safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

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Harlie Smith, 13

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:40 pm

Harlie Smith, 13 died Friday August 11, 2017 she was on a boat, saw a lobster, dived in to get it, told her father to reverse the boat, he did and she was struck on the leg by the boat propeller and bled to death 5:20pm

Harlie Smith, 13, from was killed after she suffered injuries from a boat propeller
She had apparently seen a lobster in the sea and decided to jump in after it
She told her dad to back up the boat and he ended up reversing straight over her
Her brother, father and mother were all on board at the time but were unhurt  

A father ended up killing his teenage daughter in a tragic accident while boating in the Florida Keys.

13-year-old Harlie Smith from Naples, Florida died after she was caught by the boat's propeller when her father backed the boat up over her, not realizing she was there.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said that the boat, a 2017, 31-foot Boston Whaler, was being operated by Harlie's father, George Smith, 49, of Naples.

Harlie had jumped into the water when she saw a lobster but she yelled for her father to reverse.
Not knowing that his daughter was in the water directly behind the boat, he ended up reversing over her.

The boat's propeller severely cut her right leg and the teenager began to lose a lot of blood.

She was taken to Lower Keys Medical Center where she later died as a result of her injuries, the release stated.

Harlie had apparently seen a lobster in the sea and decided to jump in after it. She called for her dad to back up the boat and he ended up reversing straight over her

for me the scary thing is i love lobster

before reading the death of Harley Smith 13, if i was on a boat and i saw a lobster yum i love lobster i'd probably dive in to go after it. it wouldn't occur to me i could get hit or hurt, depending on how deep the water is.

now i know there is a risk that the boat propeller blade might hit me causing lethal bleeding injuries.

so the event that caused this was a tasty looking lobster. wow. What a Face

only 13 years when her desire to get a lobster resulted in bleeding injuries and death. pale pale

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Kristina Rennell 21

Post by redpill on Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:56 pm

Kristina Rennell 21 found dead June 19, 2016

A young woman died after becoming wedged between two sofas in an Australian hostel while on a dream gap year holiday, an inquest has heard.

Kristina Rennell was found collapsed between two chairs at a hostel in Mildura, in north western Victoria, while on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world with her friend at the start of 2015.

The friends had travelled through south east Asia before arriving in Australia, where Miss Rennell started work on a farm on June 8.
However just a week-and-a-half later the 21-year-old was found slumped unconscious at the Sunset Backpackers hostel after she had been drinking by another traveller who then raised the alarm.

Emergency services rushed to her aid and CPR was performed but she was unable to be saved. She died in hospital on June 19 last year, six months into her travels.

Fellow backpacker Melissa Newby said Miss Rennell had been lying in a strange position when she found her in the Sunset Backpackers hostel.
'Her head was kind of stuck between the two sofas,' she said.

'Her body was folded up with her legs up against the wall. Her head looked like it was stuck.

'It looked like she was jumping around and got stuck.'

Miss Rennell had been seen on CCTV footage walking around and leaping upstairs shortly before her death, a coroner said.

The inquest, in Reading, Berkshire, heard that a post mortem examination was unable to find a clear cause of death.
While Miss Rennell had been on beta-blockers and had a history of palpitations, no cardiac problems could be found, although they sometimes do not leave signs in the young.

The pathologist discounted postural asphyxiation from the position she was found in as contributing to her death and any inhalation of vomit was negated by the CPR which was carried out.

While she had consumed some alcohol, the levels were not found to have been high enough to have been fatal or significant in her death.

The cause of her death was recorded as unascertained and Peter Bedford, senior coroner for Berkshire, today gave an open conclusion in the 'sad' and mysterious death.

so she got stuck between 2 sofas and died, somehow. a mysterious death.

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Olivia Joy Wentworth 17

Post by redpill on Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:14 pm

Olivia Joy Wentworth Born in Manchester on April 30, 2000, Sunday, July 23, 2017 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident age 17

State police said Ellington teen, Olivia Joy Wentworth was a passenger in a two-car accident that occurred at the intersection of Route 10 and Townline Rd in Plainville on Saturday night. Wentworth was confirmed dead on scene, the other occupants in the car she was in and the occupants in the other car suffered non-life threatening injuries.

not a whole lot of detail on how exactly the accident occurred so i can learn safety precautions.

will i die in a car accident? what your final 2 minutes of thoughts be if you are dying from a fatal car accident and it's the other driver's fault. say a drunk driver

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Courtney Sandin 23

Post by redpill on Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:06 pm

Courtney Ann Sandin, 23, was struck by a vehicle traveling west on Magee Road near Como Drive at around 2 a.m. Thursday morning, Nov 23, 2011 and died on the spot
Born in Saudi Arabia on November 15, 1988

A woman who was struck by a car on Tucson's Northwest side early Thursday morning died last night at a local trauma center - the driver of the vehicle that struck her stopped and performed CPR until medical personnel arrived. Courtney Ann Sandin, 23, was struck by a vehicle traveling west on Magee Road near Como Drive at around 2 a.m. Thursday morning, according to a news release from Pima County Sheriff's Department.

safety being a pedestrian and struck by a car is highly lethal, and being out at 2am in the morning is much harder for drivers to see. personally i'd rather be sound asleep in my bed at 2am

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Samantha Agins, 22, Kayleigh Mooney 15

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:00 pm

Samantha Agins, 22,  passed away on August 11, 2015 at the age of 22 in Tannersville, Pennsylvania. born Sep 18, 1992

A young medic at a camp for the disabled put her life into saving another woman's when she went into cardiac arrest.

Tragically, that selfless act ultimately cost the medic her own.

Samantha Agins, 22, suffered a torn artery last Friday after spending more than 30 minutes trying to resuscitate an autistic woman, who later died, at a camp in New Jersey, her family told NBC News.

It wasn't until shortly after the Pennsylvania college student and aspiring physician’s assistant suffered a series of strokes that she was rushed to a hospital herself.
Samantha Agins, 22, died from a series of strokes that her family says was caused by her heroic efforts to resuscitate a woman in cardiac arrest last week.

A young medic at a camp for the disabled put her life into saving another woman's when she went into cardiac arrest.

Tragically, that selfless act ultimately cost the medic her own.

Samantha Agins, 22, suffered a torn artery last Friday after spending more than 30 minutes trying to resuscitate an autistic woman, who later died, at a camp in New Jersey, her family told NBC News.

It wasn't until shortly after the Pennsylvania college student and aspiring physician’s assistant suffered a series of strokes that she was rushed to a hospital herself.

Everyone thought her first signs of trouble were merely her being in shock. It was, after all, her first patient, her family said.

She threw up and was as "white as a ghost," her father, Bruce Agins, told NBC.

Her mother was called to take her home from Camp Jaycee in North Brunswick but once there she was described as no longer responsive.

Doctors at Pocono Medical Center soon after discovered that an artery, likely already weakened, had given way during CPR. She also had damage to her brain stem.

There was nothing that could be done to save her, they said.

Three days after she was hospitalized her family made the excruciating decision to take her off life support, all the while donating her tissue and hair to Locks of Love.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/cpr15n-3-web.jpg

safety several white flowers lost their lives due to physical exertion, from running in marathons to rowing to in this case CPR. on autopsy they discover either a heart abnormality or a ruptured artery.

so the take home lesson is that intense physical exertion can result in a ruptured artery and death

personally i just light jog and use machines for strength

Kayleigh Mooney 15 died in a pedestrian - car crash Thursday August 17, 2017 around 11:49 p.m

safety walking late at night can result in being hit by a car with instantly fatal consequences. only 15 when she was struck walking out at night.

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damned if you do....

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:24 pm

Jessica Ericzon  Died February 22, 2008 – age 17 after she received Gardasil HPV vaccine
Lauren Sandall 18 died Nov 2016 she did NOT receive meningitis vaccine and died from meningitis  

i've gotten vaccines in the past so i'll throw my lot with the devil i know.

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Susanna DeForest 20

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:13 am

Susanna DeForest 20  after falling ill on a hiking trip with friends in the Colorado mountains got  'grievously ill hiker' on the trail Thursday at 10:45 p.m died early Friday August 18, 2017

Susanna DeForest, 20, of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, has been identified as the woman who died in Colorado at the Conundrum Hot Springs over the weekend
DeForest was pronounced dead early Friday after a rescue team discovered her following an alert about a 'grievously ill hiker' on the trail Thursday at 10:45 p.m.
The woman was with three of her friends at the time when she became light-headed and started vomiting, according to a police statement
Two of the girls left to get help around 8:30 p.m. but were not able to reach emergency officials until more than two hours later
By the time a helicopter arrived to pick up DeForest, she was already dead
The long trail is said to take almost a full day to hike through, with '5-8 hours to hike in and 3-6 hours to hike out, on average,' according to

Susanna DeForest, of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, was pronounced dead early Friday after a rescue team discovered her following an alert they received about a 'grievously ill hiker' on the Conundrum Creek Trail around 10:45 p.m Thursday.

DeForest was alongside three of her friends at the time she became light-headed and started vomiting, according to Pitkin County Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Todaro.

Authorities in Pitkin County had not released a cause of death Tuesday afternoon but said DeForest had no known medical conditions. DeForest’s mother said in a public Facebook post that her daughter suffered acute altitude sickness.

“Her friends who were with her did all they could to get help to her in time,” Kate DeForest said. “We have made a trip to Colorado to see her one last time and visit a place she loved here.”

Sometime Thursday, the women started out on the Conundrum Creek trail, a popular spot near Aspen that is known for its natural hot springs, Todaro said.

The 8.5-mile trail begins at 8,700 feet and ends at 11,200. It is heavily traveled and moderately difficult, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (the trail is part of the White River National Forest). For most hikers, it is usually a multi-day, 17-mile round-trip to the hot springs and back through a remote wooded area, Todaro said.

As the women hiked, DeForest started to feel sick, Todaro said, and experienced nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath.

Around Mile 6 or 7, DeForest’s three friends, all of whom have Pennsylvania ties, realized DeForest couldn’t continue to the hot springs, which were at this point only a few miles away. Todaro said they decided to stop and set up camp in the area.

“I don’t think anybody had a remote idea how serious this was,” Todaro said.

One woman stayed with DeForest as the other two headed back down the trail for help. There is no cell service on or near the trail, not even in the parking area, Todaro said.

By the time the two women hiked down, drove to an area with service, and called 911, it was 10:45 p.m., according to a release from the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office.
Responders were sent out on foot and via helicopter. One helicopter crew tried to land near the women’s campsite but was unsuccessful because of high winds in the area. After that group returned to the airport, an assisting helicopter crew was finally able to land in the dark, rocky area around 3:30 a.m., Todaro said.

But it was too late. They found DeForest dead upon arrival.
Eric Devlin, The Mercury wrote:
High altitude pulmonary edema and high altitude cerebral edema caused the death of a young Collegeville woman who was hiking in Colorado last month, authorities said.

Twenty-year-old Susanna “Susie” DeForest likely began developing the pulmonary edema during a visit to Dillon, Colo., a day or two before she began hiking in the Aspen area Aug. 17, said Pitkin County Coroner Dr. Steve Ayers, according to a report from the Post Independent.

DeForest developed symptoms of cerebral edema — including vomiting and confusion — during the hike to the Conundrum Hot Springs with three friends, he said in the report.

The first of two helicopters dispatched to pick DeForest up could not land because it was too heavy, Ayers said Friday in the report. Initially, he said he thought DeForest might have lived had that helicopter been able to land, though that later proved to be false.

That’s because the friend who stayed with DeForest reported that she came out of the tent to signal the helicopter at the time with her cell phone, then returned to the tent after the landing was aborted to find DeForest was dead, Ayers said. DeForest died at about 1:30 a.m., he said, according to the report.

High altitude pulmonary edema and high altitude cerebral edema “can be insidious and mimic other illnesses,” Ayers said in a statement Friday, according to the report.

DeForest’s friends did not recognize or know what was happening to her, Ayers said in a subsequent interview. High altitude pulmonary edema is 100 percent fatal unless the person suffering from it is brought down to a lower altitude or given oxygen, he said, according to the report.

It begins to develop above 6,600 feet and likely would have abated if she’d been brought down to Aspen’s altitude, Ayers said in the report.

DeForest had just finished her sophomore year studying graphic design at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in Lancaster. She’d been named to the dean’s list during the spring semester.

DeForest’s mother, Kate, took to her Facebook page over two weeks ago to announce that her daughter died of acute altitude sickness.

“Her friends who were with her did all they could to get help to her in time,” she wrote.

DeForest’s family made a trip to Colorado to see her one last time and “visit a place she loved,” said Kate. She said her daughter was an avid hiker who loved the outdoors.

“Thank you for your prayers, we are devastated and grieving but relying on the peace of Christ and all the prayers,” she said.

the very last thing she saw as a living

so without any notice, no health problem, this white flower died due to altitude sickness while hiking.

where have i heard this before?

oh yeah i remember

Australian woman Maria Strydom, 34 who died from altitude sickness on Mount Everest

so Susanna DeForest 20 and Maria Strydom, 34 both died from altitude sickness while hiking at high elevation. no advance notice, in perfect health before it happened.

if i were hiking with Susanna DeForest in Colorado at that altitude, would i get altitude sickness and die like she and Maria Strydom did? i would get no advance notice of death No

i think i'll be a lowland kinda guy and live. i now know that hiking in high altitudes can cause me to have both cerebral and pulmonary edema and 100% death. Maria Strydom was first i learned of this, and  Susanna DeForest drives this point home. doesn't have to be an exotic Himalayan mountain, it could be backyard Colorado that will kill due to altitude. sea level for me, except around hurricanes.

colorado has hiking and mountain trails that can cause

High altitude pulmonary edema is 100 percent fatal

i wonder if this might be a less painful way to die via suicide though

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Rebekah Lynn Chapman, 8 atv

Post by redpill on Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:55 am

Rebekah Lynn Chapman,  of Niagara Wisconsin 8 was born on March 22, 2009  went to be with her Lord on Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, following an ATV accident

obit wrote:Rebekah was a very happy little girl. She had a dynamic personality and always gave her all to any task she set out to accomplish. She was always willing to embrace new activities and had no fear. She loved being with her brothers and was like a mother hen to the younger ones, helping them whenever she could.

Rebekah enjoyed gymnastics, soccer, horses, and cooking. She was very artistic and really loved to draw

the redpill equation

An eight-year-old died in an ATV crash Sunday evening in Niagara, according to the Marinette County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say a seven-year-old girl driving a four-wheeler hit a tree on private property off Panis Road at 6:22 p.m. Sunday. Her eight-year-old passenger, Rebekah Chapman of Niagara, was thrown off the machine and suffered serious injuries. Chapman later died at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital.

The driver of the ATV was not injured. Investigators say neither the driver nor the victim were wearing helmets or protective gear.

safety if you're 8 and you're on an atv driven by a 7 year old, no helmet, death may occur.

mystic after just 8 years on planet earth her soul leaves for the afterlife.

Rebekah Lynn Chapman who died Sunday Aug. 20, 2017 not to be confused with Rebekah Lynn Chapman August 24, 1990 - June 25, 2017 age 26

amazing that 2 white flowers both have the same exact name Rebekah Lynn Chapman, even first is spelled the same, both died in 2017 within 2 months of one another

will Death seek a third Rebekah Lynn Chapman before 2017 is over?

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Aurora Wheeler 2 car crash Amy Vigus 20 OD

Post by redpill on Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:37 pm

Aurora Wheeler 2 car crash died August 21st, 2017

A Minneapolis family took a road trip Monday to see the solar eclipse.

Isaac Wheeler, his wife Bethany and their 2-year-old daughter Aurora drove to Nebraska to be in the pathway of the event.

On the way home, tragedy struck.

As they drove through Iowa on Highway 80 in Dallas County, traffic became backed up. The Iowa State Patrol said that's because there was an accident ahead. A truck had gone into a ditch, and traffic was down to one lane.

According to a police report, the family was all belted in - including Aurora in the back. When the car in front of them stopped, so did they. But a Peterbilt semi, driven by 28-year-old William Grother of Parker, South Dakota, failed to stop and rear-ended the family's Chevy Impala.  

Their car collided with a Ford van in front of them.

is there anything you can do to prevent being rear ended ?

mystic just 2 years of life when a decision her parents made - to see a solar eclipse so they drove from Minnesota to Nebraska, resulted in her car being rear ended and so Aurora died. just 2 years.

i'm beginning to suspect there are no guardian angels, jesus god or divine plan or divine puprose or miracles. that things happen for a reason. the world just consists of random events happening.
random things happen to random people

Aurora Wheeler was just age 2 when Monday August 21st, 2017 she  from random event lead to death
one 53 year year old woman when Wednesday August 23st, 2017 Mavis Wanczyk wins $750 million power ball

one random event lead to death for a 2 year old.
another random event lead to $750 million dollars richer.

random things happen on a random basis to random people, and for one family in Minnesota they have to suffer injury and death and loss of a child, for another in Massachusetts they're $750 million richer.

well i haven't died yet so maybe there is someone up there pulling the strings to ensure i am alive and breathing.

party girl Amy Vigus 20 took a party drug and died  August 21, 2017

her as a little girl

The grief-stricken family of a young woman who died after taking a party drug she thought was ecstasy have paid a heartbreaking tribute to her.

In an emotional video, Amy Vigus's devastated relatives tell her tragic story and warn others about the potentially deadly dangers of drugs.

They describe how the 20-year-old will "never know the pain she has caused" after taking the unknown substance in a "moment of madness".

Amy, from Colchester, Essex, died in hospital on August 21 after she returned from a couple of days away in London and collapsed at home. She had suffered a fatal reaction to the party drug, which she was led to believe was MDMA.


"She arrived looking as Amy always did - hair in, eyelashes on, glitter in her hair and a smile on her face.

"This is when our Amy made a mistake. In a moment of madness, she took an unknown substance she was led to believe was the party drug MDMA.

doing drugs as a way to get high can result in a fatal overdose or a fatal reaction. there's no going back from death.

i wonder if this is a good way to commit suicide, if it is painless, in case i am diagnosed with fatal cancer or have a premonition of being tortured by a serial killer

one day i plan to list more white flowers who fell from drugs.

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additional drug deaths

Post by redpill on Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:02 pm

the quest for pleasure has led some white flowers down the quick and easy path of drugs, with lethal results
here's a sample list of some of the most beautiful white flowers death plucked via drug overdose

Megan Tilton passed away on June 5, 2016 at age 18

"He said that at the festival, Megan was given a form of tainted ecstasy, and it stopped her heart," Tilton said, "They were unable to revive her.

Teslin Russell died from a drug overdose in her family's home in Kanata, Ont. on Dec. 30. , 2014  at age 18

Chloe Kotval    was a 14-year-old Grade 9 student at All Saints Catholic High School in Kanata, Ont. Her mother found her non-responsive in their home on Feb. 12. 2016 taking drugs containing a lethal dose of fentanyl.

Gwyn Staddon,16 dies of drug overdose inside Starbucks bathroom surrounded by drug paraphernalia and drugs

Megan Pacheco, September 15, 1997 - July 9, 2015  age 17 Resided in Colorado Springs, COd ied on Thursday after she overdosed on the drug "Molly," another form of ecstasy,

Leanne Johnson came from a loving family, but began using heroin and crack cocaine. An inquest in Bolton heard she turned to prostitution to help fund her habit.

Cara Crane was just 23. She said she first tried heroin on "Senior Skip Day" at Lebanon High School. She said she was immediately hooked. overdosed three times in three weeks. The final overdose, at an Indianapolis motel, killed her  on April 24, 2017.

Peaches Geldof died from a heroin overdose. The levels of heroin in Geldof's body were in a "fatal range," and puncture wounds were found on her elbows, wrists and thumbs. According to police, the heroin found in her home the day of her death tested 61% pure. Typical street heroin is 30%.  25-year-old Geldof was found dead in her home on April 7, 2014

Marah Williams heroin & Opioid Overdose Summit Tuesday, February 10, 2012 at age 19 Washington state

as young girl

interestingly enough  Rachel Meyers, 18, from Spokane, Washington another flower into heroin who is also from Washington state, land of bigfoot.

personally if i were  Marah Williams and Rachel Meyers i'd rather spend my time finding bigfoot than heroin.

Charlotte Wade, 18, died of a drugs overdose

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Caroline Dym 18

Post by redpill on Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:39 pm

Caroline Dym  a former Sacred Heart Greenwich student, was found dead along with her 18 was found shot to death along with her mother and father 11am Friday morning August 25, 2017

Real estate exec kills his family in double-murder suicide
A Westchester dad fatally gunned down his wife and teen daughter and then killed himself inside their mansion Friday morning, police sources said
The bodies of New York City property manager Steven Dym, 56, Loretta, 50, and Caroline, 18, were discovered by their cleaning lady on the second floor of their tony Fox Hill Road home in leafy Pound Ridge at around 11 a.m., police sources said.

Authorities did not say where the bodies were found or in what order the mom and daughter were killed.

A motive for the bloodbath was not immediately known, but the Dyms have a family history of violent episodes.

In 1992, Steven Dym’s mom, Paula, attacked his dad, Lawrence, with a hatchet while he slept, according to

Lawrence survived and Paula was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation, the site reports.

Steven went on to become CEO of Gabriel Management in New York City — a real-estate company founded by his dad.

The family’s own house — a 4,551-square-foot home with five bedrooms, 4¹/₂ bathrooms and a giant backyard with a pool, pergola and pond — is on the market for $1.7 million.

Loretta was a vice president of Club Quarters Hotels in Manhattan. She also volunteered for the Make-A-Wish foundation

Their daughter, Caroline, was a talented student-athlete at Sacred Heart Greenwich.

She was a star of the school’s golf team, won an award for a student film she worked on, and placed second in a regional science fair in February

The Westchester dad who murdered his wife and daughter and then killed himself inflicted the carnage using a 12-gauge shotgun, police said Saturday as grisly new details of the horror emerged.

The bodies of property manager Steven Dym, 56, wife Loretta, 50, and daughter Caroline, 18, were discovered on the second-floor landing of their sprawling Fox Hill Road home in well-heeled Pound Ridge at 11 a.m. Friday, State Police said.

Caroline and her mother were each shot once in the torso before Dym blasted himself in the head, according to police.

The couple was not going through a divorce, and police said they have not received previous calls for domestic incidents involving the family.

But the family’s home was up for sale, and those who recently spoke to Steven said something seemed off.

Realtor Chris Shaffer, 42, who met Steven at a tag sale six weeks ago, said Dym acted “very weird” when asked where the family was moving.

“Not only did he not know where he was going, but he didn’t even know if he was going,” Shaffer said.

Steven may have been struggling financially, according to a police source.

The family’s house — a 4,551-square-foot home with five bedrooms, 4½ bathrooms and a giant backyard with a pool and pond — was on the market for $1.7 million. Several real estate sites said the property was in contract with a “pending” sale.

mansion she grew up in

this whole story where have i heard this before?
oh yeah the Brian Short murder family suicide

which among others left s Brooklyn and Madison dead

their dad Brian Short also killed them both with a 12 gauge shot gun before turning it on himself.
they also lived in a mansion

for me the existentialist question is,

Their daughter, Caroline, was a talented student-athlete at Sacred Heart Greenwich.

She was a star of the school’s golf team, won an award for a student film she worked on, and placed second in a regional science fair in February

she lived 18 years before being shot to death, but in those 18 years she lived in a mansion her father was a CEO, she lived wealthy, was star of golf and was into science. she lived rich. born with a silver spoon.

i'd gladly trade places with her, except um, she got gun down and is dead. and it was her dad who did the deed.

of course it's possible i might die in a head on collision, or in a house fire, or a serial killer tortures me and cuts me open and dissects me or shoots me in the head.

Caroline Dym didn't even get to live long enough to watch The Last Jedi.

i realize i have to watch Last Jedi when it first day comes out because i might be dead the very next day. hopefully i will learn who Rey's parents are and who Snoke is.

unless there is an afterlife or reincarnation.

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Savannah Leckie 16 Jchandra Brown 16 Jessica Anne Fredrick 21

Post by redpill on Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:56 pm

Savannah Leckie 16 killed by biological mother July 18, 2016

ap wrote:
Tragic new details in the Savannah Leckie murder case have been released.

When Savannah went to live on a farm with her biological birth mother, it was supposed to be a fresh start.

The 16-year-old has a mild form of autism and also suffered from depression and ADHD. Her adoptive parents, Tamile Montague and David Leckie had just gotten a divorce and agreed to send their daughter to her mother, Rebecca Ruud, because of "problems at home."

“We have been co-parenting with her,” Montague’s fiancé told at TV station. “The farm just seemed like a really good place for her [Leckie] to explore and find herself.”
The farm turned out to be the opposite of a "good place" for Leckie to live.

After being reported as missing for a month, the teen's charred human remains were found in a burn pile on Ruud's 81-acre farm, 400 feet from the trailer where she lived.
Leckie went to live with Ruud in late 2016, and on July 18, Ruud reported a fire at her home that left her and her daughter with burns. But when firefighters arrived, they only found a brush fire on top of a hill near the residence.

There were burns on Ruud's arms, but she told them Leckie was fine and taking a shower in the trailer. She told emergency personnel to stay away from the teen because she was lying baked on the bed due to the heat.

Two days later, Ruud reported Leckie missing and said she ran away after blaming herself for the injuries Ruud sustained in the fire.

Ruud and her boyfriend of seven months told police they last saw Leckie at 11 p.m. July 19.

crazy people make for a crazy world

 Jchandra Brown 16 May 6, 2017 suicide by hanging. her " friend " Tyerell Przybycien, 18, may stand trial for encouraging it

Jessica Anne Fredrick 21 UCLA Student Dies Days Before Graduation While Waiting For Lung Transplant passed away May 31, 2014

cbs wrote:
Jessica Anne Fredrick, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, was once an active student, participating on a student dance club and planned to walk in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s “Great Strides Walk” June 7.

But on May 20 the communications major’s health started a rapid decline that led to her hospitalization.

In April, Fredrick began the process of finding a possible lung transplant and was added to a transplant list on May 23. Meanwhile, she participated in the “Bridge to Transplant” program at UCLA. Patients in the program, pioneered by Dr. Abbas Ardehali, are typically on life support equipment called ECMO that takes blood from the patient, oxygenates it and returns it to their body to extend their life while they await “new lungs.” Ardehali’s program includes keeping patients ambulatory even while on a ventilator, ECMO and IV medications.

Unfortunately, Fredrick passed away May 31, only a few days before her scheduled transplant evaluation appointment.

Cystic Fibrosis can cause life long lung problems.

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Cystic Fibrosis deaths

Post by redpill on Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:37 pm

14-year-old Valentina Maureira has died of cystic fibrosis

Iona Lindley died last wish to marry her sweetheart

Kerry Thorpe, 23, died on Friday March 2014 She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby and her condition rapidly worsened in recent years.

Lorna Paterson died in May 2008, aged 14   following complications arising from her life-long battle with cystic fibrosis (CF).

Emma Buchanan, Balfron High Pupil who died from Cystic Fibrosis on Boxing Day 2013

Gabby Ives, August 27, 1998 - June 21, 2017 18, of Arlington Heights, died of cystic Fibrosis Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Julie Mott died Aug. 8, 2015, from cystic fibrosis age 25

news also state her body was stolen (!) from the funeral home and is still missing

Channan Petrides  On October 3rd 2016, at the age of 23, Channan peacefully passed away   from Cystic Fibrosis and back in 2014 she was given a life expectancy of 12-18months

at least she died peacefully. some die violently and in great pain

Our impossible parenting choice
When prenatal testing showed that my daughter had cystic fibrosis, Ross and I faced a decision nobody wants to make


“Hi!” I said, before letting out a high-pitched, “It’s me!”

“I’m really sorry, Addie,” he said. “But the results came back positive. Your baby has cystic fibrosis.”

Addie had her fetus tested for CF. it tested positive. So Addie aborted a female fetus named Anne

is it better to be aborted or is it better to be born and suffer CF then die?

Kayleigh Box cystic fibrosis weakened her so that a cough caused pneumonia and killed her at age 28

Colette Bleistine  22-year-old Rowan University student and Washington Township High School graduate was in spirit, her body finally succumbed after a nearly life-long battle with cystic fibrosis.

Bleistine died early Monday morning, at 3:55 a.m.  May 21  , 2012 born On July 11, 1989

Tia Melcher was 12 when she died during surgery for a double lung transplant Born April 11, 2005  , passed away Saturday morning, June 3, 2017 at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia after a courageous battle with Cystic Fibrosis.

Nicole Tennant at the twins’ 18th birthday party. She died at 21 of cystic fibrosis.

genetics is a lottery and some um get genes that cause an entire life time of pain and suffering and then early death

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Bethany Shipsey 21 Madison Reed 14 Jennifer Reed 36

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:08 am

Bethany Shipsey died on February 15, 2017

A young woman who overdosed on diet pills died after A&E staff ‘did nothing’, her heartbroken parents claimed.

Bethany Shipsey, 21, told paramedics she had taken the Dinitrophenol tablets known as DNP which she had bought on the internet.

safety diet pills like DNP can cause death

Madison Reed 14 died Sunday August 27, 2017 boating

The 14-year-old girl who drowned in Ski Lake Saturday following a boating accident has been identified as Madison Reed of Lake View, Tuscaloosa County authorities said Sunday.

Madison's body was found Saturday night by a Tuscaloosa Fire Department dive team. Investigators with the Tuscaloosa County Homicide Unit said Madison appeared to have been struck in the head by the boat's propeller when she fell off the boat.

Madison was sitting in the front of the pontoon boat with her feet dangling in the water when she fell off and under the boat around 6:40 p.m. Saturday, authorities said. She had been on the boat with friends and one of her friend's parents.

Two people on the boat tried to rescue Madison but could not find her. A dive team with the Tuscaloosa Fire Department found her body in Ski Lake around 10 p.m. Saturday around where she was last seen.

Lake View Mayor Paul Calhoun said he was unsure if Madison went to private school or Brookwood Middle School, but said she attended Lake View Elementary School.

He said Madison's church was preparing meals for her family.

"What we do in the South is if somebody dies, were gonna feed you," Calhoun said.

The mayor said the family was grateful that her body was recovered.

"Because of [the divers], [Madison's father] will be able to go home knowing where his daughter is tonight," he said.

Witnesses tell police, Madison was sitting on the front of the boat letting her feet play in the water while the boat was in motion. Madison suddenly fell off the boat and went under. Two people jumped in after her, but she was nowhere to be found

safety boating has risks and if one falls over, you can be hit by the boat's propeller blade. note too long ago another white flower dove into water to get a lobster and was hit by boat's propeller blade and bled to death.

mystic just 14 years when something like this ends it

i'm having second thoughts about boating. not as dangerous as ATV's but hardly safe.

Jennifer Reed

Jennifer (Jenny) Lynn Reed, 36, died Monday, July 31, 2017 at Riverside Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Jenny was born December 30, 1980 to Rob and Linda (Shick) Reed in Beeville, Texas. She moved to Mansfield with her family when she was three years old and lived here the rest of her life. She graduated from Madison High School in 1999. She continued her education after high school to become an LPN, and was only one semester away from earning an associates degree in Arts and Science.

no cause of death identified

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Haley Fauske 18

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:05 pm

Haley Fauske was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin on February 21, 1997  died October 4, 2015, age 18 from injuries sustained in a one-vehicle accident in La Crosse County.   She was on her way home when her car rolled over.

A Westby teen died early Sunday morning, Oct. 4, in a one-vehicle rollover crash in the town of Greenfield, in La Crosse County.

Haley Fauske, age 18, was traveling east on Hwy. 14/61, near the intersection of Co. MM, at approximately 12:50 a.m., when the vehicle she was operating drifted onto the shoulder of the road. According to the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department, Fauske appears to have over corrected when she re-entered her lane of traffic and the vehicle rolled onto its side, traveling a short distance, before flipping over.

Fauske was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

wow, so in an instant it was all over. poof. if i were in the car with her would i also be dead?

so over correcting can result in a rollover and death

so every time i hit the road, if i make a single error in driving my car can roll over and i may die. i do wear seatbelt.

is it safe to be a passenger of a car driven by a teen? if she makes an error you may die.

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Elise Grace Johns 8, Haylei Bell 17 Hayley McCutcheon 19

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:41 pm

Elise Grace Johns 8 After 5 long days in hospital ICU after a car accident she died Monday 8/28, 2017 from crash Wednesday morning 8/23/2017

5-year-old Hope and 8-year-old Elise

A crash involving three children and their father Wednesday morning has now turned deadly.

Pastor Jason Johns was taking his three kids to school: Hope, 5, Elise, 8, and Kaden, 10, when another car pulled out in front of them at Gregory and Paseo. Even at 35 miles per hour, the impact was so strong, it pushed the family’s truck into a light pole.

Hope and Elise were both transported to the ICU at Children’s Mercy. Elise was placed on life support but has since lost her battle.

“After 5 long days of battling Elise has gone to be with Jesus,” her father posted at 12 a.m. Tuesday to a GoFundMe page created to help the family pay for their medical bills.

Hope has an uphill battle, but is starting to show subtle signs of progress.

“As I sat here undone in a state of numb shock that my baby is gone trying to think of what to say, Kaden came running from Hopes room yelling, SHE MOVED HER FEET DAD, SHE MOVED HER FEET!” her dad added to the post.

Wednesday morning, Pastor Jason Johns was taking his three kids to school: Hope, 5, Elise, 8, and Kaden, 10. Another car pulled out in front of them at Gregory & Paseo. Even at 35 miles per hour, the impact was so strong, it pushed the family’s truck into a light pole.

i used to wonder whether believing in jesus, praying and going to church would result in divine, miracle based protection from death from accidents, cancer, etc. well Elise at age 8 was daughter of a family pastor. Her father believes she's gone on to heaven. But it didn't prevent accident or result in prayer of miracle healing. despite this i'd probably pray, to the universe if i have a medical problem.

at any time you are behind the wheel or in the road, someone may collide in you with fatal results No

Haylei Bell 17 died  from crash Tuesday morning 8/29/2017 on her way to school.

On August 29, 2017, Bell was on her way to school when her SUV​ was found crashed off the side of 207th Street just after 7:40 a.m. near Moonlight Road in Gardner, Kansas​. She was pronounced dead at the scene. [4]​ [3]​

Bell was the driver of the SUV and had crashed into a tree. [4]​ [3]​ [1]​

17-year-old Haylei Bell was on her way to school when her SUV was found crashed off the side of 207th Street near Moonlight Road in Gardner on Wednesday morning.

"It appears the vehicle left the road way, and did strike a tree, and came to rest shortly after that," Lt. Paul Nonnast, of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, said.

Investigators said Bell died at the scene fox news.

kctv wrote:Police are still working to figure out what happened in the moments before a Gardner-Edgerton High School student died Tuesday morning.

Haylei Bell, 17, died on her way to school. The crash happened about 7:40 a.m. near 207th Street near Cedar Niles and Moonlight Road.

safety one striking a tree just once, and your life is over. for any reason your vehicle leaves the road and strikes a tree. poof. you're dead.

at age 17, one error in driving, and hitting a tree and poof. it's all over in an instant.

so the safety lesson proven true from so many white flowers is if you leave the road and hit a tree, you can die. just once the very first time, you die. , no opportunity to see winner of australian survivor season 2. no last jedi.
no xbox one x.

i understand that hitting a tree at 100mph is a crash and burn. but i would think hitting a tree at say 30mph with a seatbelt and airbag should be survivable. apparently as these white flowers deaths attest it is not.

police don't know how and why she sped of the road though speeding is a possible culprit. whatever her reason, Hailey one mistake the (presumably) first time she hit a tree in a car = death at age 17. sobering thought every time i am behind the wheel.

Hayley McCutcheon from  Sammamish, WA ended on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at age 17

her as a little girl

after wisdom tooth removal

what happened

Hayley McCutcheon, just 19 years old, suffered a stroke on July 18 due to a blood clot on her brain, following complications from a routine surgery that took place on July 11. Despite the heroic efforts of the medical teams at one of the top neurological, cardio vascular and critical care centers around the damage was too great to overcome.

so a surgery - possibly wisdom tooth removal? - resulted in a blood clot in the brain.

surgery can cause blood clots in the brain.
so if i get surgery will i get a blood clot in my brain? i wish i knew what kind of surgery it was so i can be leery of it.

so surgery on  July 11, resulted in a blood clot 7 days later on July 18 pale

the mystical thing about this is that she like me thinks about deaths of white flower. on her twitter she tweeted about the death of white flower 17-year-old Sydney Gallegar from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, died recently from complications triggered by a routine wisdom tooth removal

amazing forshadowing her twitter has a link to this before her wisdom tooth removal

Sydney developed brain death and died. and shortly thereafter, Hayley had a surgical procedure her family said was routine and she also   developed brain death and died.

this is a cross between the Secret Law of Attraction with Final Destination.

19-year-old  Haylei Bell  tweets on her twitter account about how 17-year-old Sydney Gallegar had her wisdom teeth removed and then she developed brain death and died.  19-year-old  Haylei Bell  then had a surgical procedure down and then she developed brain death and died.

so note to self, don't tweet about teen girls dying from surgery or something paranormal might happen.

surgery can result in complications that result in death  pale

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Elise Dorr, 5

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:02 pm

Elise Dorr, 5 found her dad's gun .45 caliber and shot her self in the head killing her instantly on Monday August 28, 2017

Medical Examiner: 5-Year-Old Maine Girl's Shooting Death Was Accidental and Self-Inflicted
An autopsy shows the shooting death of a 5-year-old Maine girl at her grandparents' Scarborough home was accidental: The child had picked up her father's gun and shot herself in the head.
The state medical examiner's office released its results Wednesday on Elise Dorr, of Belfast, who died Monday.
Police said the .45-caliber handgun was owned by her father, Todd Dorr, and was in a backpack in a bedroom where the two were located.
Todd Dorr told police he went to adjust the television and heard the gunshot as he moved across the room. Police say the girl retrieved the gun from the backpack and was on the bed when the gun went off. The gun wasn't in a holster and there was no gunlock.

just 5 years and she is gone forever. she found her dad's loaded gun and shot herself in the head.

i believe a gun is valuable protection against home intruders. still,

to have a loaded gun and risk accidentally going off and killing, or falling in the wrong hands as in the Ohta family massacre by John Linley Frazier, vs needing a loaded gun when being actively attacked by a home intruder.

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Jasmine Bush 16 suicide

Post by redpill on Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:11 pm

Jasmine Bush  16 killed herself just hours after getting GCSE results   'On Thursday afternoon August 31, 2017

They described Jasmine Bush, whose body was found at Haselmere Station, Surrey, as leaving a hole in their lives adding that she is ‘an everlasting start that will shine brightly in the sky’.

Paying tribute to the 16-year-old, they said that she had suffered from mental health problems since she was 13.
The family said: ‘On Thursday afternoon, our world was turned upside down when we lost our most beautiful daughter in these tragic circumstances.

‘Jasmine sadly lost the battle with depression and anxiety after two and a half years fighting, she was also diagnosed with autism and PDA disorder on the way unfortunately the help out there was limited.

‘We honestly would never [have] thought she would do something like this it just doesn’t seem real.
A spokesman for the British Transport Police said: 'The person who was struck by a train yesterday afternoon near Haslemere station is believed to be a 16-year-old girl form the local area.

'At approximately 4pm officers from British Transport Police were called to the line close to Haslemere station.

'They attended alongside paramedics from the South East Coast Ambulance Service, however the girl was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

'Work is now underway to establish how the girl came to be on the tracks and receive the fatal injuries. Her death is not currently being treated as suspicious.'

suicide by train. yikes. such a painful way to kill yourself.

location where her soul left her mortal body

i recall several other brit girls committing suicide, and by train of all means, most notably Georgia Walsh who was also 16 and Daisy French 16

6-year-old girl who was killed by a train near Sevenoaks has beaten its target.

Georgia Walsh, from Swanley, died on Friday (March 17) after being hit by a train near Dunton Green station at around 8pm.

It is believed the Knole Academy pupil took her own life.

Daisy French, aged 16, of Industry Street, Walkley, was killed after being struck by a train at Meadowhall station on Wednesday, April 19. Daisy French, aged 16, from Sheffield, died after she was hit by a train

for these 3 white flowers, Jasmine Bush Daisy French Georgia Walsh,  sweet 16 is suicide 16. and all 3 selected train.

i mean how can you stand on the train tracks as the train is coming and not chicken out?

i'd choose something painelsss like overdose on sleeping pills if i had a terminal cancer or premonition of doom by a serial killer.

i wonder if these 3 knew each other, or if something paranormal is going on

will there be a 4th 16 year old brown haired suicide wf victim using the train coming soon?

i'm using my imagination to imagine this white flower

standing or sitting or laying down or jumps here

patiently waiting as this thing comes in

sometimes i think there should be a right to a painless suicide. if i get diagnosed with a terminal disease or if i have premonition of a serial killer torturing me i'd want the least painful method of suicide

under this right, Jasmine Bush Daisy French Georgia Walsh, all 16, could obtain a painless drug from which to die, to be put to sleep painlessly, rather than involving a train, possibly filled with passengers who will witness this.

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Tabytha Hembree 16 Rachel Lucenius 16 Lillyan Dickerman 4

Post by redpill on Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:15 pm

Tabytha Hembree 16 her Jeep collided with a small dump truck in Pittston Thursday August 31, 2017
rushed to hospital but died early friday morning Sept 1, 2017

- The drive to school went terribly wrong for a brother and sister, leaving them with serious injuries.

Maine State Police said 16-year-old Tabytha Hembree and 12-year-old Alexander Hembree set off for school in Gardiner from their home in Pittston on Thursday morning. They were only a short way into the trip when police said Tabytha pulled out onto Route 27 into the path of a small dump truck towing a tractor.

The SUV carrying the children rolled over onto its roof. The two of them were pulled free by members of the Gardiner Fire Department and sent to MaineGeneral hospital in Augusta. Police described their injuries as serious.

Rachel Lucenius 16  died   friday  Sept 1, 2017 in a car collision

A 16-year-old Weddington High School student who died in a wreck in Union County Friday has been identified.
Troopers with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said Rachel Lucenius was killed in a wreck that occurred on Cox Road near Weddington Lake Drive.

Three high school age students were involved in the crash, according to the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The crash occurred at 3:15 p.m. when a 16-year-old was taking Lucenius and another student, who was 17-years-old, home from school.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol says the cause of the crash appears to be a combination of poor, wet road conditions and a lack of driving experience.

The driver lost control of the car, hydroplaned and veered off the roadway. The car then struck a tree and then a fence.

A post from the fence dislodged and struck Lucenius in the head, troopers said.
Lucenius died at the hospital from her injuries, according to Highway Patrol.

The driver and the 17-year-old received minor injuries.

The driver was driving within his license restrictions, troopers said.

The family released funeral plans and an obituary on Sunday.

“The amount of joy you brought into our lives, and the lives of others, is immeasurable,” family members said in Lucenius’ obituary. “You had a beautiful heart, especially for those less privileged. You made us very proud of the person you became.”

mystic so on friday  Sept 1, 2017 2 16 year old white flowers, one heading to school, the other returning from school, one from Maine the other from NC both died in 2 separate car accidents at the same age of 16 only a few hours apart

first picture below is Tabytha Hembree 16, of Maine, and second picture Rachel Lucenius 16 of NC

linked in fate. look like identical twin sisters. is something paranormal going on?

reading this i'm more careful of my driving. one error in driving may result in a collision and i may die, if not on the spot, then in the hospital the very next day

Lillyan Dickerman 4 was killed Saturday Sept 2, 2017, after a pickup truck crashed into a utility pole on the side of Burleson Road in Lincoln

The Madison County Sheriff's Office has identified the 4-year-old girl killed in a crash this weekend as Lillyan F. Dickerman, of Oneida.
Lillyan and her 1 1/2-year-old brother, Isaac J. Dickerman, were riding in the back seat of their father's pickup truck about 3:40 p.m. Saturday when the crash happened, Undersheriff and Acting Sheriff John E. Ball said in a news release.

Their father, 27-year-old Alexander Dickerman, of Oneida, was driving a Toyota pickup truck southbound on Burleson Road in the town of Lincoln when he lost control and drove off the side of the road, deputies have said. The pickup truck struck a utility pole on the passenger's side.

The extended cab pickup truck was badly damaged and came to rest about 100 feet beyond the utility pole, which sheared in half with lives wires down, Ball said after the crash.

A Mercy Flight helicopter airlifted Lillyan Dickerman to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, where she was pronounced dead.

Every Sunday, 4-year-old Lillyan Dickerman and her family went to church, then to a local diner.

Lilly, as her family lovingly called her, always ordered the same thing from the menu at Knotty Pine Diner in Wampsville: Scrambled eggs and toast.

"She'd be eating her eggs and I'd say, 'You got eggs on your tongue,'" her great uncle Dale Rood said. "I called her 'eggy tongue' because she'd have eggs all over and stick her tongue out. It was a little game we played every Sunday."

This Sunday wasn't the same.

Lillyan was killed in a crash the day before on Burleson Road in the town of Lincoln. Her 1 1/2-year-old brother, Isaac Dickerman, was treated at the hospital and released, family members said. The children's father, Alexander Dickerman, 27, was not physically hurt, but is working through the grief of losing his daughter, Rood said.

At New Beginnings Community Church, a Methodist church in Wampsville, the congregation prayed for the family Sunday morning, Rood said. Some family members went to church, he said, but for others it was too difficult. Rood said there are six siblings -- Alex Dickerman's mom, and his aunts and uncles -- who live a short drive from each other in Oneida.

"This tragedy that has happened is devastating, but we're close and we'll take care of each other," Dale Rood said.

The family also is appreciative of the community support, he said.

"We're doing the best, but you never prepare for something like this," Rood said. "This family is hurting right now."

Lilly enjoyed dance lessons and especially loved being around her family.

"She had the hugest heart," Rood said. "She loved everybody. When any of the family visited, she was the first to greet them and she would literally jump into our arms and give us a hug when we came in the door."

Rood said it will likely be a long time before he and other family members can return to their daily Sunday breakfasts out together.

"She's going to be missed tremendously," he said. "There are no words to explain the hole that's left in our hearts."

i'd go to church and read the bible and pray if god protected me from death.

just 4 years, and then depending on your beliefs. atheists say eternal oblivion.

with gas prices going up due to Hurraine Harvey i'm driving less.

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Lindsey Michaels 21 Ruby Tyres 2

Post by redpill on Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:10 pm

Lindsey Michaels    a 21-year-old college student who died while 'train-hopping' in Pittsburgh with her boyfriend on Sunday, Sept. 3, 2017

A Carlow University student was killed Sunday, after being dragged under a train on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

According to Pittsburgh Police, she and a young man were “train hopping” around 2:30 a.m. when they fell onto the tracks.

Lindsey Michaels, 21, was just beginning her junior year at Carlow University.

That’s just awful. Tragic, tragic loss in that sense. So young,” said Karen Arendt of Mars, whose daughter is a sophomore at Carlow University.

“She was really smart. She was always in the library studying. So, when I heard about that last night, that was so sad. It was crazy,” said Pryncess Johnson, a junior at Carlow who had classes with Michaels.

Officials said Michaels was dragged underneath the train and killed. The young man survived, hurting only his ankle.

“I’m really praying for her and her family and everything. The guy that was with her and everything,” Johnson said.

Norfolk Southern issued a statement that reads in part, “The train, transporting 130 cars loaded with coal, was traveling at about 3 to 4 mph through this area and then began to pick up speed. The train crew did not see anyone trying to jump on the train and was not aware that anyone might have been struck.”

“You try. You do the best you can for your kids and you hope that they’re going to make good decisions but they don’t always have good judgment,” Arendt said.

Trespassing on private railroad property is illegal. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, on average, two people are killed or injured while trespassing on railroad property every day in the United States.

safety train hopping at 2:30am in the morning can result in your death

Ruby Tyres 2 Ruby Tyres fell from towpath in Peterborough into the River Nene Sunday, Sept. 3, 2017 died in hospital

The devastated mother of a two-year-old girl who drowned during an arts festival said she and her partner were helping disabled children just yards from the water's edge.

Little Ruby Tyres was airlifted to hospital after a volunteer at the annual Key Feste arts festival in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, jumped into the water to save the girl.

But doctors were unable to save the little girl, whose distraught mother Wendy Grey described as 'a friendly, giggly, curious two-year-old who enjoyed mischief'.

Speaking from her Peterborough home today, Ms Grey said she lost sight of Ruby as she and her partner were helping disabled children at a festival stand around 10 yards from the water's edge.

Speaking from her Peterborough home today, she added: 'We had a stand and Ruby got out from under the table and ran off.

'My other half went to look but Ruby ran off. By the time he came out of the stand she disappeared. We looked around but no one was there she ran down the path.

'We asked a festival worker have you seen a girl in the Frozen top and then I heard there was a child in the river and I ran towards her. They [festival workers] ran in and pulled her out.

'Ruby wasn't feeding ducks, she wasn't in our eyeline for seconds. Ruby calls ducks and swans riverdogs because she loves them. She probably ran to see the riverdogs.'

The distraught mother said Ruby was in the water for 'probably two minutes' and added: 'The hospital did all they can it was too much for her heart.
'Ruby is very fast, very inquisitive. The area she fell - there's not a lot of people there - literally nobody around the area, relatively quiet.

'Ruby's a friendly, giggly, curious two-year-old who enjoyed mischief.'

The tragic tot was already unconscious and her lips blue when an un-named Asian woman dragged her out.

how many young children who went missing probably fell into a river or water body and drowned quickly and then their body simply was not found

just 2 year of life and it's over now in a poof

Libby Bell, 13, of an Adelaide teenager who died by suicide died on Monday August 29, 2017

THE family of an Adelaide teenager who took her own life have issued an emotional public plea about bullying dangers as they paid tribute to a girl who “lit up a room”.

Libby Bell, 13, was an award-winning state junior surf lifesaver and an outgoing and loved Year 8 student.

But on Monday last week, she died suddenly after what her family allege was a campaign of cyber bullying and physical abuse from peers at Seaford Secondary School.

Her grieving family has led tributes to the outgoing student, as they issued a public warning about the dangers of bullying that can start from “pointless teasing and ridicule” before escalating.
Student Libby Bell, 13, took her own life after being the subject of school bullying. Picture: Facebook

Student Libby Bell, 13, took her own life after being the subject of school bullying. Picture: Facebook

Her heartbroken parents, Crystal and Ryan, both 33, are being comforted at their southern suburbs home. They urged other parents to talk to their children about any problems.

Their brave public intervention came as friends posted scores of tributes on social media, while almost $20,000 had been donated through an online fundraiser.

The decision to speak out was in the hope of preventing another bullying-related death.

australia looks awesome but wow seems like a lot of bullying there

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Shannon Zwanziger 17, Kobi Pickett, 15, Katy McQuestion 26 Lydia Kizziar 13 Olivia Diamond 12

Post by redpill on Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:13 am

Shannon Zwanziger  September 8, 1997 - December 9, 2014 died  age 17 from flu

(CNN)Shannon Zwanziger seemed perfectly healthy. She was an active 17-year-old who rarely got sick and hadn't been to a doctor in more than three years.
Then one day, she came home with the flu. She died a week later.
cnn wrote:
Shortly before she died on December 9, Shannon had worked her way -- slowly -- down the stairs at home by sitting and sliding down each step. She eventually made her way to the bathroom to take a bath.
"I helped her get in the bathtub, but when I saw her eyes, I said, 'I think this is a mistake -- we've got to get you out of here,' " her grief-stricken mother, Gwen, in Owatonna, Minnesota, told CNN on Wednesday. "She couldn't help me get her out. So I lifted her up, and she passed away in my arms."
Technically, Shannon was still alive, but she never regained consciousness.
Zwanziger began administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and screamed for her husband, Terry, who called 911. Emergency medical workers rushed Shannon to a hospital, which found a slight heartbeat and flew her to a larger hospital. After a few hours, her heart stopped altogether.
"She was such an incredible kid," Gwen Zwanziger said by phone. "She had her whole life planned out. She was living life to the fullest. If you're going to have the perfect kid, she was it."
Zwanziger had taken her daughter to a clinic at the hospital when she first became ill. She was told that her sickness was the flu and would run its course at home. The Zwanzigers cared for her, gave her liquids and did everything they were told.
But Zwanziger says the family later learned that at some point, Shannon's liver gave out. And an autopsy confirmed that she had a type A flu.

wow i'm getting my flu shot at costco
just 17 and dead from the fricken flu

 Kobi Isabella Pickett, age 15, became a curly-headed angel on Sunday night, Jan. 11, 2015 born 1999


A 15-year-old Houston girl already home sick with the flu died after she passed out in the shower and fell through the shower glass door.

Friends of Kobi Pickett have spoken of their shock that their close friend could die in such tragic and unfortunate circumstances.

'She was so smart, she was ahead in all of her classes. She would even ask us to tutor her to get ahead in her classes,' said close friend, Amana Waheed.

i would imagine falling through glass door would result in severe cuts. did she die from the cuts or from the flu? well it says flu.

currently i use shower curtains. i have visited home depot and lowes and dream of replacing it with glass, but after reading this, maybe not

she was only 15, healthy fit soccer player when she fell from the flu through a glass door

Katy McQuestion 26

Vaccinated: McQuestion, 26, had been inoculated against the flu before she passed away in January but this years strain is proving resilient

sometimes i wonder if i should be vaccinated not once but twice

13-year-old Lydia Kizziar , passed away Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014, at Children’s Medical Center in Plano, Texas, from influenza and went into the arms of Jesus. She was born Sept. 8, 2000, in Plano and grew up in Carrollton, Texas. She was a member of Metrocrest Presbyterian Church

i used to wonder if going to church and believing in jesus will protect you from death, such as death from the flu.
i've listened to christians say through christ and the power of prayer their affliction was cured.

um... there's Lydia Kizziar

from her obituary

Lydia Christine Kizziar, 13, passed away Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014, at Children’s Medical Center in Plano, Texas, from influenza and went into the arms of Jesus. She was born Sept. 8, 2000, in Plano and grew up in Carrollton, Texas. She was a member of Metrocrest Presbyterian Church and was a seventh-grade student at Founders Classical Academy in Lewisville.

Lydia was a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and we take great joy and comfort in the knowledge that she is now enjoying perfect fellowship with Him for eternity. She was an active and enthusiastic member of her church youth group and participated in her first inner-city mission trip with them last summer. She was also a past member of a local chapter of Faith Keepers.

Lydia was both a precious daughter and a Christian warrior-in-training and her passing leaves a void in the hearts of all who knew her. She loved the Lord, loved her family, loved her friends and was beginning to display a love for young children that warmed the hearts of her parents.

so she loved and worshipped jesus, and prayed to jesus, yet she died. and she died from the flu.

i agree with marshall brain of whydoesn'tgodhealamputees and godisimaginary  prayer doesnt seemingly work.

i agree with him that if believing in god has any use, it is for situations like this. i also agree with him that we hear about the amazing power of prayer and faith in jesus when it works, but we never hear of  Lydia Kizziar who prayed and died of the flu.

so if ur an atheist and you or your daughter is clearly dying of the flu, would you pray?

unlike marshall brain if i were in this situation i'd pray to the universe in a new age sort of way for health and healing

i've gotten the flu in the past and i prayed to a higher power and i'm still here, at least thus far.

i agree with marshall brain the bible isn't well written, to say the least, with useless material. i'm not interested in abortion and creationism and end time prophecy and going door to door and asking complete strangers if they have a personal relationship with jesus. and quite frankly i would rather spend my sundays watching australian survivor, where i just watched michelle put on a clinic on throwing someone under the bus and surviving tribal council, then church. i agree with jared michelle's scrambing effort is a master class.

i would only do this in exchange for miracle based benefits such as flu protection, but it didn't seem to protect Lydia Kizziar and she was more religious than i am now.

Olivia Diamond 12 she felt ill on Saturday, October 4 - four days before she died October 8, 2014

A 12-year-old schoolgirl who aspired to be a nurse died four days after falling ill with flu when the common virus attacked her heart.

Olivia Diamond, from Accrington in Lancashire died of myocarditis, a condition that causes inflammation of the heart muscle.

She first complained she felt ill on Saturday, October 4 - four days before she died.

But after her condition deteriorated the 12-year-old was taken to hospital before being transferred to a specialist unit where she passed away.
Ms Diamond said: 'She was out playing with her best friend Macy on Saturday.

'She came home, and sat and ate biscuits with a glass of milk. After half an hour, she said she did not feel well.

'She had a headache and felt cold, but she was hot. She was hallucinating and had chest pains in the night.'
They took her to Accrington Victoria Hospital on Wednesday after her condition continued to deteriorate.

Olivia was transferred to Manchester Children's Hospital after doctors suspected she had suffered a heart attack.

Ms Diamond said: 'She had a stent put in to rule out a heart attack. She had to be resuscitated because her blood pressure dropped.

'They said she did not have a heart attack, but said it was very weak. The flu virus got to her heart. The main pump stopped working.
Olivia knew what was coming because she was spending time individually with me and her dad, Chris. She said she loved us, and did not wake up again.'

'Olivia meant everything to us,' she added .'We are taking it day by day, but instead of getting easier, it's getting harder. It's ripped my heart out to be honest.'

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle, and is usually caused by a virus. Cases range in cause and severity. Some recover completely, but it can cause serious health problems.

Olivia's mother described her daughter as a 'devoted' sister to Asif, Aleesha, Sophie and Kallie.

'She did anything for them,' Ms Diamond.  'She wanted to become a nurse looking after sick children. She had a lot more to give. I can't get my head round the fact she is not here anymore.'

Olivia was fanatical about horses, and attended Accrington Horse Riding Centre. Her favourite horse Amos will be taken to her funeral, her mother said.

The service will be held later today in Clayton-le-Moors.

i learned something new, the flu can attack your heart, even a 12 year old

news also said she was a target of internet trolls

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Sophie Murray 16 Olivia Dennis 10 Phelicity Sneesby 13

Post by redpill on Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:06 pm

Sophie Murray 16 died of a rare blood clot disorder after her contraceptive pill gave her deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on a family holiday in Gran Canaria. November 8, 2015.

Schoolgirl Sophie Murray died from a pulmonary embolism caused by DVT
Sophie Murray, from Accrington, Lancashire, was prescribed the pill for eight months by the time she returned home from the trip last September.

Just 14 days later she started to complain that she had difficulty breathing and was also suffering from chest pains.

Her mother Shelley Crichton told Blackburn Coroners Court that the 16-year-old was breathless in the middle of the night shortly after having a 'fit' in which her 'lips turned blue' on November 8, 2015.

Sophie, a 'healthy and happy' school pupil at Accrington Academy who dreamed of being a paramedic, was taken to hospital where she passed away later that day with her mother by her side.

Dr Richard Prescott said Sophie died of a pulmonary embolism due to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and a contributory factor was the oral contraceptive pill.

He told the hearing that the 'large clot' was 8mm in diameter and if it had been detected earlier she could have been given blood thinners and survived.

The inquest heard how Sophie was using the 'common' pill Microgynon and a leaflet accompanying the prescription warned how using it 'increases the risk of developing a blood clot' and in 'very rare cases' a blood clot can form but it is 'very rarely fatal'.

Joanne Birch, a specialist nurse in sudden and unexpected deaths, said only six out of every 10,000 women on the contraceptive pill develop DVT, compared to only two in 10,000 without the pill, and that fatalities are 'extremely rare'.

Ms Crichton told the hearing how Sophie's breathing had become worse since returning from holiday and she was struggling to walk to school, dance or enjoy exercise DVDs and complained her body was 'aching'.

The inquest heard how Ms Crichton and her daughter visited Dr Paramundayil Joseph at the Dill Hall surgery in Accrington on October 15 last year, after feeling like she was 'breathing through a straw'.

The GP said he ordered tests which later confirmed EIA and Sophie was given an inhaler.

However, she later returned on November 5 - three days before her death - to say it 'didn't do anything' and was prescribed a different inhaler and a tablet to help with her breathing before exercise.
Dr Joseph said he didn't consider the diagnosis of DVT as she was young, not overweight or a smoker, had no family history of the illness and didn't have any swelling or tenderness in her leg.

He said her breathlessness, which is a symptom of a pulmonary embolism, could also be the symptom of 'many diseases' and 'can be similar' to EIA.

He told the inquest that risks associated with the contraceptive pill usually occur after 'many years of taking the pill and also when a woman is a lot older'.

He said: 'It's the most common combined pill. I have prescribed it for the last 31 years and this has never happened until now.

'She was very active and it's very rare and very unfortunate
Assistant coroner Derek Baker recorded a narrative verdict and said it was a 'tragic case'.

He said: 'This tragedy has brought overwhelming grief to Sophie's family.

'She was a young girl when she died. The cause of death pulmonary embolism is common enough but I have never seen it involving someone as young as this with no other problems.

'These conditions in a girl of this age are rare but they are a recognised side effect of the pill she was prescribed and can also be caused by long flights and the immobility associated. It's not my role to blame but I must say Sophie's mum did everything that could reasonably have been done.

'There was no delay, she took medical advice as the symptoms displayed themselves.

'Sophie herself was very stoic about it and I think you were both hoping the symptoms were relatively minor and would pass.

'If it was diagnosed and treated earlier she would have had a very good prospect of recovery.

'I acknowledge a tragedy of this scale is going to result in crushing, all-consuming grief.'

This week another inquest found that a 21-year-old teaching assistant died from DVT caused by the Pill. Fallan Kurek, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, died last May.

you can get a blood clot even without birth control. worth knowing signs and symptoms

she even held a sweet 16 and now 16 forever

Olivia Dennis 10 died from respiratory failure from an asthma attack But the family insist they were never told she was asthmatic

The day Olivia died she'd gone to school in fancy dress as it was Red Nose Day. But on the way out of school, Olivia lagged behind her mum and brother Max, then five.

'She said she had been coughing all day and felt rough,' recalls Lisa.

When they got home Lisa couldn't settle, and by the time Lee arrived home from work at 5pm, it was clear Olivia was unwell. Not knowing her daughter was having an asthma attack, but aware she was ill, Lisa kept close to her.

'And then things just got worse,' Lisa says, faltering and looking across at Lee, now 43, whose face is increasingly wretched.

Lee took Olivia up to bed sometime after 7pm, then came down to say she wanted her mum. Lisa found Olivia on all fours on the bed, struggling to breathe. She ran back downstairs to gather up her inhalers and take her to hospital, and she looked back to see Olivia following her.
Seconds later the little girl vomited once, then again. As Lisa dialled 999, Lee took their daughter to the loo. Moments later, she passed out. She never regained consciousness.

Lisa says she knew in her heart her daughter was dead as they left the house in an ambulance.

As doctors at the hospital battled to save her, one of them asked Lisa if her daughter was asthmatic. 'I said no, but she had an inhaler,' she recalls. 'He looked at me as if I was stupid.'

Moments later, the distraught parents were taken into a room to be told their daughter had died.

'We were just left numb and still are,' says Lisa. 'I am bitter and very confused as to the non-diagnosis and the repeat prescriptions without anyone seeing Olivia.'

Dr Levy says children and adults prescribed inhalers should be seen by a trained asthmatic nurse, whether they've had asthma confirmed or not. But even when you have a confirmed diagnosis, getting to see a specialist nurse is becoming more difficult, thanks to budget cuts, less training time and rising patient numbers, he says.

'In the Nineties, 80 per cent of practice nurses had an asthma diploma - that figure is less than 20 per cent today.'

a blow by blow account of a fatal asthma account. so at age 10 this white flower is dead from an asthma attack.

so it's a matter of luck if you have asthma or not and if you do, it's risk of death

Phelicity Sneesby 13

The Sydney Morning Herald shares the story of 13 year old Phelicity Sneesby who suffers with a congenital heart defect.

Phelicity has spent much of her short life in a hospital gown, undergoing multiple operations for a congenital heart defect and related condition that depletes her stocks of protein. For the past two months, she has been in intensive care in the United States, after her parents Ben and Veronica took her abroad for an emergency life-saving operation.

Against all hopes, her treatment was unsuccessful. Now, Phelicity hopes to come home again. “She wants to swim in the pool with her sisters and have a meal with her family and friends,” Mr Sneesby says. “She says ‘I want to go home. I don’t want to be in hospital.’

“She knows she is probably coming home to die. For you and I, home is where we go every day. For someone like Phelicity, it is a special treat. As a kid who has spent most of her life in hospitals, home is a special place.”


An Australian teen, who spent much of the past 13 years at Nationwide Children's Hospital due to a heart defect, has died days after she realized her last wish to spend her final days with her family.

Sneesby was born with a rare congenital heart defect known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which in simpler terms meant she had half a heart.

I am asking for your help for dear friends of mine, The Sneesby family. Their daughter Phelicity was born with a congenital heart defect 13 years ago. Her defect was so complex, it brought them all the way from Australia to Columbus, Ohio where they sought treatment from a specialist. Her condition worsened and they returned to Ohio. Her mother, Veronica, has been off work for several months while Phelicity has remained in the cardiac intensive care unit. Her father, Ben, was forced to return home to Australia to continue to work so he can help provide for his family the best he can. Although our hopes were to get her well enough to return home and be with her family, unfortunately Phelicity is not able to travel commercially and a medical flight will cost about 150k. This family has exhausted all of their financial resources.

what a hand fate dealt her. born sickly with half a heart, her dying wish is to fly from Ohio to Australia to die and a week later she did. she had to come to terms with death at the young age of 13

some are born with micheal jordan level health and fitness and become billionaires, others are born severely sick, in hospitals entire childhood, then die.

it sounds to me that a simple heart transplant could cure this but what do i know? there are news articles which state Phelicity Sneesby were Jehovah witness, and i wonder if there is any objection such as blood transfusion

Phelicity's parents plan to move her to a Brisbane hospital for a few weeks, in the hope that her health will improve. "If she makes a slight recovery we'll keep fighting. But if there's no change we will bring her home. You can't live life like that."

Phelicity remains with her mum at Ohio's Nationwide Children's Hospital, in midwest America.
t's the same hospital in which Phelicity was born, 13 years ago. During the pregnancy, she was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome - a birth defect that affects blood flow, basically meaning the patient has half a heart - and given little hope of survival.

Mr and Mrs Sneesby were advised to terminate the pregnancy. They instead packed up their lives and moved to Ohio, where doctors undertook pioneering surgery. Phelicity spent her first six months in the US, where she had three lifesaving operations.

She has had 28 operations in her short life, including four open-heart surgeries. Her most recent operation was on Monday, when doctors inserted a stent into her heart.

At age six, she developed the rare condition of protein-losing enteropathy, which severely damages the immune system. Survival rates for sufferers are extremely low. But Mr Sneesby says Phelicity was in relatively good health over the first half of last year, riding her pushbike and asking her parents for a pool.

She enjoyed only one swim before falling ill again and returning to hospital in June.

But she remains positive, Mr Sneesby says. The family are devout Jehovah's Witnesses and Phelicity's faith gives her strength. "Despite everything, she is one of the most positive people I have ever met," he says.

"She said to her mum the other day 'I want a block of chocolate' and when she said no, she smiled and said: 'Mum, I'm not getting any better, just give me the chocolate.'

"She has hope that she is going to live forever. To her, this is a small chapter - it isn't the end."

here in the USA i get Jehovah's Witnesses maybe once every 3-4 months knocking on my door.

so mother knew during pregnancy that her fetus would carry a lethal heart defect and was told to have an abortion. she refused and now, for 13 years of hospital pain and suffering, lead to death.

this story reminds me of the movie Arrival where the linguist has a daughter who was fated to die young and she knew this thanks to learning heptapod

so mother gave birth to a girl that would suffer from a heart defect and then lead to death, rather than having an abortion. wow

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Claire Allen 14

Post by redpill on Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:08 pm

Claire Allen 14 was struck by a vehicle and killed while running on Route 39 near Nations Road with a friend, according to Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty. She was struck about 4:24 p.m. Thursday  Sept 7, 2017

Geneseo Central School has identified the student as 14-year-old Claire Allen.

A 14-year-old runner is dead after being struck and killed by a vehicle on Route 39 in Geneseo Thursday afternoon.

The sheriff says the girl, a Geneseo student, was running with a friend when she was hit in the area of Nations Road -- just north of the school campus. We're told that happened around 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon. The road was shut down for hours afterward as deputies investigated.

"There's a lot to figure out at this point, but nothing suspicious," Sheriff Thomas Dougherty told reporters. "It appears a horrible, horrible accident."

Geneseo High School paints a picture that says that the loss of this student will remain with this community for a long time. All games at Geneseo High School have been cancelled for tonight.
Brean: "Sheriff, can you explain how this girl got into the road in a position where she was hit by a car?"

Sheriff Tom Dougherty: "She was out for a run with her friend. What exactly got her into the roadway is being investigated."

This is where the accident happened.

It was just after 4 o'clock so it was still light out.

It's a two lane road where the speed limit is 55 miles an hour.

The car that hit the girl was heading south, the opposite direction of the cars in this video.

When I spoke with the Geneseo school superintendent, he declined to say whether the girl was a member of the cross country team to help protect her family.

Brean also spoke with Tim Hayes, the superintendent of Geneseo.

"Obviously we've had a terrible tragedy," says Hayes. "The basic thing I want to express right now is we are still working with the family and thee families involved and they need more time to notify family members."

Hayes says school staff came back to the school tonight to help students, and they'll be at the school early Friday morning.

safety i see high school cross country runners and i do think wow a car could hit then and end their life. i think of it happening to me to, only i dont run lol. i do walk though on a sidewalk and of course i can be struck there.

mystic 4:24 p.m. Thursday  Sept 7, 2017  marks the precise time Claire soul left her mortal body, after 14 years

how should i live my life, in light of the risks of death? Claire Allen was just 14 when running cross country she was struck by a car and died. if i run cross country, will i get struck by a car and die?

i'm always thinking of my own death, whether there will be any pain, and how it will come, and if i can stall it, or prevent an early death from murder or accident.

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Sherry Campbell 29

Post by redpill on Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:59 pm

Sherry Campbell 29 choked on a steak and died    at around 4am on Thursday morning Sept 7, 2017

A grief-stricken dad has described the horrific moment he found his "princess" daughter dead in the family kitchen after she choked on a piece of steak.

Sherry Campbell, 29, died a month before her 30th birthday.

She was found laying on the kitchen floor in the early hours of the morning by her heartbroken father, Shannon.

The grieving dad, from County Down in Northern Ireland, described how he had woken up in the night to the downstairs lights being on.

Assuming Sherry had fallen asleep on the sofa, he went downstairs to check on her before finding her lifeless body on the floor, reports the Belfast Telegraph .

He said: "There was a bit of steak sitting out, so she must have popped it into her mouth and it went down the wrong way.

"It was a sight I will never forget.
"I knew that something was wrong as all the lights were on when I got up to go to the toilet, but I thought she had fallen asleep on the settee, as she had been watching TV when we went on up to bed."

A coroners report confirmed Sherry, a teaching assistant, died from choking.

Sherry was looking forward to her already-planned 30th birthday party with a trip to Bangor, North Wales.

After studying at Bangor University, Sherry had returned home to follow in her mum's footsteps of becoming a special needs teaching assitant.

Her mum Fionuala said she was following her dreams in working with her at a local school and loved working with children.

A friend told Belfast Live : "We are shocked beyond belief that Sherry has gone.

so of all the ways you can die, Sherry Campbell died at age 29 from choking on a piece of food - steak.
so choking can happen even at age 29.

what should you do if you start choking on your food and you’re alone?

According to Sanford Vieder, D.O., medical director of Lakes Urgent Care in West Bloomfield, Michigan, the most important thing to do first is not to panic. “If you’re able to cough, say any words, or speak in any way, you’re not completely occluded,” he tells SELF. Resist the urge to drink anything to dislodge the food—a common mistake, he says—since it can make matters worse.

Then, try to cough as hard as you can to get it out. “The cough reflex is still your best friend to try to expel whatever may be stuck or caught,” Vieder says.

If that didn’t work, it’s possible to do the Heimlich maneuver on yourself, Marc Leavey, M.D., an internist at Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center, tells SELF. To do so, make a fist with one hand and place your thumb of that fist below your rib cage and above your belly button. Wrap your other hand around your fist and push against the pit of your stomach in a hard, quick motion. “You can also use the back of a chair or corner of a table, pushing your body into the fixed object quickly to try to dislodge the object,” Leavey says.

If you’re still having trouble, Vieder recommends calling 911. Even if you can’t speak, the operator will send help if you don’t hang up. “That way, if you can’t dislodge the food and you pass out, hopefully help will be on the way,” Vieder says.

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8-year-old Peyton Knowlton

Post by redpill on Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:12 pm

8-year-old Peyton Knowlton of Longmont Colorado was riding her bicycle when she was struck and killed by a car driven by Kyle Couch, 21 who was sentenced to 150 days in jail. She was born April 20, 2008 in Cheyenne, Wyoming and died  May 20, 2016

image of crash site Longmont Colorado

after a festive and fun End of 2nd Grade celebration at school, Peyton Knowlton was biking home with her stepdad and was tragically struck by a car. She did not survive.

Peyton was riding her bicycle home from a May 20, 2016, event at Fall River Elementary School that celebrated the end of second grade when she was struck and killed by a pickup.

safety if you bicycle on the streets, in colorado where pot is now legal, you may get hit by this guy

i don't bicycle on streets though i do put a bike on my car trunk and bicycle on trails where there are no cars.

mystic thisdelicate white flower 8-year-old Peyton Knowlton was killed in *colorado* along with Jonbenet and Tracy neef

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

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