my travels to America this summer but as my plans have been put on hold I decided to make a ‘warts-and-all’ blog about my life with bowel cancer,” says Hannah.

“I looked for other stories similar to mine but couldn’t find any about anyone my age.

“My grandad died of lung cancer and my aunty of liver cancer. Another aunty had breast cancer and recovered and two of my sisters had cancer, one leukaemia, one thyroid, and are both now thankfully in remission,” reveals Hannah.

age 20 dies from bowel cancer  confused

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:11 pm

Katie Atkinson, 23 drove her car directly into a wall t the Alum Chine car park at Westbourne, close to Bournemouth's miles of golden sands sometime around 1am Sunday Jan 29th, 2017. It remains unknown why she chose to do this, to drive her car into a wall at high speed. she died instantly.

what she did sounds almost identical to  27-year-old Casey Speckman when she took her Telsa car and drove it at 75mph directly into a tree in a residential area killing herself and her passenger on Thu November 3, 2016

safety lesson: driving a car directly into a wall or tree can kill you.

Stephanie Dickson age 24 suffered from a sore neck, severe headaches and dizziness for nine months. Over that time she visited doctors over 14, and was told it was migraines and given pain reliever. She eventually took herself to A&E at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh on April 5, 2013, when her headaches became overwhelming, and died hours later.

On Jan 30, 2017 it was revealed if she had received surgery to remove a tumor in her brain, she had a 98% chance of survival on April 5, 2013. the tumor caused fluid and pressure build up.

she was otherwise fit and athletic.

Lisa Niland, was just 19 when she fell ill while eating at a restaurant - mcdonalds -  and after a short illness died Jan 27, 2017. it seems it was NOT food poisoning.
mirror wrote:
A Garda spokesman told the Irish Mirror they are treating it as a sudden death and there is nothing to suggest anything suspicious occurred.

so Lisa Niland died from "sudden death" No sudden unexpected death syndrome, if no causes can be identified they attribute it to this and suspect it has to do with cardiac arrhythmia.

What a Face  

Tynnile Long, 22 dream was from Melbourne Australia and her dream was to live and teach english in Japan. While in Japan she suddently got a blood clot in her leg, which traveled to her lung, pulmonary embolism  which killed her week of Jan 25th, 2017.


Catherine Schoeman, 15, of Abbotsford was killed in a skiing accident on Saturday, Jan. 28 2017
this was with her church group and her father is clergy pastor of Emmanuel Free Reformed Church

so another teenager from a christian church group who died, one from a tree falling on her to another from brain-eating amoeba to this one from skiing and another drowned What a Face What a Face What a Face

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Payden Tyler Farnsworth age 8

Post by redpill on Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:15 pm

Payden Tyler Farnsworth November 7, 2008 - January 30, 2017 Resided in Weston, WV age 8. as a result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident

obit wrote:
Payden Tyler Farnsworth, 8, of Harrison Ave. Weston passed away at 6:38 a.m. on Monday, January 30, 2017 at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital as a result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.
darlene swigger wrote:
An 8-year-old Lewis County girl has died after a vehicle she was riding in landed in the West Fork River early Monday, according to Lewis County Sheriff Adam Gissy’s office.

Police were called to the scene of a single-vehicle accident at 516 Main Ave., Weston, near Pickens Auto around 6 a.m., an official said.

Joshua Butcher of Weston was driving a 2000 Lincoln Continental that went over the embankment into the water. A passenger, Payden Farnsworth, 8, was found deceased at the scene, Gissy’s office confirmed.
ap wrote:
Authorities in North Central West Virginia say an 8-year-old girl has died after a car she was riding in went over an embankment and into the West Fork River.

Lewis County sheriff’s Chief Deputy R.W. Hyre says in a statement that Payden Farnsworth was pronounced dead at the scene of Monday’s single-vehicle accident in Weston.

According to the statement, the driver, Joshua Butcher of Weston, told deputies that his car began to slide, and he swerved to miss a parked truck and went into the river.

safety thoughts if your car starts to slide what can you do to survive it, esp if you overlook an embankment over a river? what could he have done differently? would it be safer to hit the parked truck? how do you prevent your car from sliding to begin with? were the roads slippery and icy in West Virginia Jan 30, 2017?

mystic thoughts: just 8 years and she's gone forever from something like this. that's how fragile life can be.

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:05 am

women's weekly wrote:A 10-year-old girl has sadly died after being severely unwell for nearly a week and being misdiagnosed by five medical practitioners.

Briony Caitlin Klingberg passed away in January 2015 after suffering multiple organ failure due to overwhelming herpes simplex infection

it's being reported in the news today, but this is yet another example of an Australian girl who died from Australian Adelaide doctors failing to make correct diagnosis.

earlier i mentioned Leila Baartse-Harkin, age nine, died from a perforated bowel after two hospitals failed to pick up her injury.

In January 2015, Briony Caitlin Klingberg was a 10-year-old little girl living in Adelaide, Australia. One day, she began to feel feverish and sick. It wasn’t until she stopped showing interest in eating and drinking that her mother, Bridget, became particularly concerned.

Bridget took Briony to several doctors, but they were never sent home with a diagnosis. It was a complete guessing game as to the reason for Briony’s condition.

No one detected Briony was suffering from herpes simplex virus, a common yet dangerous illness.

Back at home, Briony started vomiting and was having trouble swallowing. Her parents took her back to the doctor, where white ulcers were detected in the back of her throat that looked just like cold sores. However, Briony was diagnosed with a general throat infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Briony Klingberg, a healthy and active 10-year-old, suddenly felt feverish and sick. She stopped eating and drinking, and it became harder for her to swallow.

Her mother, Bridget, took Briony to several doctors — but no one could diagnose her.

Doctors found ulcers in Briony’s throat and was sent home with antibiotics. But her case was much more severe.

Briony was suffering from herpes simplex virus, a common yet dangerous illness.

Three days later, Briony suffered massive organ failure and died as a result of her untreated case of herpes simplex virus.

Bridget, now a grieving and heartbroken mother, was furious with the doctors who treated her daughter.

“You trust that if she’s sick enough, they would say she needs to stay in.”

The herpes virus was not detected until after Briony’s death.

The doctor who treated Briony said he had only ever seen the virus present on the tongue, gums, and inside the lips — never on the back of the throat.

“I’m reminded of Briony and her illness every time I see a child… Anytime I look into anyone’s throat,” he said.

compared to the midwest, australia looks like paradise. but wow, 2 girls died when doctors didn't diagnose in time.

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Carly Flynn 29-year-old

Post by redpill on Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:23 pm

29-year-old Carly Flynn suffered fatal injuries in a hit-and-run collision as a pedistrian walking a cross walk on Dec. 19, 2016, in San Bruno 5:30pm when she was hit by a white mid-size SUV while crossing San Bruno Avenue in a crosswalk. a month later the SUV and driver who hit and runned  and killed her remains unsolved.

mercury news wrote:
“It was her daily habit to walk from our house to the Starbucks in the Bayhill Shopping Center to get herself a latte,” said her father Mike Flynn. “That’s exactly what she was doing when she was hit by this car. It was her daily habit. She did it a thousand times.”

Carly Flynn was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. She never regained consciousness and died two days later.

“I hope that this results in somebody coming forward, whether it’s a witness with evidence or the person who was driving the car,” he said.

The known facts are few. Carly Flynn had nearly reached the south curb of San Bruno and Cherry avenues when she was hit by the SUV as it made a left turn from southbound Cherry Avenue onto eastbound San Bruno Avenue. The driver did not stop.

Johansen added that the SUV was not significantly damaged.

safety thoughts: a lot of hit and run drivers who will hit you kill you and run. not sure how i feel about being a pedestrian now.  No i now think it's dangerous to read or text while walking in a heavy traffic area.

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Emily Jayne Collie, 20 Amanda Evelynrose Pearl Huxley 11

Post by redpill on Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:45 pm

Emily Jayne Collie, 20 was an Australian woman and tourist in Thailand when she was having fun jet skiing. While Jet Skiing she collided with her bf who was also jet skiing and she died from her injuries
Sunday afternoon Feb 5t, 2017

safety thoughts if i'm  going to jet ski i'll make sure there's nothing i can collide with.

34-year-old Melbourne Australian woman  Maria Strydom climbed up Mount Everest, then climbed down, developed altitude sickness, and died May 23, 2016

safety thoughts i'm not climbing Mount Everest

Amanda Evelynrose Pearl Huxley  August 4, 2005 – February 1, 2017 age 11, was trying to cross a highway in her snowmobile in northern Ontario Canada when she struck a truck and died from her injuries
cbc news wrote:
An 11 year-old Burlington, Ont. girl is dead following a collision between a snowmobile and a transport truck on Highway 11 south of Iroquois Falls.

Ontario Provincial Police reported that Amanda Huxley was killed when she crossed the highway on her snowmobile and hit a northbound tractor trailer.

The crash happened about 370 kilometres north of Sudbury at the intersection of Highway 11 and Pipeline Road around 12:50 p.m. on Wednesday, police said in a written release issued Thursday morning.

The girl was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead, police said.

safety thoughts driving a snow mobile across a highway is dangerous and can result in a fatal accident

mystic thoughts i find it upsetting that one mistake and you're dead, no second chances, no ability to somehow survive and live on. it causes me a lot of anxiety and anguish if i make one mistake and i die that's it. it's over. game over.

i'm afraid to die before i learn who snoke is and who rey's parents are. other events like s34 survivor s4 australian survivor would be nice to watch to. What a Face

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:41 pm

Aurora Rohrer, 16 a student in Kelly Walsh High School in Caspar Wyoming died on a car crash Saturday morning Feb 4, 2016. She was a passenger in a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer that was traveling west on U.S. Highway 20/26 on Saturday driven by another Kelly high school student on icy road conditions when she lost control of her vehicle, it spun out of control, into onto coming traffic and was hit by a pickup truck, and died on the scene. The driver attempted to pass in a no-driving zone

safety lesson think long and hard about being a passenger of an inexperienced teen driver on icy conditions with no-passing zones. Wyoming has dangerously icy roads this time of year, Feb 2017

perhaps i should move to Florida?

mystic thoughts just 16 years of life when death plucks this white flower like a bachelor carrying a white rose.

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:40 pm

Maddy Barton died Wed Feb 8th, 2017 from flu influenza encephalitis, a viral infection that causes flu-like symptoms and inflammation of the brain. age 11. she was a budding feminist woman studies type Shocked

safety thoughts flu can sometimes cause brain death

Amber Gray 14-year-old died at Des Moines’ Mercy Medical Center on Dec. 28, 2014 from flu

Kayla Linton died of flu complications. Her mother told media outlets that after fighting the flu for several days, she went into cardiac arrest and died Jan 30, 2017

Linton was an athlete, a lacrosse player

safety thoughts flu can cause brain death. here flu caused cardiac arrest. and she was 17 healthy athlete star lacrosse player

Layla Rose Ermenekli  was just 6 years old when she died after contracting one of the “worst cases of meningitis” medics have ever seen. she died just hours after first showing symptoms.
Friday Feb 2nd or 9th, 2017

Girl died from meningitis after rash dismissed as bruise | Daily Mail ...
Sep 6, 2017 - Girl, 6, died from meningitis after a three-and-a-half hour delay in treatment when a doctor dismissed her rash as 'just a bruise', damning report reveals. ... A six-year-old girl died from meningitis after nearly a two-hour wait to see a doctor who then dismissed her rash as 'just a ...

safety thoughts
will i die from meningitis and if so can i prevent this?

Nyah James, 14 died

commited suicide overdose prescription pills due to bullying.

Catherine Johannet' a Colombia University graduate age 23 was found dead as a tourist on vacation in Panama. investigation pending Sunday Feb 2017

i hope i don't wind up a dead tourist due to mysterious reasons No

Kayleigh McGuire, 16, died after having an asthma attack at her home Thursday Feb 2nd, 2017 at 9pm  she was rushed to hospital and died

while i dont personalty  suffer asthma in the past, worth respecting the dangers of asthma

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:20 pm

MaKenzie Stovall was just 8 years old when she was shot and killed by her father in a murder-suicide in Texas on Thurdsay Feb 9, 2017 with a .44 magnum

Not too long ago on Dec 23, 2015 MacKenzie Lee Parker, 8, and Haylee Parker, 5 were shot by their father who committed suicide over custody battle with estranged wife

so 2 8 year old girls first name MacKenzie were shot and killed by their dads. what are the odds? Suspect

Eva Marie Harris was just 6 years old when she died from complications of Flu on Thu Feb 9, 2017
before 10pm

eva family wrote:
We are truly humbled by the outpouring of love, prayers and support from the community for our beloved daughter, Eva Harris.

We are deeply saddened to share that Eva has passed away. As her family, we wish to request privacy as we remember and celebrate her amazing life.

On Feb. 7, Eva was admitted to Cleveland Clinic Children’s with a fever of 105 degrees. After undergoing several tests, we learned that she had a viral infection and her body’s immune response had also caused damage to her brain. As a result, Eva developed a severe form of a neurological disease called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), or acute necrotizing encephalopathy of childhood (ANEC). There are a variety of viruses that can trigger ADEM/ANEC; however, the disease does not appear to be caused by any single infectious agent and Eva’s case is extremely rare.

While this is a very difficult time for our family, we are extremely grateful for Eva’s medical team, especially her nurses. We are thankful for all that was done for our daughter during her relatively brief time in the hospital.”

10-year-old Payton Pierson also died from flu also on Thu Feb 9, 2017

So Eva Harris and Payton Pierson both died at nearly the same hour, before 10pm on same day Thursday Feb 9, 2017 from same thing, flu complications.

Thursday Feb 9, 2017 3 white flowers ages 6 8 and 10 from Ohio Texas and Penn died.

what's going on here Suspect

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:17 pm

29-year-old Jenny Santos

Police say around 5:30 a.m. Port Authority Police responded when sources say 29-year-old Jenny Santos fell from a top-tier escalator near the PATH train entrance while trying to grab her twin sister's hat. She fell more than 30 feet to the main concourse below

this happened Saturday Feb 11 2017
the simple act of attempting to grab her sister's hat caused her to fall off her escalator and fall 30 feet and she was dead on the scene. her twin sister witness her slip and fall and die.

safety lessons if there is a risk of slipping and falling don't take that risk. one little mistake and u die

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Thu Feb 16, 2017 3:08 am

Phoebe Willis was left screaming in pain after Carrie-Ann Nash inserted the tube into her abdominal cavity instead of her stomach. she was 10, though i suspect these photos are from when she was younger or she is very young for her age. she had a genetic disorder called Cystinosis. Aug 23, 2016

Fayth Norman, 15

was just 15 when her grandmother fatally shot her then committed suicide this Monday Feb 13, 2017
Fayth was removed from her parent and given to her grandmother to raise.

her grandmother left suicide note saying she didn't want Fayth to continue living the life she has so she killed her, then she took her own life.

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:14 am

Alicyn Mitcham of Colmesneil, was 17 died after hitting a tree at a Colorado ski resort crashed on a run called Forget-Me-Not in the Parsenn Bowl on Wednesday afternoon Feb 15, 2017
Alicyn Mitcham, from Colmesneil, Texas, was pronounced dead at Denver Health East Grand ER ski crash with tree

i'm not aware of any holidays on Feb 15 wed 12:30pm. she is from texas but was skiing in Colorado. shouldn't she be in school, in class?

i.e Alicyn Mitcham, 17, Killed at Winter Park, Fifth Colorado Ski Death This Season
Westword · 12 hours ago

she is listed as 5th colorado ski death this season.

safety thoughts skiing sounds dangerous. if i ski will i crash into a tree and die? confused
crashing into tree while skiing can kill you instantly.

this is yet another ski death - another teen girl died from skiing and another teen girl died while sledding and crashed into wall

i'd rather be at home and play COD or battlefront on a PS4 and live, then ski and die painfully by crashing into tree. it must hurt then you're dead. at some point as she was approaching tree it must be terrifying to realize you're going to face smack it.

mystic thoughts - she holds a poster saying don't you forget me, and she died on colorado's Forget-Me-Not ski slope mountain. coincidence or mystical fate?

On Monday Feb 13, 2017 Abigail Williams 13 and Liberty German 14  were dropped off Delphi Historic Trails outside Indianapolis for fun hiking. they never returned, were reported missing, search party was sent.

they uploaded this photo of themselves on a bridge on the trail shortly before their murder

were found murdered Tuesday Feb 14, 2017. Police asking to identify this man

so hmm if i were walking instead of these 2, would i be murdered by that suspect? confused
walking down trails is beginning to sound dangerous, bc of all the murderers

Abby and Maya Roock died in a car collision, the 2 youngest, July 31, 2016 with the other person charged. the older one had amputation but is alive.

i wonder why some die in car accidents like this so young. is some higher power the reason i've not yet been killed in a car accident - or any other cause of death?

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:24 pm

13-year-old granddaughter, Julianna Chambers, both from Whiting, IL died Wed Feb 15, 2017

a shoplifter was chased by police via car, and slammed into the car driven by her grandmother and she died from her injuries.

Sarah Lumsden from Lindsay Ontario Canada was just 16 when she was a passenger in a snowmobile that was joyriding over a snow covered lake and ran into open water. The driver was rescued but she died, her lifeless body was recovered on Thursday Feb 16, 2017

safety thoughts Lumsden lake law i am not going to drive a snow mobile over a frozen lake

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:40 am

Che Jennar only a week after the 18-year-old celebrated her birthday in a car accident as a passenger driven by her friend on Thursday Feb 16, 2017.

The beloved teenager died after the car she was in veered off the road and rolled down an six metre embankment on Thursday west of Emerald, the central highlands of Queensland.

The driver, 17-year-old Shania Sobczak, remains in a stable condition in Rockhampton Hospital after sustaining serious head injuries, according to The Courier Mail.

Read more:

so when someone dies like this, so young, just turned 18, i'll always wonder if there is some thing one can do to avoid this sort of fate. some in this planet have awesome lives and live to old age, others die young. is there some hidden fate that determines, and can this fate be influenced?

i'm unclear why drivers veer off the road with fatal consequences, though driver was just 17. but will one day my luck with driving run out, and perhaps i'll be killed in a fatal accident, or heart attack or cancer? is there anything i can do so i don't get killed in a car accident or die from cancer or be murdered?

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:35 pm

19-year-old Shana Grice was murdered by jealous exbf June 2016

Ashley Doolittle was just 18 when also murdered by exbf

Ashley Marie Doolittle, 18, of Loveland, Colorado, loving daughter, sister, and friend, died on June 9, 2016. She was born on May 20, 1998 in Louisville, Colorado.

Jacqueline Watts 33 tried to save a missing dog from a river, so she jumped into the river but she also drowned Friday March 6, 2017 her lifeless body was recovered the next day.

ruled accidental drowning. dog also drowned.

note to self, don't enter a river like ever alone

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:21 am

Alyssa Smith was just 16 when she was killed in a single vehicle accident on Tuesday March 14,  2017

crash happened around 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday at the area of Walker and Arbeiter Roads in unincorporated Plainfield.

The sheriff's office says the driver went off the road and struck a utility pole.

When authorities arrived on scene, the driver was treated at the scene and was transported to an area hospital. Smith was transported to Saint Joseph's Hospital in Joliet and was later pronounced dead.

so she died simply by the other 16 year old girl crashed into a utility pole.

Amanda Faith Cook 8-year-old girl was killed in an accident on Interstate-8 near Yuma on Saturday.
March 11, 2017

DOB 07/08/2008 - 03/11/2017  Queen Creek, Arizona

The family was driving to Yuma to drop off loaves of bread for a fundraiser when the driver lost control and rolled the car.

According to the Department of Public Safety, her 16-year-old sister was driving when she lost control and ended in a rollover crash.

Sgt. Brian Turner said Amanda Cook was ejected from the vehicle after removing her seat belt shortly before the accident occurred.

"Just prior to this happening she removed her seat belt to grab something off the floor," Sgt. Turner said. "It can be very traumatic and it has been for [the] family."

her obit

Amanda Faith Cook of Queen Creek, Arizona passed away March 11, 2017. She leaves behind an adoring family of her biggest fans: Justin (Father), Susan (Mother) and 4 siblings Kimball (16), Karissa (16), Kelsey (16), and Emily (11). She also leaves behind a very large extended family filled with grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins who she joyfully entertained, prayed for and loved.

Amanda was a happy 3rd grader at Benjamin Franklin Charter School-Crismon Campus. She loved to sing and dance and was eagerly looking forward to her upcoming dance recital. Amanda was a delightful, spunky girl who found a friend everywhere she went. She loved riding her bike and learning new games to play. Amanda enthusiastically collected boxes and other treasures to create amazing works of art for those she loved.  She thought deeply and felt passionately. Amanda loves her Heavenly Father and will always be a wonderful example in remembering her prayers. Her big personality and sweet spirit will be dearly missed in this life. Amanda is preceded in death by her beloved Grandpa Crum (Robert Ray Crum Jr.).

so 2 girls killed by a car driven by a 16 year old driver

i think i'm gonna pass on being a passenger of a vehicle driven by a teenager.
i'm not sure what i would do if my driver is a teenager and the only ride available.  No

Madison Harper was just 5 years old when  on saturday march 11, 2017 was killed in a car crash

Madison was killed in a crash on Saturday around 1:30 p.m. on Poole Road near Barwell Road in Raleigh, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said.

According to authorities, a person driving a Ford van was making a left into the Carolina Open Air Market convenience store when they were hit from behind by a Suzuki driven by Francine Johnson, 60. The van was pushed into oncoming traffic where a Honda that Madison was a passenger in was hit head-on.

where crash happened

so ... saturday march 11, 2017

Madison Harper age 5 and Amanda Faith Cook age 8 both lost their lives same day like fate from traffic accidents

having watched Final Destination I wonder if something mysterious is going on....
will those 2 ever get a second chance at life via reincarnation or afterlife?  What a Face


DORIS, Ava Rose Of Gilford, NH, age 16, passed away on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Ava was a sophomore at Gilford High School. She had recently gotten her license and died in a single car accident, weather related, broke her neck and died instantly -

See more at:

aunt wrote:
Today my sister suffered the most extreme loss a mother could possibly ever experience ....the loss of her beautiful daughter Ava Rose. The most exciting time for a teenager is getting their license. Ava accomplished that and after only three short weeks lost her life this morning due to a tragic and fatal car accident.
As a family we are devastated for my sister and my nephew who lost his big sister. We would like to provide a beautiful celebration of life that Ava Rose truly deserve

yet another 16 year old driver resulting in death, this time her own. No
just 3 weeks after drivers license, the car accident snapped her neck fatally after her car hit a tree after snowy conditions

if you or i were in the car with her, would we also be dead?  Suspect

Cassandra Rickens 8 passed away on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Cassandra was a resident of Monticello, Iowa. she was driving a tricycle

17-year-old girl killed Friday after a tree fell on her at Meadowdale Beach Park has been identified as Diana Olidinchuk in seattle Wa  Friday March 10, 2017

what happened

I am saddened to say that this afternoon we learned that our darling cousin Diana passed away at the age of 17 due to a tragic accident.
She was at a local park with friends when a 3 large evergreen trees fell and one ended up hitting and crushing her. There was no warning or notice to even react.
We the relatives and the family is still in shock and not even sure what to do next. No one ever though that she would go so young and we are all trying to rely on each other for help and support.

Erik Lacitis Seattle Times staff reporter wrote:
The family of Diana Olidinchuk is reeling from the unlikely tragedy of a South Everett 17-year-old being killed by a falling tree. “I’m still in shock. I can’t get it out of my mind that she’s gone,” said Diana’s twin, Lilly Olidinchuk.

They were born four minutes apart on July 2, 1999, in Lynnwood, identical twins. All of 17 years old.

At 8 on Friday night, on a youth church retreat in the hills around Leavenworth, remembers Lilly Olidinchuk, “People pulled me out of my cabin and told me the news. I thought they were joking, that they were pranking me.”

The news was that her sister, Diana Olidinchuk, the younger one by those few minutes, had been killed by a falling tree.

The tragedy had taken place five hours earlier at Meadowdale Beach Park in Edmonds after high winds pummeled the region and torrential rain saturated the soil, a possible reason that the 50- to 75-foot Douglas fir snapped.

With two people holding her hands and using a flashlight, Lilly walked in the woods until she could find cellphone reception.

“I’m still in shock. I can’t get it out of my mind that she’s gone,” said Lilly, who shared a bedroom with Diana in the family’s home in South Everett.

Her last conversation with Diana was around Friday noon. The two had a close bond.

Lilly had gotten up earlier for her Leavenworth trip and simply kissed the sleeping Diana on the cheek.

“You could have woken me up and hugged me,” chided Diana.

Later on Friday, Diana decided to go walking in the park with a half-dozen friends.

That’s when they heard “a loud snap,” authorities said.

One tree started to fall, then three others connected by the same root ball came crashing down.

The teens started to run, said Battalion Chief Jason Blachly of the Lynnwood Fire Department, but Diana was struck and killed instantly. The tree was massive and the teens couldn’t lift it off her.

Lilly got home late Friday night. To keep her company, Eleonora slept in Diana’s bed.

The family belongs to the Sulamita Slavic Church in Mukilteo, a Pentecostal church. A “goodbye ceremony” is planned at the church Wednesday, Eleonora said, and a funeral on Thursday. The time has not been set.

“It didn’t feel the same,” said Lilly.

Eleonora keeps thinking about the odds of a tree falling on her sister.

“Unbelievable. What kind of death is that?” she said.

just over a month ago Abigail Williams 13  and Liberty German 14 entered a forest and were murdered

so i learned from Abigail and Liberty there are murderers lurking in forests.

today, i learn Diana Olidinchuk died at age 17 from a tree falling on her killing her instantly. a tree. 3 trees fell, and 1 on top of her with no warning.

and 1- Diana is a fundamentalist pentacostal tongues-praying christian yet this still happened. not an atheist or something but a christian. and 2, this happened in context of a church-sponsored nature retreat. she was there bc she believed in jesus, which put her in the cross hairs of a falling tree.

yet another example of how going to church can result in your death. - brain eating amoeba, skiing accident, boating accidents tree falling.

i think forests are kinda dangerous. there are murderers, there are dangerous animals, you can get lost die of exposure or slip and fall, and there are falling trees that can fall without warning and are instantly fatal. Rolling Eyes

church is also dangerous. Shocked

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:26 pm

Amber Lucius was 9 when she was poisoned and burned to death by her mother - body recovered  September 3, 2014. her mom was involved in a custody battle with father and felt if she couldn't have her no one will.

Tawnee Maria Baird, 21, was stabbed to death by her lesbian lover Victoria Mendoza, 22, were in a five-year relationship. this happened in Mormon Utah.

her obit
Early morning on October 18, 2014, the sunshine of our lives was taken away from us. Tawnee Marie Baird was born on June 17, 1993.

Tawnee clearly rejected the church and Christianity.
i wonder whether she had a mormon or catholic burial and whether the mormon or catholic church would provide service to an ex-mormon or ex-catholic lesbian. and the parents apparently also rejected christianity.

i also rejected christianity so i'm not sure whether my death would be arranged by a christian church since i haven't been to church for a long time.

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Piper Faust 10

Post by redpill on Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:13 am

Piper Faust was just 10 when on  March 18, 2017

kbxt wrote:

A tragic accident has struck the Caldwell community where a 10-year-old girl died after a barrel racing accident at the rodeo.

Piper Faust was getting ready to compete in barrel racing Saturday at the Caldwell Rodeo when her horse was spooked and fell backwards on top of her, according to KBTX-TV in Bryan, Texas.

Piper's mother, Rhonda Faust, said that she did everything with all of her heart, competing in rodeo, dance and softball.

"She had an all-around spirit that was just infectious, with a beautiful smile. ... Her smile just made you smile," Rhonda said.

Rhonda and her husband, Brian Faust, told KBTX that for the last six months, Piper focused on competing in the rodeo. It's what she loved the most.

"I think her heart stopped in the arena. She left her soul where she loved it," Brian said.
family wrote:
Piper was a special little girl who's talents knew no bounds. She touched the lives of many with her bright smile and determination to succeed in all she did.
Piper loved barrel racing and that is how she spent her last moments...doing what made her heart soar.
Piper went to be with Jesus on March 18, 2017.

wow just 10 years when riding a horse in a rodeo ended it. personally i think it's kinda dangerous to have a kid on a horse in a rodeo but what do i know?

one the one hand it sounds like a cool awesome childhood to ride horses the way she did, in front of a rodeo. at her age i was playing video games on a sega. riding horses is cooler than playing video games. but um, with horses comes risk of death. is it a better childhood to ride horses for rodeo at age 10 and die, or play video games at age 10 and live? hmmm Suspect

On Friday the 17th March, Georgia Walsh took her life – she was 16 years old. Georgia was incredibly talented, very artistic and dedicated. Georgia is loved dearly. She was so funny, very quick witted and incredibly brave and her family are enormously proud of her.

Georgia Walsh was killed instantly after being hit by the train at Dunton Green station on Friday

girl on right

The teenager’s mother, Jenny Connell said of her daughter, who had younger sisters and two brothers: “Georgia was incredibly talented, very artistic and dedicated.

“She was so funny, very quick witted and incredibly brave and we are enormously proud of her. Georgia is loved dearly.

“Our thoughts go out to the driver of the train.

“Georgia wouldn’t have taken this decision lightly and we hope with support, the driver will come to terms with what has happened and find peace.”

On Facebook, her uncle Steven said: “Georgia fly with the angels, such a brave little girl. Will always be in our hearts.

so Georgia committed suicide by stepping in front of a moving train at age 16 on Friday the 17th March , 2017. no reason stated for her suicide.

Mia McCaffrey was just 6 years old when she died on Friday, March 17, 2017 from pediatric cancer rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of muscular cancer.

just 6 years and poof. i have vague unclear hazy memories from age 6. i do learning about clocks and how to read time in school and remember asking about the nature of time and whether it's possible to go back in time.

Nina E. Zendarski, a 14-year-old girl in Luzerne County committed suicide due to online bullying on facebook March 2017

perhaps social media is dangerous?

Adrianna Brzakovsk age 12 died in a car accident July 26 2016 4am from a 14 year old driver

safety thoughts she was a passenger in a car driven by a 14 (!) driver
resulting in a crash and her death

23-year-old Rachel Spelman was crossing Cedar Springs Road near Pearl Street when she was hit then killed in a deadly hit and run. The 23-year old was struck just after 2 a.m. Saturday morning when there is typically a lot of pedestrian traffic on Cedar Springs as bars and restaurants close. march 18, 2017

After the car hit Spelman, its driver got out and looked at her before getting back in the car and driving off.

Spelman, who was not in a crosswalk, died at the scene, officials said.

Police described the driver as a black man, 5-10 to 6-2 with short curly hair, who was wearing a gray shirt and black pants.

KDFW-TV (Channel 4) reported that authorities believe the car that struck Spelman is a gray 2012 or 2013 Hyundai Sonata. Police say it has damage to its front windshield and possibly a back window.

personally i'd rather be in bed sound asleep at 2am but yeah there are bad drivers that will hit you while crossing street then run. was it accident or did the driver think it fun to kill someone?

i can easily imagine a black guy driving a car and striking her, then getting out of car seeing she was dead then fleeing. a 3-letter initial. was this an accident or did he want to kill her?

Ashlynn Bailey was 20 years old when she thought she was buying heroin to get high. it was actually fenatyl a closely related drug. she died from adverse reaction. Ashlynn Nicole Bailey, a former University of Alabama student, on Jan. 30, 2016.

In Memory of
Ashlynn Nicole Bailey
April 21, 1995 - January 30, 2016

Ashlynn Nicole Bailey of Birmingham, AL passed away on Saturday the 30th at the age of 20

her family generously decided to outline her fall to the drug side

Ashlynn’s Story

Ashlynn Nicole Bailey was born on April 21st 1995 to the proud parents of Mike and Deborah Bailey.  She was a beautiful blue-eyed baby girl, tiny yet mighty.  

interestingly enough another Univ of Arkansas died age 19 but no cause

Bayleigh Nicole Ewbank

no idea why she died. facebook of friends who say they miss her but no mention of cause of death. no news article either.

obituary wrote:
Bayleigh Nicole Ewbank, 19, of Rogers passed away Wednesday, May 20, 2015 in Conway. She was born July 3, 1995 in Rogers. She was employed by Andy's Frozen Custard for over 3 years. She was a lifetime resident of Rogers. She was a Rogers Heritage Graduate with the Class of 2013. She was a cheerleader for many years, also with All Star Cheer. She loved to mentor young cheerleaders, it was her passion. She loved people, and helping them. She enjoyed floating, making crafts, loved shopping and Harry Potter, and listening to music.

Holly Grisso 18 had 3 heart surgeries was determined to be a figure skator, she died from a car accident she was driving a suv and overcorrected and it rolled over 3 times killing her. she was alone.

this is paranormal final destination Territory we're dealing with here

Lillian (Lily) Nicole Dugan

o wrote:
Lillian (Lily) Nicole Dugan was a kindhearted young lady. Lily was born on March 30, 1995, in Sacramento, California, and passed away in Montana unexpectedly in a car accident on May 8, 2015, while traveling for a free-spirited road trip.

Lily graduated from Belgrade High in 2013 and went on to attend Montana State University, where she was a proud member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.

Lindy Annabelle (Meier) Meier
September 10, 1997 ~ September 19, 2015 (age 18)

she driving her honda when she veered off a road skidded hit a tree and that killed her

one error in driving and it is all over.  hitting a tree with your car can result in instant fatal death

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:36 pm

fam wrote:On July 16, 2014, Georgia Grace Walsh, our beloved 6½-year-old daughter, stepped off the curb on a green light and within seconds her life tragically came to a sudden end.

lot of bad drivers out there. she was struck and killed instantly when she crossed a crosswalk with green light by a bad driver named Ranko Stupar

just 6 1/2 years of life 2007-2014 when it went poof. given how many pedestrians are killed by cars striking them, what sort of safety measures are needed for me to not be killed? or you or someone you care about.

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:12 pm

Abby Sampson 13-14 was injured in a house fire in Boiling Springs and died 2 months later on Thu March 23, 2017. cause of fire remains unknown

safety thoughts i always make sure any possible source of fire is off. and i have smoke detectors

8-year-old daughter Elizabeth "Libby" Patterson died in a crash just minutes after her mother died in a separate crash at another location on Tuesday March 21, 2017
whnt news wrote:
Julia was 39 and Libby was 8. Julia died when the Ford Explorer she was driving collided with a Dodge Ram truck around 3 p.m. Tuesday, March 21. A short time after the wreck, a vehicle hit and killed Libby on a different stretch of the same highway.

i pray to the creator to keep me safe from this sort of event No hopefully the higher power has some purpose to keep me alive and around.

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

Post by redpill on Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:48 pm

Violet Grace Youens was just 4 when she was hit by a vehicle and died on Saturday March 25, 2017

just 4 years and poof!

Aurora Sheffel, 14 was on a beach in Oregon and playing on top of a log in the water at the beach, when a powerful wave turned the log over hear running her over and killing her

"She was really mostly a nerd," David Wederquist said. "Straight As. But she thought she'd give cheerleading a try. She was just a great kid; you couldn't ask for one better."

safety thoughts standing on a log on the beach can kill you when the waves crashing causes the log to roll over.

i have never heard of this never even imagined this. but now i know it is unsafe so im not gonna do that.

Eighteen-year-old Delia Keary was a passenger in the car which was involved in a collision with a lorry in Co Limerick two days ago.

She was taken to University Hospital Limerick in a critical condition, where she was pronounced dead on Saturday night March 27, 2017

her bf Gary Kelly (19) was also killed

doesn't say how their 4-wheeler collided with a truck but now i'm getting paranoid about driving myself No  

Emma Hojnacki age 4  drowned in a hotel swimming pool Monday March 20, 2017 while on a family vacation in Orlando, Florida.

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the passing of our sweet Emma. On Monday, March 20, 2017, 4 year old, Emma Hojnacki was taken home to be with our Lord. Emma is the daughter of Michael and Jennifer Hojnacki and sister to Hunter.

The family was on a Spring Break trip to Disney World, when she tragically drowned in a hotel swimming pool

you know it's only been 1 year since i first started this thread but the very first white flower to be listed was

this is 4 year old Abby Ruby who died by drowning
She was born February 24, 2011
she died Sunday, February 14, 2016

just 4 years of life, 4 years of experience, and just like that, it's over. What a Face what is 4 years of life?

so Emma Hojnacki  and Abby Ruby both 4 both died from drowning just 1 year apart. they look like sisters. perhaps final destination death is looking for a soul mate for abby ruby.
will either emma or abby get a second chance at life?

i'm kinda paranoid i might die by drowning so i'll only swim in a swimming pool, chlorine so no brain eating amoeba, under watchful eye of a lifeguard.

19-year-old Leah Adams was stabbed to death Saturday March 25, 2017

note a lot of details as to motive but say killer was 17 old teenage boy in custody

with all these car accidents, murders, pedestrians struck by vehicles and drownings, sometimes i wonder if i should just lock myself inside my home cyclops

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

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