safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

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Lacey Meinel 14

Post by redpill on Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:59 pm

Lacey Meinel 14
September 8, 1994 - January 11, 2009

Lacey, 14, was on her way home from a figure skating competition on Jan. 10 when the drunk driver struck her family's vehicle in Winnebago County; she died the next day.

23-year-old Daniel Schaefer will spend 5 years in prison, followed by 10 years of extended supervision.

In January, the Fond du Lac man was driving the wrong way on the highway, when he crashed into an oncoming car, killing 14-year-old Lacey Meinel, and injuring her mother.

safety there are drunk drivers who go to strip clubs and who will drive the wrong way and will strike and kill you.

so if you see a car driving the wrong way and heading directly at you, that can result in a fatal collision, and the driver may be drunk.

mystic just 14 years and she's gone forever. life is so extremely unfair. serial killers like charles manson and LISK still alive. Lacy dead at 14 via drunk driver. and the drunk driver still alive and got just 5 years.
had i been killed at age 14 by a drunk driver, way back when, i would have spent the final minute confident Lord Jesus christ will accept my soul to heaven, to live in eternal paradise with Jesus. Amen. now uh......maybe as a ghost or reincarnation i hope.

for me the question is how do i avoid drunk drivers? for the most part i prefer not to drive late at night.

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Hannah Hewitt, 19, Jessica Sweeney 17, Haley Jordan 32 Haley Jordan 22

Post by redpill on Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:51 pm

Hannah Hewitt, 19,
March 9, 1998 – Oct. 7, 2017

Hannah Hewitt, 19, who suffered from cystic fibrosis has died lost her battle to breathe on  Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017

Jessica Sweeney 17
Jess passed away April 19, 2014 and was a CF fighter for 17 years.

CF is a highly lethal genetic condition

Haley Jordan 32

Haley Jordan 32  died in died on May 31, 2016 after suffering a brain aneurysm from a brain haemorrhage  seven months after her sister Jaime, 38, who had the chronic lung condition COPD

“Hayley had woken up in the morning complaining about a headache and she collapsed later on and was rushed to hospital but died the next day. “It has been very difficult for the whole family as they were very close.”

Despite her loss, Mrs Oliver says she has been able to take some comfort with news from doctors that her daughter’s heart was donated to an eight-year-old boy and that her kidneys were given to two women aged 48 and 42. She added: “I think Hayley would be very pleased if she knew that she was helping to save other people’s lives or helping to make them more comfortable because she was such a caring person.

Read more at:

Hayley Jordan’s heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, bowel and kidneys were transplanted.

A girl received part of her liver and a woman with cystic fibrosis received her lungs, enabling her to return to university.

wow! What a Face

Haley Jordan 22
Dillon, South Carolina
Sep 27, 1994 - Jun 8, 2017 (Age 22)

Haley Lashea Jordan, 22, died Thursday, June 8, 2017.

no cause of death identified.

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Maddy Grayless 8, Athena Orchard, 13, Stephanie Knight, 21 Katelyn Norman 14 Renee Chandler, 33

Post by redpill on Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:48 pm

Maddy Grayless 8
July 14, 2006 - June 16, 2015

Madison “Maddy” Grayless, 8, of Longmont, died Tuesday, June 16, 2015 after a short, but courageous battle with bonecancer.

Maddy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma June 2, and doctors told her family she had only weeks to live. One of her dying wishes, according to her mother, was to make a difference. But as it turns out, she already had.

Maddy died on June 16, just two weeks after her diagnosis.

makes me wonder if i get diagnosed with bone cancer tomorrow, Oct 22, 2017, I could die 2 weeks later and fall short of Dec 15, 2017 for Last Jedi  pale

even 8 year olds can die quickly from cancer, not just the elderly.  pale

the obit says that her family were mormon christians that that Maddy was told that death means she will be in heaven with jesus and other loved ones and angels.

certainly takes the sting out of death i must say. death is just a falling asleep and waking up in wonder land.

Athena Orchard, 13

Athena Orchard, 13, died  Wednesday, May 28, 2014   battle with bone cancer.

she gives advice for them to live by and reveals her unshakeably positive attitude, writing: ‘Every day is special, so make the most of it. You could get a life-ending illness tomorrow so make the most of every day. Life is only bad if you make it bad.’

Mr Orchard, 33, said: ‘I started reading it but before long I had to stop because it was too much. It was heartbreaking.’

Athena was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, at the age of 12, after collapsing just before Christmas in the kitchen of the family’s home in New Parks, Leicester.

She had an emergency seven-and-a-half hour operation to remove a tumour on her spine, followed by months of chemotherapy targeting the cancer in her spine, shoulder and head.

She lost her hair and much of her strength – but not her positive outlook. In marker pen on the back of the mirror, she wrote: ‘Happiness depends upon ourselves. Maybe it’s not about the happy ending, maybe it’s about the story. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.’

Despite treatment, Athena’s condition deteriorated quickly, and she died at home last week, surrounded by her family.

Days later, her parents discovered her message while moving the mirror that stood against her bedroom wall.

Mr Orchard, who gave up work as a landscape gardener when his daughter became ill, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it, I saw all this writing, it must have been about 3,000 words. It’s so touching. When I first saw it, it just blew me away.

‘She never mentioned it, but it’s the kind of thing she’d do. She was a very spiritual person, she’d go on about stuff that I could never understand – she was so clever.’

Stephanie Knight, 21

Stephanie Knight, 21,   was diagnosed with bone cancer Ewings Sarcoma at 17 died at 21  Wed May 24, 2013

age 16
her destiny was to die at age 21

Stephanie’s mother Cindy, 58, announced her daugher's death in a farewell message on Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday evening.

It said: 'Our beautiful and brave Stephanie fell asleep at 5.45pm and she was with her family and pets and was very peaceful.

Emma Griffith 18

Emma Griffith, an Estancia High student, died Aug. 4, 2015 bone cancer

Katelyn Norman 14

Katelyn Norman of Campbell County died at 8:19  - at 8:23 am. Friday morning bone cancer March 29, 2013

life before cancer

this is her in the hospital

Katelyn was diagnosed with bone cancer in May 2011 after her right arm went limp. Katelyn Norman suffered from osteosarcoma for two years and doctors told her last week that there was nothing more they could do

her bucket list

Dreams on Katelyn's bucket list include:
A last slow dance

Learning to drive a car

A day with each sibling

Seeing Italy

A last kiss

A Marilyn Monroe piercing on her lip

Attending an Of Mice and Men concert and getting an autographed T-shirt

Riding on the back of a motorcycle

i think at this point in my life if i get diagnosed with terminal cancer i'm going to refuse chemo radiation surgery, hopefully watch The last Jedi, season 4 rebels, survivor, xbox x VR games, then as the cancer grows, i'm killing myself in the most painless way possible rather than die in a hospital in pain.

the one thing that's in my mind is pascal's wager, whether as an atheist just die or accept a death bed confession of jesus cause doesnt cost anything and who knows?

Renee Chandler, 33

Renee Chandler, 33, was diagnosed after she felt a lump while trying to stop her dog scratching her chest. discovered she had breast cancer when her 'excited' puppy jumped on her chest has sadly died. April 20, 2017

FIVE months ago Renee Chandler found a lump the size of a 20c coin in her breast.Renee, from Melbourne, was diagnosed with cancer just six weeks after bringing her pup Baxter home She had been told she had stage four triple negative breast cancer Renee sadly died six months after diagnosis During her short battle with the disease, Renee had chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation. her stage four, triple negative breast cancer spread to her lungs, liver, bones and brain.

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Jess Wilkes, 27 Georgiana Gradinariu, 19, Serena Profitt 4 Brooklyn Hoksbergen, 3

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:40 am

Jess Wilkes, 27

Jess Wilkes, 27, was flung from the craft as it travelled on the Rhone near the city of Avignon on Saturday night. Oct 21, 2017

Jess Wilkes, 27, went overboard when her boat struck a warning beacon on the river in the city of Avignon
Jess Wilkes, 27, died in horrific circumstances on Saturday in an accident in which three others from the UK and four from France were also hurt.

Detectives need to establish whether the boat was going too fast as it made its way from a mooring next to the Guinguette at the Old Mill restaurant in the picturesque district of Villeneuve-les-Avignon.

A source close to the enquiry said: "The entire party of eight had just left the Guinguette after an evening of eating and drinking.

"They boarded a six-metre boat, and were heading towards the Popes’ Palace in Avignon when, at around 10.45pm, the boat hit a water beacon."

The beacons are solid metal pillars in the middle of the River Rhone that help river traffic to navigate properly.
Ms Wilkes, a PA at an architect’s office in London, was sent flying off the boat in the "extremely violent collision", according to the source.

"Beyond the possibility of the boat having been speeding, the investigation will also want to know if it had sufficient lighting. There is a possibility that the skipper did not see beacon."

The source said the influence of alcohol on those on board the boat, and especially the skipper, will also be examined. emergency plan swung into action within minutes of the crash, with ambulance workers and firefighters attending the scene on boats while a search was organised for victims.

"The boat was completely adrift,’ said Philippe Chaussinand, who was in charge of the operation. "After recovering the boat we focused on the search for victim who may have fallen off."

It took a full three hours to recover Ms Wilkes’s body, which was found at a depth of some six meters.

where she lost her life

quite a few # of white flowers lost their life through boating. What a Face boating can cost u ur life.

Georgiana Gradinariu, 19,

Georgiana Gradinariu, 19, was hit by a car just after 6am on Thursday in Lea Bridge Road, Leyton. Sept, 2017

The crash took place at the junction with Elm Park Road as she walked to a bus stop less than 100 yards from her home, where she had moved with her family three weeks earlier.

Ms Gradinariu was taken to an east London hospital with life-threatening head and leg injuries but later died.

Serena Profitt 4

Serena Profitt died Sunday after possibly eating a tainted sandwich and then falling ill from E. coli, taken off life support Monday Sept, 2014

Dying girl’s screams, tears haunt mother of Oregon E. coli victim
4-year-old girl was taken off life support after she contracted E. coli, and health officials are working to determine the source of the bacteria.

Serena Profitt was surrounded by dozens of family members at Doernbecher Children's Hospital when she was taken off life support around 9:30 p.m. Monday.

"She's the most vibrant young girl ever; she's just sweet loving and so amazing, so smart, just a heart that is of gold," said aunt Aleahsa Hargitt.

The golden-haired 4-year-old got sick after a day of fun with her family in Lincoln City. Her family said she became so ill, they took her to a McMinnville hospital where she went into kidney failure.

She was later rushed to Doernbecher Children's Hospital, where the family said doctors diagnosed her with E. coli.

"She was great Sunday morning, and then by 4'oclock, she had a stroke," said Hargitt.

On Tuesday, Oregon Health & Science University confirmed the girl had tested positive for E. coli.
"Serena Profitt died Monday evening from complications of hemolytic uremic syndrome. Most cases of HUS occur following an infection caused by specific strains of E. coli. Serena tested positive for E. coli, but we don't yet know which strain. A sample of has been sent to the state lab for further testing," a hospital statement said.

The girl's family said her condition advanced to her brain and caused her other organs to shut down.

"I can't imagine how in eight days I lose my precious baby and too fast," said grandmother Sherri Profitt. "Hold on to your babies, hold on to them."

Serena's family said another young boy on the trip to Lincoln City over the Labor Day weekend is also sick and currently receiving treatment at a Tacoma hospital.

safety food can carry e coli that can kill.

mystic just 4 years.

Brooklyn Hoksbergen, 3

Brooklyn Hoksbergen, 3, of Lynden, WA, died Sept. 5, 2017 from an E. coli infection at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Her father, Rob Hoksbergen, said the family doesn’t know how or where she became ill and that they are working with the Whatcom County Health Department to find a potential source of her illness.

e coli food poisoning can kill.

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Jacie E. Everett, 18 Emily Rose Perrin 4 Abbie Louise Perrin 3

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:57 am

Jacie E. Everett, 18
July 4, 1999  -  September 24, 2017

Jacie E. Everett, 18 of Bucyrus passed away on Sunday September 24, 2017 at Bucyrus Community Hospital due to jet ski crash

ap wrote:
A teenage girl died Sunday after a jet ski crash in Tod Township, according to the Crawford County Sheriff's Office.

Following the crash, Jacie Everett, 18, of Bucyrus, was taken to the Bucyrus Community Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

At 6:32 p.m., the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a jet ski crash on a farm pond. According to a press release, Everett was on a 1991 Yamaha jet ski when it was struck by another 1991 Yamaha jet ski.

her jet ski after crash


Grieving family warns of jet ski dangers following fatal Crawford County crash

BUCYRUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- A mother speaks out for the first time following her daughter's fatal jet ski crash on a farm pond last month.
The Crawford County Sheriff's Office said 18-year-old Jacie Everett was on a 1991 Yamaha jet ski and was struck by another jet ski.
Everett was a senior at Bucyrus High School where she played volleyball and basketball. Coaches and student athletes told her mother how she was a great teammate and friend.
"They have all told me she was there for them. Anytime they were feeling down, she would cheer them up or she would pep talk them."
Tioni Blackert said it was heartwarming to see people coming together to remember her daughter at the funeral. Blackert has two other children, who she said are taking the accident very hard.
Blackert said Jacie went with her boyfriend on Sunday evening to another friend's house after a family birthday party. Blackert said she has been told her daughter turned around to look back at her boyfriend and was struck head on by the other teen.
"I was told it was pretty much instantaneous and I hate the entire situation. I miss my little girl. I guess I have some comfort in knowing that she didn't suffer, that she was having fun and enjoying her life at that moment and then it was over. She didn't see it coming. She didn't have the panic. She wasn't in pain and that to me is comforting."
The boys said Jacie was not conscious when they pulled her from the water and did CPR on her. Medics took the teen to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Family friend Chuck Sams said they want to warn other young people to be aware of their surroundings.
"All it takes is one minor mistake or one thing being overlooked and it can just be bad all the way around."
Sams said jet skis are exhilarating and fun, but dangerous since they have no brakes.
"It is really tragic that this had to take place. A jet ski is a motor vehicle . You do travel at high speeds. And they are not the most agile pieces of equipment," said Sams.

mystic so after a length of time totalling 18 years, it all ended in an instant in a jet ski crash.

in the future if i have fun on a jet ski, will i crash and die?

Emily Rose Perrin 4
April 11, 2011 - April 10, 2016

Mary Lockett, 36, of Dupo,  first degree murder in the suffocation death of her 4-year-old daughter, Emily Rose Perrin 4 who suffered from cystic fibrosis. Sunday  April 10, 2016

just 4 years and with CF

Abbie Louise Perrin 3
Death: May 26, 2008

Abbie Louise Perrin, three, was a passenger on the bike that was being ridden by George Franklin at speeds of up to 20mph along a pavement in Louth, Lincolnshire, when it collided with a pick-up truck.

obit wrote:
Goodbye our little angel. A bright star gone," is what the family of Abbie Louise Perrin wrote when paying tribute to the three-year-old.

Abbie died in a collision between a mini-moto motorcycle being driven by her mother's partner and a pick-up truck in Louth, Lincolnshire on 26 May, 2008.

The girl was being carried on the petrol tank of the bike when the accident happened on a footpath near her home.

Abbie's grandmother Carol Pocklington said: "We only had Abbie for three short years, but every day she was so full of fun and happy-go-lucky. She brightened up each and every day and was very friendly and outgoing and always had a smile on her face.

"The family are totally and utterly devastated but we are pulling together and drawing strength from each other. Abbie will be missed by all so much."

Family friend Latoyah McNally said: "She was a fun-loving little girl. I can't believe it has happened. Everyone is in shock at the tragedy."

she died not of her own fault. reminds me of all the girls as who died as passengers of atv rollover

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Emily Wade 12 Cora Gonzales, 11 Maddy Jones 18

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:43 pm

Emily Wade 12

Emily Wade 12  an Aledo ISD seventh grader, was transported to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth where she was pronounced dead at 8:39 p.m. Monday night Oct 23, 2017 after being struck by a vehicle in the driveway of her home.

Police responded around 7:30 p.m. to the 500 block of Deer Pond Drive to an automobile versus pedestrian accident, according to Willow Park Police Department.

safety if you r hit by a car in a driveway that can be lethal. i'd imagine cars are slowing down as they pull into the drive way.

Cora Gonzales, 11

Cora Gonzales, 11  was critically injured when she was hit by a car Oct. 6 in Oakfield Township has died  early Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017

"It is great sadness that we are sharing that our sweet Cora has passed into the loving arms of Jesus Christ at around 1:30 a.m.," the post reads. "The gift of a such a beautiful child we never deserved. God was gracious enough to bless us with Cora over the last 11 years.

"We will never forget her sparkling personality, love for people, her infectious smile, and her abundance of hugs. We waited for the miracle of healing on this earth, but God had different plans."

She sustained severe brain damage, as well as injuries to her face, kidney, pelvis and left arm. She had her breathing tube removed Thursday, Oct. 19, and remained in a coma until she died Wednesday.

Cora Gonzaels was a fifth grade student at Cedar View Elementary School. She was the eighth of 10 children

safety getting struck by a car is a highly lethal and prayer doesn't often work sadly. i'd pray to the universe if i were in this situation but i noticed that yeah prayer very rarely works. i used to wonder if i was alone in that god didnt seemingly answer my prayers. i see i'm not alone. he didn't answer Cora's family prayers either.

Maddy Jones 18

Maddy Jones 18    has become the latest victim of of one of the worst flu seasons in Australia's history dies from flu outbreak  Oct 21, 2017

AUSTRALIA’S worst flu season on record has claimed another young victim, Queensland teenager Maddy Jones.
The 18-year-old started to show normal flu-like symptoms — a sore throat and a runny nose — while on holidays with her boyfriend recently.
But just five days later she was admitted to intensive care where she fell into a coma and never woke up,

safety flu is dangerous. if i visit australia now, will i get that flu and die? pale in down under even the flu kills. will i die from flu before i get to watch The Last Jedi in Dec 2017?

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Nevaeh Spollen (9)

Post by redpill on Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:18 pm

Nevaeh Spollen (9)
 December 25, 2004 - November 7 2014

Nevaeh Gale-Spollen was only 9 years old when she died following a massive brain haemorrhage  November 7th 2014

In Death tragic 9 year old  Nevaeh Gale-Spollen saves 5 lives through organ donation

Heartbroken mum Crystal, 32, who lives at Meadowview Grove, Lucan, Dublin, spoke yesterday for the first time on the tragedy and how the family found the courage to donate the organs.

Nevaeh innocently played on a green opposite her grandmother’s house in Sarsfield Park, Lucan, when she suddenly became ill and collapsed.

Just weeks before Crystal had written an essay about the joy of her daughter’s birth.

She wrote: “My daughter was born on Christmas Day. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She was perfect and all mine to love and care for.”

What nobody knew was Nevaeh – named from a TV show which specified the word was Heaven spelled backwards – was born with a malformed blood vessel on her brain.

It claimed her life in November when, after stepping off a swing and turning to smile at the five-year-old girl neighbour sitting on an adjoining swing, she suddenly collapsed.

Seconds earlier Nevaeh had been telling her playmate, who was worried about losing wobbly teeth, that it was OK if she lost teeth, that she lost 10 and they had grown back.

Crystal said: “The little girl said Nevaeh was walking away from the swing and she turned around, just took a deep breath, smiled and passed out.”

Neighbours and passers-by rushed to resuscitate Nevaeh and a local doctor arrived with a defibrillator.

In Crumlin Children’s Hospital, Crystal was told her little girl had a massive aneurysm.

When the battle to save her ended doctors informed her that, even if medics had known of the malformed blood vessel, it was unlikely they could have operated where it was.

Crystal added: “It was something they couldn’t detect. She began to suffer from headaches a couple of months before the tragedy but the doctor said it was probably migraine, that young children suffered from over-concentrating at school or not drinking enough water.

“Her last headache was when we were watching a movie together on tv on Halloween Night. Nevaeh said to turn the light off as her head was really sore.

“I said OK but if it continues I am taking you to the hospital in the morning. She fell asleep, and I carried her up to bed. Next morning, she was full of life. The pain had gone away.”

A few days later tragedy struck.

safety wow i get headaches to. do i have a blood vessel that will rupture at any moment?  What a Face I'm writing this Oct 25, 2017 and Last Jedi Dec 15, 2017 is looking like an eternity. perhaps i will have a massive brain haemorrhage before i get a chance to watch it  What a Face  or any other cause of death or injury or disease


i am filled with envy for today's kids bc they have so much awesome stuff iphones facebook social media internet youtube instagram xbox x ps4 pro. i wish i could be born in 2004 like Nevaeh, i wish i could somehow body swap with Nevah so i could be young again and born in 2004 so my age can reset and grow up enjoying xbox x COD as a kid again but um

Mrs Spollen, 32, who lives in Lucan, Dublin, has spoken about the death of her daughter, who – unknown to her parents – was born with a malformed blood vessel on her brain.

It claimed Nevaeh’s life in November when, after stepping off a swing and turning to smile at a five-year-old friend sitting on an adjoining swing, she collapsed and fell to the ground.

In Crumlin Hospital Nevaeh’s parents were told that their daughter had had a massive aneurysm.

wow, no gurantee of being born with a malformed blood vessel on brain pale

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Kieley Blakesley, 7 Audrey Anna Hickey 15 Amera Abu-Hakmeh 17 Sarah Haverstuhl 14 Mallory Lynn Jarvis 29

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:59 am

Kieley Blakesley, 7

Kieley Blakesley, 7 On Tuesday, October 24th, 2017, Kieley was in a tragic accident, which she has since passed away from
She was born on March 25, 2010, in Peoria, IL
her killer charged DUI methamphetamine

PEORIA — One of the two girls injured Tuesday morning in a car crash south of Bartonville has died, the Peoria County coroner said Wednesday evening.

Kieley Blakesley, 7, was pronounced brain dead at 8:38 p.m. at OSF Healthcare Children’s Hospital of Illinois, Coroner Jamie Harwood said.

The other girl, 5 years old, is still in the hospital, and her condition wasn’t available, but police said Tuesday that both girls had been critically injured.

Blakesley was apparently unrestrained in the backseat of a Chevrolet Cruze that collided head-on with another vehicle in the 4900 block of South Airport Road shortly before 7 a.m., Harwood said. An autopsy for the young girl has not been scheduled.

The driver of that Cruze, Paige Stuart, 25, of Pekin has been cited by Peoria County sheriff’s deputies with driving in the wrong lane, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and driving under the influence of drugs. Police have been tight-lipped on details, but a newly filed court document offered more details.

An affidavit for a search warrant, filed in Peoria County Circuit Court, sought information from the two vehicles involved in the 6:49 a.m. Tuesday crash that occurred just south of Bartonville. The document also sought any evidence that could “constitute the offense of aggravated driving under the influence.” Neither driver has been charged in court.

According to the document, Stuart’s Cruze was headed south on Airport Road near the intersection of West Dietrich Lane when it crossed over the center line and collided head-on with a Mazda SUV driven by Melissa Hammond. After the crash, a deputy allegedly smelled alcohol from inside the Cruze driven by Stuart. The two girls were in the back of Stuart’s car, and on Tuesday, after the accident, Peoria County officials said they had found only one booster seat in the back of the Cruze.

According to the affidavit, medical personnel treating Stuart reported to a detective that they had detected several different types of drugs.

safety if ur a passenger of a driver who is doing drugs and drunk, she may get into an accident that kills you

mystic Kieley Blakesley, 7 time on earth is over through no fault of her own

Audrey Anna Hickey 15,  

Anna Hickey 15 died from suicide.  Audrey Anna Hickey was last seen on Monday, October 23, around 10 a.m. walking from Bainbridge Island High School after signing into the library.

Anna Hickey 15 was reported missing. Her body was found and declared a suicide.

Amera Abu-Hakmeh 17

Amera Abu-Hakmeh 17  was killed Tuesday morning Oct 24, 2017 and her younger sister was seriously injured in a two-car crash on U.S. 20 here just after 7 a.m.

Abu-Hakmeh was killed Tuesday morning and her younger sister was seriously injured in a two-car crash on U.S. 20 here just after 7 a.m.

The driver of the other vehicle, Gayle Brown, 85, of Greencastle, Indiana, was allegedly driving at a high rate of speed and crossed the center line striking the car carrying the two girls, according to officials. Brown was driving a Buick Regal westbound in the inside lane of traffic before the crash. Abu-Hakmeh was driving a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse eastbound in the inside lane of travel.

Both Abu-Hakmeh and Brown died at the scene.

Abu-Hakmeh's 12-year-old sister was transported to Comers Children's Hospital in Chicago where she was in critical, but stable condition, said Portage Police Chief Troy Williams.

"The impact caused catastrophic damage to both vehicles," said Williams.

Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris said Brown was traveling "at a high rate of speed."
The crash happened on U.S. 20 about 500 feet east of Clem Road, in an area of U.S. 20 which curves and rises over a railroad track. The area of U.S. 20 between the rise and Dombey Road further to the west has been the scene of several crashes over the years.


Abu-Hakmeh was a senior at Chesterton High School and her sister is a seventh grader at Chesterton Middle School.

"We have counseling available for all of our students and for staff members that have been touched by her," said Duneland Schools spokesperson Bridget Martinson, adding all CHS students were informed of the girl's death Tuesday morning by school personnel.

safety there are bad 85 year old drivers who will drive at high speed and collide head on killing you DOA

i'm thinking wow, driving carries risk of head on collisions with bad 85 year drivers and hit you

Sarah Haverstuhl 14

Sarah Haverstuhl 14 drove a car drunk (!) crashed her car into a river and drowned Sunday Oct 22, 2017



Alcohol is believed to be a factor in a crash that killed a 14-year-old near Brighton on Sunday night, the Colorado State Patrol said.

The girl, Sarah Haverstuhl, was driving the vehicle southbound on Riverdale Road near Birghton when she lost control of the vehicle and went off the road near 153rd Avenue, according to state troopers.

The vehicle went through a fence and down an embankment where it rolled onto its roof and landed in a retention pool in the South Platte River around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.
The 14-year-old driver was killed, and the passengers, two 17-year-old boys and a 30-year-old woman, were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

The CSP believes the 14-year-old was speeding and had alcohol in her system at the time of the crash.

"A lot of people will judge her because she had colorful hair and piercings, and a lot of people link that to, oh, she's bad, she made poor choices," Jessica Shelton said

safety Sarah Haverstuhl was a  14 drunk driver (!)
when i was a teen you had to be 16 to drive

the before and after are stark look likes 2 different girls

Mallory Lynn Jarvis 29

Mallory Lynn Jarvis (nee Wierzba) CANTON, IL - Mallory Lynn Jarvis (nee Wierzba), age 29, of Canton, IL, formerly of DeMotte, IN, was called home to the Lord on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

no cause of death identified

at age 29 she's fairly young and she died Tuesday, October 24, 2017, but no report or news articles on cause of death
obit wrote:
Mallory was a member of Grace Fellowship Church in DeMotte and Evangelical Free Church in Canton, IL. Mallory was a devout follower of Jesus Christ and she boldly shared her faith. She had a desire for others to know her Savior, Jesus Christ.

so even 29 year old who love jesus will die at age 29 Sad

yeah the idea of death being the final end with no heaven is kinda scary, but believing in jesus and praying to jesus doesn't seem to have any effects in the real world.

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Emma Moore, 17 Ivy Wick 3 Ryan Post 13 Mariah McCarthy 14 Mikaela Gwitt 14

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:14 pm

Emma Moore, 17

Emma Moore, 17 as on life support after an accident involving an SUV and a semi in Johnson County has died. Oct 23, 2017

FRANKLIN, Ind. -- A 17-year-old girl who was on life support after an accident involving an SUV and a semi in Johnson County has died.

The crash happened just before 11:30 p.m. last Friday at State Route 44 and CR 500 East.

The driver of the Toyota RAV4 told officers with the Franklin Police Department that she was getting ready to turn onto Bertram Parkway from I-65 and did not see a semi headed west on SR 44 until it struck her SUV.

Five people in the SUV were taken to the hospital. Emma Moore, 17, was a passenger in the front seat of the SUV. She was on life support at Riley Hospital but has since died.

A junior at Franklin Community High School, Emma grew up dancing at Le Rose Dance Academy as at student and later as an assistant teacher.

"Just a great role model for every young dancer and kid that came through here really."

safety if you don't see a semi truck heading towards you as you turn it may crash and u die.

how do you not spot the semi truck? then again, maybe i will be blind sided. maybe i am distracted and i don't see. then maybe i die to when a car i dont see strikes me Sad

Ivy Wick 3
July 12, 2014 - Oct 5, 2017 at  2:19pm

Ivy Wick’s death on Oct. 5, 2017 as criminal in nature, Insp. Paul Wozney confirmed during a Wednesday news conference the investigation into the girl’s death has been taken over by the homicide unit

just 3

Ryan Post 13

Ryan Post 13  has died from injuries sustained in a five-car chain-reaction crash near Norris High School in Lancaster County on Wednesday. Died in hospital Thursday Oct 26, 2017

Ryan Post of Hickman was life-flighted to the Bryan Medical Center west campus, where she died Thursday afternoon.

In all, 16 people, including 14 Norris students, were involved in the crash, which occurred north of the school at about 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. Five vehicles struck each other as vehicles in front of them slowed for another crash on the same road.

Ryan was an eighth-grader at Norris Middle School.

The Norris School District released a statement on Thursday:

“Ryan was a positive, vibrant and upbeat young lady. She was an excellent student and involved in activities including club cheerleading. She will be greatly missed by her friends, family and the entire Norris community.

“We extend our heartfelt condolences to Ryan’s family,” including parents Colleen Lovett and Jeramie Post, and sisters Raelynand Riley Post.

yeah a pile up are dangerous pale

Mariah McCarthy 14
Mar. 12, 1993 - Oct. 28, 2007
Missoula, Montana

Mariah Daye McCarthy, 14, surrounded by her loving family, died Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007. drunk driver

ob wrote:
This young girl and two of her friends were walking on a path next to a road when they were struck by an intoxicated driver who said he was adjusting his stereo. The truck veered off the road and struck them. He said he thought he'd hit a deer, stopped and looked for it, and then drove off, somehow not noticing the three injured teens lying just feet behind his truck. Her friends survived, but Mariah died after being flown to a regional trauma center.

safety walking alongside the road on sidewalk or trail can result in instant death if struck by drunk driver, here 3 girls were struck, one died

mystic Oct 28, 2017 is 10 years since her untimely death, she'd be 24

Mikaela Gwitt 14

Mikaela Gwitt was a passenger on an ATV that rolled over Saturday Oct 21, 2017 night on a bike path between Gunnville and Wehrle roads. seriously injured in an ATV crash over the weekend in Clarence has died. She was taken off life-support on Wednesday Oct 25, 2017 and died a few hours later at Women and Children's Hospital.

fam wrote:
Less than three years ago, Ann Potoczniak lost her 18 year old daughter, Amanda, in a tragic car accident. This past weekend, her other daughter, 14 year old Mikaela was involved in an ATV accident that has left her severely brain damaged and on life support in Women's and Children's Hospital in Buffalo, NY.

We are hearing from the mother of a 14-year-old who lost her life after an ATV crash in Clarence over the weekend.

Her family says Mikaela Gwitt was riding the ATV with her boyfriend when it rolled over on a bike path.

The loss of a child is news that no parent ever wants to hear. But, for one Cheektowaga family, it's news that's unfortunately all too familiar.

"Mikaela was my everything, she was like a little me, we did everything together she was always by my side," said Ann Potoczniak, the mother of Mikaela Gwitt, "she had that beautiful smile."

Ann Potoczniak says her daughter was fearless and went for ride on an ATV last Saturday with her boyfriend. The Erie County Sheriff's Office says the ATV rolled over on a bike path between Gunnville and Wehrle Roads. The crash remains under investigation.

Mikaela suffered serious injuries and was taken to Women and Children's Hospital. Her family says Mikaela passed away Wednesday afternoon."And we had to learn once already that life is short," Potoczniak said.

That's because nearly three years ago, the family lost their older daughter Amanda, when her car collided with a tractor trailer in Marilla. She was just 19 years old.

"Mikaela took it really really hard because her and Amanda were very very close," her mom said, "she was getting happier and now this she didn't deserve it."

Her family and friends say Mikaela was a great person to be around.

"She was just so kind hearted and a beautiful soul and just everything about her was amazing," said Hollie Lageman, a friend of Mikaela's.

Mikaela was a freshman at Depew, who played on the basketball team. Mikaela's family says later in life she wanted to a dermatologist. And, they have a message for every parent and every teenager.
I think it's important to learn from somebody else's tragic misfortune to actually get something out of it if one person learned something to take precautions to follow the law," said Chrissy Ratka, a family friend.

Her family says Mikaela had a lot of friends in the Depew/Cheektowaga area and that they thank all of them for their support.

Mikaela's family says her wake is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 29, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Sliwinski's funeral home.

The funeral will be at Saint Philip the Apostle Church on Losson Rd. at 10 a.m. Monday

no atv's for me. not even as a passenger pale

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Kimberly Teelucksingh 24, Vicky Smith, 25 Brookie Newville 9

Post by redpill on Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:44 am

Kimberly Teelucksingh 24,

24-year-old Kimberly Teelucksingh,  was found hanging from a rafter in a bedroom at her Iere Village Branch Road, Princes Town home at 5.50 pm on Wednesday Oct 25, 2017 suicide

no reason for suicide given

Vicky Smith,  25

Vicky Smith, a 25-year-old Pharmacist was found hanged from a stone jetty  killed herself on the Spanish island on March 28, 2017 following a battle with depression.

A pharmacist depressed at selling her horse to buy a house killed herself while on holiday with her boyfriend, an inquest heard.

A coroner branded mental illness "one of the greatest demons of our time" after hearing how Victoria Smith was found dead in Tenerife following a battle with depression.

The 25-year-old was discovered hanged on the Spanish island while on holiday with her 31-year-old boyfriend, Matt Arkwright.

In the months before her death, Miss Smith, of Leyland, Lancashire, had privately said she had "the world on her shoulders" after she sold her horse so she could buy a house and settle down with her partner, the inquest heard.

Although she later became excited about how she would renovate each room at the couple's new home, Miss Smith was also unhappy at work and was due to take up a new job at a hospital, the coroner was told.

She was last seen alive by Mr Arkwright, a cycle shop manager, reading by the pool of their hotel and saying she would meet him at dinner.

At an inquest in Preston, coroner James Newman recorded a conclusion of suicide, saying "Victoria was a young woman who evidently had all of her life in front of her and every opportunity to make a wonderful life.

"She had episodes of feeling down and had been prescribed anti-depressants - but she seemed to have been excited by her new home.

"She wanted to change jobs as it was not to her satisfaction but she had been about to start a new job in April. Her future appeared to have been incredibly bright.

"Mental illness is one of the greatest demons of our time and it is tragic that Victoria had periods of lows but she was being medicated and it seemed to be working. It is such a waste of a very young and promising life."

The hearing was told Miss Smith was a "bright and bubbly" young woman but who had "ups and downs" over the years and had been on anti-depressants.

She had previously moved to Wales to work on a farm and moved back to Preston to get a job at a pharmacy in Ashton-on-Ribble. But she found dealing with customers difficult and accepted another job at Royal Preston Hospital, it was said.

kinda remind me of stories of dentist suicide No

Brookie Newville 9

Brookie Newville 9  On March 18, 2017 Linda Danette Irie, along with her two grandchildren, Brookie Newville , and Jace Newville, were killed by someone distracted on their phone on the Turner Turnpike near the Wellston exit. Bella, a cousin was in the car as well, but miraculously survived the mangled mess of a vehicle left behind.

safety there are bad drivers who are texting and driving at the same time that can  collide with you

mystic just 9 years and Brookie is gone forever through no fault of her own.  Sad

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Nevaeh Kunnemann 12

Post by redpill on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:29 am

Nevaeh Kunnemann 12
June 8, 2005 -  Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017

12 year old daughter, Nevaeh, passed away on Sunday October 22, 2017. They went camping to celebrate fall break from school. Nevaeh got into a horrible atv accident at the age of 12, died suddenly from injuries sustained in an accident on Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017.

Nevaeh Kunneman, 12, was killed when the ATV she was riding on rolled, according to Park County Coroner Al Jenkins.

The crash happened on private property just west of Livingston, according to the Montana Highway Patrol dispatch.

The crash happened south of Interstate 90 and was reported around 3:45 p.m
atv = risk is the risk of death from atv worth the fun it offers?

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Gwyneth Grace Voermans 8 Anika Voermans 13

Post by redpill on Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:23 pm

sisters Gwyneth Grace Voermans 8 and  Anika Voermans 13
Garden City, Idaho

Gwyneth Grace Voermans
May 19, 2008 - Jun 2, 2016 (Age 8 )

Anika Voermans 13
July 31, 2002 - Jun 2, 2016 (Age 13)

ap wrote:
(AP) — An Idaho woman who drove her sport utility vehicle off a cliff and into a reservoir in a crash last year that killed her and her three young children did so deliberately, officials said Friday.

The June 2, 2016, deaths were ruled a triple homicide-suicide by the Ada County Coroner's Office, the office said in a statement.

Officials said 40-year-old Noel Bankhead drove a Land Rover off a 50-foot cliff with her two daughters and son inside. The vehicle sank in 40 feet of water in Lucky Peak Lake.

The bodies of Bankhead and 13-year-old Anika Voermans, 11-year-old Logan Voermans and 8-year-old Gwyneth Voermans were recovered and the vehicle, with a crushed roof, was pulled from the reservoir.

The cause of death for all four was drowning associated with blunt force trauma.

Authorities said that witnesses told investigators that Bankhead was driving on a state highway when she turned off and positioned the car toward the cliff, then suddenly accelerated.

Officials said they found nothing mechanically wrong with the vehicle but were unable to recover information from a water-damaged device on the vehicle that records speed, acceleration and breaking.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office cited witness statements and lack of skid marks in making its determination that Bankhead acted deliberately. Toxicology tests found no medication or alcohol in Bankhead's system.

Sheriff's spokesman Patrick Orr declined to comment on Bankhead's motive.

Bankhead went through a divorce about two years before the crash. Her obituary described her as an avid runner and full-time working mom who had worked as a paralegal and legal secretary for more than 20 years.

Obituaries described her children as active and curious with various interests and hobbies.

just 8 years when it was all taken by her mother 40-year-old Noel Bankhead

i wonder what their final thoughts were as they were in the car as it was driven off the cliff, then entered the water, then water entering the vehicle  What a Face

existentialist i'd rather be born May 19, 2008  and grow up around iphones and xbox x and facebook, watch clone wars rebels and kung fu panda,  provided my mother isn't 40-year-old Noel Bankhead

i'm jealous of the devices and gadgets and iphones and computers today's kids have, but no guarantees in life.

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Ciara Smith 13

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:37 pm

Ciara Smith 13

Ciara Smith 13 4:40 p.m. last Friday May 5, 2017 rolled her bicycle down a sidewalk curb cut, following a friend, as the two appeared ready to head south across Knob Hill Avenue at Pacific Coast Highway.

For reasons unclear, her bike pulled her into the right-most travel lane of southbound PCH, and she was struck by an L.A. Metro bus. She was pronounced dead at the scene, her blue bicycle and its basket laying at the curb.  

safety i think with bicycling its too easy to be hit and killed by a vehicle from a bad driver. so no bicycling for me.
you may hit and kill a bicyclist and obviously that's a lawsuit and possibly criminal charges.

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Tierlyn Janus Clement 5

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:58 pm

Tierlyn Janus Clement 5
Thibodaux , Louisiana
Mar 22, 2012 - Oct 18, 2017

Tierlyn Janus Clement, 5, passed away Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 2:02PM after a two and a half month battle with DIPG. Born March 22, 2012, she was a native and resident of Thibodaux, LA

before DIGP

after 2 months of DIGP

i hardly believe they are the same person, just 2 months apart

yeah i think i'd kill myself i get diagnosed with a terminal cancer as painlessly as possible.

only 5 years. i don't have a whole lot of clear memories at age 5.
i do have vague memories of being in kindergarten. we planted grass seeds on a standard white styrofoam cup and drew faces on the cup with crayon and watched the grass seeds grow.

on the one hand i wonder what kind of god lets children suffer like this, on the other hand i didn't die from DIGP when i was a kid so perhaps i should thank the higher power. why this higher power allowed Tierlyn Janus Clement, 5 to die from DIGP but has spared me, i can't say. and yeah i'd rather be born Mar 22, 2012  and be age 5 at Oct 18, 2017 provided i don't get DIGP. had she lived, wow a world of facebook instagram xbox x smart phones pc's star wars kung fu panda.

i agree with atheists the bible is nonsense but wow, i don't want cancer so perhaps there is some higher power keeping me thus far cancer free AFAIK.

just 5 years when DIGP struck down this white flower.

i don't think if i were 5 with DIGP i would understand death. i was told there is an afterlife. death is just going to sleep, then waking up in heaven with jesus and angels and birds singing. ive since learned from atheists death is just eternal oblivion. everything wiped clean. no memories, nothing ever again for all eternity

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Kressa Shepherd, 17 Marisa W. Harris 22 Vlada Dzyuba 14

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:07 am

Kressa Shepherd, 17

Kressa Shepherd, a 17-year-old from Redwood Valley, died Sunday night  October 29, 2017 at a Sacramento hospital three weeks after sustaining severe burns in the Redwood fire in Mendocino County

Shepherd was a junior at Ukiah High School. Both her legs had been amputated and she had never regained consciousness at the hospital, said her aunt, Mindi Ramos of Ukiah.

The teen became the 43rd victim of the wildfires that have ravaged the North Bay but are now almost completely contained.
Ramos said she was advised in a telephone call from Shriners Hospital for Children that Kressa wasn’t registering pain during a change of the dressing on her burns. Doctors performed a CAT scan on her brain and according to Ramos determined she was brain-dead.

“They turned off the ventilator and let her go,” Ramos said.

The four Shepherds had tried to outrun the flames in two vehicles early Oct. 9, coming down from an unnamed mountain on their driveway, called Sweetland Drive, where they lived in a house Jon Shepherd built on 80 acres of land.

They apparently left the vehicles and ran. Kai Logan was found dead near the family home.

Kressa and her mother were found by a neighbor. Jon Shepherd, 44, was found near the main road, West Road.

safety forest fires can cause serious injury or even death from burns. would they be better off in the vehicles, apparently leaving it and running didn't work.

Marisa W. Harris 22

Marisa W. Harris 22  died after a 12-year-old boy jumped off of an overpass and landed on her car, Saturday October 28, 2017

Marisa W. Harris, 22, of Olney, Md., was killed when a 12-year-old boy jumped from an overpass over I-66 on Saturday, and hit the vehicle Harris was driving

safety even boys as young as 12 will attempt suicide by jumping and may land on your vehicle and kill you

Vlada Dzyuba 14

Vlada Dzyuba 14 had signed a ‘three month contract’ to work on catwalks and finally realise her dream of becoming a supermodel. But, as she waited for her latest job thousands of miles from home in China, the young girl died from ‘utter exhaustion’ and meningitis.  Oct 2017

even models as young as 14 can die from overwork

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Poppie van der Merwe 3

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:39 am

Poppie van der Merwe 3

Poppie van der Merwe, 3, blue-eyed blonde little girl was rushed to hospital on October 25, 2016 last year after her stepfather, Kobus Koekemoer, 44, allegedly severely assaulted her. She was declared dead on arrival. Her stepfather was arrested at the hospital.

news24 wrote:
The state alleges the couple had, between September 2015 and October 2015, abused Poppie and her five-year-old half-brother by shouting at, hitting and kicking them, pulling and twisting their ears, dousing them with icy water in winter and throwing them against solid objects.

The children allegedly regularly suffered injuries, had bruises and exhibited improper emotional behaviour. Social workers started monitoring and assessing the children’s surroundings and considered removing the children, but the couple fled and moved to Brits early in October 2016.

According to the charge sheet, Poppie’s body was riddled with bruises and marks and she had died of head injuries as a result of assault with a blunt instrument.

The state alleges Kobus and Louisa were both participants in the assaults on the children, encouraging each other.

Both are in custody after being refused bail. The investigating officer, Sergeant Gift Matome, testified during the mother’s bail hearing in the Brits Magistrates’ court that Poppie had injuries from her head to the soles of her feet.
people wrote:
In an affidavit made in February, the neighbour said he could hear the children screaming. “At times the beatings were so bad that her (Poppie’s) terrified screams actually masked the sounds of the punches and thuds against the wall, as she was so frantic”, reads part of the affidavit. One newspaper reported that according to the affidavit welfare workers did come around to ‘investigate’ after being told about the abuse– but never actually confronted Poppie’s mom and stepdad or did anything to help these children.

Another publication stated that it was known by many that Kobus had a tendency for extreme violence, especially towards children.

safety i tend to think of white flowers with blue eyes and blonde hair as living perfect lives but what i just learned from poppie is that even white flowers with blonde hair and blue eyes age 3 can be target of child abuse

mystic- existentialist. Poppie died in Oct 2016. while i prefer to be age 3 in Oct 2016 cause of all the amazing technology, i don't want Poppie's parents. even in 2016 there are parents who beat 3 year olds for fun

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Aliahna Maroney Lemmon 9 Jessica Ridgeway 10

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:52 pm

Aliahna Maroney Lemmon 9

Aliahna Maroney Lemmon 9 assed away Monday, December 26, 2011 in Fort Wayne murder by family friend

The babysitter charged with killing a 9-year-old girl who disappeared from an Indiana trailer park dismembered her body and kept her head, feet and hands in his freezer, according to a police affidavit.

Michael Plumadore, 39, shuffled into court today, manacled at this feet and hands. He was ordered held without bail, police said. He was escorted by two Allen County police officers. There were additional officers in the courtroom for extra security.

He was jailed in the death of Aliahna Lemmon, 9, who disappeared from a Fort Wayne trailer park where she lived last week.

A police affidavit submitted to the court today stated that Plumadore "freely admitted" that in the "early morning hours" last Thursday, he struck Aliahna in the head multiple times with a brick "while she was standing on the front steps of his residence."

Police Affidavit Contains Michael Plumadore' Confession

He put the girl's body in several trash bags and stuffed her in a freezer until nighttime came. He worked past midnight dismembering Aliahna's body with a hack saw, the affidavit, obtained by ABC News, states. He put the pieces in garbage gas and tossed them in a Dumpster of a nearby business, but kept her head, hands and feet in his freezer.

Plumadore did not tell police why he killed the young girl.

Plumadore, who had been babysitting Aliahna and her two sisters for a week because their mother was ill, initially told police that he has last seen Aliahna sleeping in his trailer on Friday but didn't alert police to her disappearance until Friday night because he believed she had gone home to her mother.

Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries said the girl's body was found after 9 p.m. Monday night.

According to the girl's relatives, Plumadore had been taking care of and living with Aliahna's grandfather, James E. Lemmon, until he died on Dec. 3, 2011, the AP reported. Plumadore was living in the grandfather's trailer at the time of Aliahna's death.

"[Plumadore] was a trusted family friend," Aliahna's stepgrandfather, David Story, told the AP.

James Lemmon was 66 when he died, and had an extensive criminal record, including convictions for child molestation in 2006 and was a registered sex offender.
Plumadore was arrested after his third interview with police, Cpl. Jeremy Tinkel told

Fries said Plumadore has a criminal record in North Carolina and Florida. Plumadore's next hearing is scheduled for Dec. 30.

The tragic discovery came the same day that police announced that the FBI had joined the investigation and candlelight vigil was being held for Aliahna in Fort Wayne.

A page had been set up on Facebook for the missing girl called "Find Aliahna Marie Maroney Lemmon Missing from Fort Wayne, Indiana." On Sunday, the group posted, "Merry Christmas Aliahna where ever you are! We won't give up on you!"

"No kid should be missing Christmas!" the post read.

Jessica Ridgeway 10

Jessica Christine Ridgeway, of Westminster passed away October 10, 2012 she was 10 years old.

Shortly after kidnapping Jessica, Sigg cut her hair and then forced her to stick her clothes into her school backpack and put on other clothes, according to a psychologist testifying for the prosecution Monday.

Jessica repeatedly asked Sigg whether she would see her mother again, and he lied and said she would, psychologist Anna Salter testified.

"He certainly had no empathy for Jessica Ridgeway, either during or after the crime," Salter said. She noted that Sigg ate a snack while he told police how he dismembered the girl.

Sigg, 18, pleaded guilty in September to 15 counts for Jessica's death and an attack on a female jogger at Ketner Lake last Memorial Day weekend.

Salter said she did not directly examine Sigg, but she reviewed the facts of the case in writing her report for the prosecution. She did not call him a psychopath, but she said he had traits of a psychopath.

Salter said that when Sigg confessed to his mother that he had strangled and dismembered Jessica, he tried to hide what he viewed was his worst offense. "I didn't rape her, I didn't torture her," he said.

There has been no testimony so far indicating that Sigg tortured Jessica before killing her, although his first attempt at strangulation failed when a zip cord broke. He eventually used his hands to strangle her.

Salter said Sigg was sexually aroused by dismemberment, and he removed and labeled Jessica's organs. Salter said Sigg kept her skull because it interested him.

Sigg's mother found child pornography on his computer in 2008, Salter said. Sigg's stepmother sent him to treatment, but he continued to view violent child pornography.

Sigg's attorneys said doctors in 2009 sent letters to Sigg's father urging him to control his son's access to television and computers.

Salter said Sigg had put a great deal of planning into the attack on Jessica.

"There was nothing sudden or impulsive about this," she said.

Like many children, Jessica Ridgeway was told to be wary of strangers. She was urged to scream if someone tried to grab her.

Those warnings are reflected in a notebook the fifth-grader kept in her desk at school. For a class assignment, she jotted down the four kinds of sentences. In both tiny and oversized letters, she wrote an example of an imperative sentence:

“Do not play at the park alone.”

And an exclamatory sentence:

“Watch out for strangers!”

Just over a mile away from Jessica’s tree-lined suburban neighborhood in Westminster, Austin Sigg grew up with an early fascination with pornography and mortuary science. His parents sent him to a faith-based counselor in an effort to set him back on the right path.

The events on the morning of Oct. 5, 2012, taught a terrifying lesson to parents everywhere. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the world can take your child away.

Final hours

In her final moments of freedom, Jessica scooped up handfuls of fresh snow and packed them into a snowball.

further reading

safety there are bad guys who like to kill. if you cross paths with a killer you may be killed. age and gender is no barrier to murder.

mystic just 9 and 10 years when an encounter with the dark side resulted in their untimely end. was it god's will or is life just random events, one random event is encountering a killer.

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Abby Elliott Gibson 10

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:25 pm

Abby Elliott Gibson 10
11/30/1999 - 6/3/2010

Tragically, Abby passed away on June 3, 2010 from injuries she sustained in a horseback riding accident.

A 10-year-old Knoxville girl who suffered a fatal fall from a horse last week died from internal injuries, her mother said.

Abby Elliott Gibson, a fifth grader at New Hopewell Elementary School, sustained a ruptured spleen and lacerated liver when she fell from the horse she was riding at Cedar Valley Tack and Farm in Seymour on June 3, according to her mother, Jennifer Gibson.
Gibson said no one was at fault in what she called a freak accident.

"She had gone over a jump and the horse stumbled and fell on its knees," said Gibson, who noted that Abby, an avid young equestrian, was wearing a helmet and being supervised in an enclosed jumping arena.

horses and atv's. for me it's not worth the risk of injury and death

if i'm in a situation where the FUN thing to do is be a passenger on an ATV or ride a horseback
what should i do? say no to fun and disappoint those around me as a party pooper, or say yes and take a real risk of injury and death?

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Allie Brodie 18 Delilah

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:19 pm

Allie Brodie 18

Allie Brodie was playing soccer with friends at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on October 7, 2017 when she was hit in the head with a soccer ball passed away on Saturday  October 28, 2017

Sorority girl Allie Brodie has passed away after being hit in the head with a soccer ball.

The Alabama freshman was taken to hospital after she was accidentally struck during a game with friends. Doctors diagnosed her with an intracranial hemorrhage, and placed her into a medical coma, which was then complicated by a hereditary brain condition and then pneumonia. She never woke up. She was 18.

"Our beautiful Allie fought as long as she could, but that wasn't God's plan," said Allie's mom Cindy. "Allie passed away yesterday afternoon but she will be in our hearts forever. She never came out of the coma, and couldn’t battle the complications from pneumonia. Heaven has gained a beautiful guardian angel, and we continue to seek peace in God’s plan for our sweet girl.

"We thank each and every one of you for all of the love, support, comfort, and prayers you have provided for us and Allie during this time. We are truly grateful and blessed to have met so many amazing people through this tragedy. God bless all of you."

Saturday October 7 started off as a wonderful day for our beautiful Allie Brodie.  She played in a soccer game with her new friends that she recently met while starting her Freshman year at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.    She was so excited to be part of the Crimson Tide and loved all of her new “Bamaly” and sorority sisters, although she sorely missed her twin sister Nichole who was off at to Kings College in London as well as her Mom, sister Caroline, and puppy Cody back home across the country in Danville, Ca.

But that all changed when a ball unexpectedly hit her head during the soccer game.  Over the next several days she suffered progressively worsening symptoms, culminating in diagnosis that led her to the operating room at DCH hospital in Tuscaloosa on Tuesday.  The emergency surgery for intracranial hemorrhage required her to be put into a medically induced coma and led to a diagnosis of a very serious condition:  brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a condition she was born with. The trauma of being hit by the soccer ball and AVM triggered internal bleeding in her brain stem.

safety if you have or born with
brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a condition she was born with

and get hit in the head with a soccer ball, that can result in internal bleeding in her brain stem and death, at age 18, just a few weeks into school at a sorority, at college.

i don't know if i have brain arteriovenous malformation but i dont want to find out after getting hit in the head in soccer. actually i've always been afraid of sports for exactly this reason, of getting hit in the head with the ball. perhaps i instinctively know i have brain arteriovenous malformation. the only sport i play is tennis and once, i got smashed in the face because i couldn't react in time. my nose was bleeding but i lived without going to hospital.

when i play tennis i only play baseline now.

mystic so this white flower had  brain arteriovenous malformation, played soccer, was hit in the head with a soccer ball, and when into a coma and never woke up and died at age 18 just a few weeks in college, just graduating from high school.

her sorority and her friends statements is that she and her family were christians and they had bible quotes and asked for prayers.
one of the reasons i took jesus seriously is as insurance for precisely events like this - in the event of car accident, cancer, flu, soccer ball hits to the head, atv rollovers, i want jesus to return my loyalty to him in the form of miracle based prayer.

when christians talk about the amazing power of prayer, there are plenty of instances when praying doesn't work. Allie was hit in the head Oct 7, 2017 and when into a coma. she and her sorority and church prayer for her, but her conditioned worsen, she also got pneumonia and she died Oct 28, 2017

on the one hand i feel god has never answered any of my prayers. and i mused perhaps i need to be more religious. but then christians like Allie have died despite being more religious and praying. being more religious doesn't seem to result in more powerful answered prayers.

on the other hand i've not yet died of cancer or soccer ball hits to the head or flu or car accident. perhaps that's the best a higher power can do for me and for me to complain i'm pushing my luck.


Delilah todler dead cause unknown Oct 2017

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Natalie Turner 17 Makayla Davis 15 Makayla Leigh Woods 15 Hannaleigh Suttles 8

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:16 pm

Natalie Turner 17

John Hengst, 55, shot himself after killing 55-year-old Brenda Turner and 17-year-old Natalie Turner,  to death on Friday night. October 27, 2017 in Chetek, Wisconsin.

Authorities said Hengst and Brenda were divorced last year, but all three remained in the house together.

Natalie was reportedly upstairs when Hengst and Brenda got into an argument Friday night. The 17-year-old had time to call police before Hengst came upstairs and shot her. He then went back down and killed himself next to Brenda’s body.

Friends and classmates of Natalie gathered outside Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School, where Natalie was a senior, on Sunday night for a vigil. Her friend, Kacelyn Keller, said the girl was well-liked and would be terribly missed.

   “She was one of the most sweetest, caring girls I’ve ever met in my life. She was hard-working. She never had anything negative to say.”

i find it surprising that even very attractive teen girls can be shot and killed like this. from the outside it looks like they live the charmed life.

Makayla Davis 15

Makayla Davis 15 shot to death on October 28, 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas by boyfriend.

Makayla Leigh Woods 15 and
Dec. 2, 1995, Nov. 23, 2011

Hannaleigh Suttles 8

Makayla Leigh Woods passed away on Wednesday afternoon November 23, 2011 after being shot by her boyfriend's mother, Mary Ann Holder, 36, in Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday November 20, 2011 at age 15

Hannaleigh Suttles 8 was also shot and killed by Mary Ann Holder Sunday November 20, 2011

Mary Ann Holder wanted to see her married former flame one last time as their bitter love triangle threatened to open a new and potentially costly chapter in court.
The meeting ended with Randall Lamb, 40, being shot and Mary Ann Holder, 36, taking her own life Sunday. Later, police found that Holder gunned down four children living in her home, including her two sons, and the older boy's girlfriend. Two are dead. Three of the children survived and were in critical condition Monday.
Mary Ann left notes taking responsibility for the shootings and apologizing for the pain she was causing, Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes said.
Authorities said Randall Lamb agreed to meet Holder at a community college parking lot around 9 a.m. Sunday. His wife was about to file an alienation of affection lawsuit against Holder. North Carolina law allows a married person to sue the person with whom his or her spouse had an affair.
After the meeting with Randall Mary Ann went to pick up her 14-year-old son. Phone records indicate that about 45 minutes later, Zachary Smith was sending a text message thanking his hosts for letting him stay over the previous night.
Nearly half an hour later a sheriff's deputy found Holder dead inside with a gunshot to the head, and Zachary critically wounded was in the SUV's back seat. Deputies recovered two handguns inside the vehicle, one in Mary Ann's lap, the sheriff said.
The officers then went into Mary Ann's home in the Pleasant Garden community south of Greensboro and found her son, 17-year-old Robert Dylan Smith, dead. Smith's girlfriend, Makayla Woods, 15, and Mary Ann's nephew, Richard Suttles, 17, were also shot inside the home and were in critical condition Monday. Holder's niece, Hannaleigh Suttles. 8, died Monday.
The victims appeared to have been shot while they slept.
Mary Ann's decision to take in her dead sister's children appeared to add to the pressures of what appeared to be a life in turmoil, neighbor Teresa Scott said.

so if your family member or your dating a someone with a family member who goes on a shooting rampage, they could also kill you for being next to their intended victim.

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Savannah Audrey Cash 14 Hailey Owens 10 Rebekah Jane Gay, 24

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:20 pm

Savannah Audrey Cash 14
Jun. 10, 1993  - May 22, 2008 age 14

Cash, Savannah Audrey, 6/10/1993 - 5/22/2008. At 1:00am on May 22, 2008 our beautiful daughter, Savannah, passed away after a short but valiant battle with a brain tumor. She passed peacefully at her uncle's home in Glennie, MI with her family around her.  DIGP

Hailey Owens 10
August 18, 2003, February 18, 2014 at the age of 10.
Springfield, Missouri.

Craig Wood a middle school football coach accused of abducting, raping and killing a 10-year-old Missouri girl Hailey Owens conceded that he committed the crimes

Carlos Edwards testified that he was raking leaves on the day of the abduction and saw a pickup truck drive past his home several times. Edwards said Hailey was standing in his driveway when the driver pulled up next to the fourth-grader and asked her how to get to a street. The girl said she didn't know and started walking away, Edwards recalled, and then the driver said: "Hey, come here for a minute."
Edwards said that as soon as she got close enough, the driver opened his door, grabbed Hailey and drove off. Edwards said he took off running but a drainage ditch at the edge of his yard stopped him from getting to the truck.

His wife, Michelle Edwards, testified with tears running down her face that her husband was feet away from reaching the truck before it sped away. She made a frantic 911 call, and the couple provided police with Wood's license plate number. Police ultimately went to Wood's home, where they waited for him to return.
Patterson said during his opening statements that when Wood parked his truck and got out, officers approached, and Wood tossed a roll of duct tape in the back of his truck. Officers found Hailey's body wrapped in plastic in a plastic bin in the basement. Patterson said she was shot in the back of her head from close range.

Patterson said police found girl's clothing in a strip mall trash bin near Wood's home. Surveillance footage showed Wood buying bleach and drain cleaner at a Walmart. Patterson said Wood's clothes and bedding were found at a laundromat near Missouri State University.

Berrigan said police found handwritten stories in Wood's bedroom dresser about sexual fantasies, two of them involving 13-year-old girls. Police also found four pictures of young girls who attended the school where Wood worked as an in-school suspension supervisor.

safety there are child abductors who abduct in broad daylight

sometimes i wonder why i wasn't abducted

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Rebekah Gay 24

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:31 pm

Rebekah Gay 24
March 26, 1988 Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012.

listverse wrote:On Halloween night 2012, John D. White entered Rebekah Gay’s mobile home and murdered her. White struck her in the head with a mallet several times before tightening a large zip-tie around her neck. He had planned on having sex with the corpse after watching several necrophilia pornography videos online. But he was unable to do so because he was too drunk.

safety lots of creeps out there

this refutes a lot of RDI claims about what an intruder would or would not do to Jonbenet

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Emily Jane Harding Colliss 5 Alicia Marie Martin 8

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:10 am

Emily Jane Harding Colliss 5
Birth: Feb. 5, 2005
Death: Aug. 15, 2010


obit wrote:
In February 2010 Emily started to lose her hearing. She suffered night terrors, vomiting and malaise and eventually total hearing loss. On April 29, she was diagnosed with an inoperable, incurable brain tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.

"Nothing got her down. Even when she was diagnosed and she knew she was sick, she just curled up in my arms and said, 'Mummy, I don't feel very well. I want lots of cuddles'. And that's exactly what she got."

Despite her hard fight and treatment as radiotherapy, the cancer spread.

Emily was unconscious her last two weeks and she passed away peacefully surrounded by her family early on Sunday 15 August, 2010. She was only five years old.

Alicia Marie Martin
Birth: Sep. 11, 1998, USA
Death: Dec. 23, 2006
Brevard County Florida, USA

Alicia Marie Martin, 8, of Viera, Florida passed away peacefully on Saturday, December 23, 2006 at home in her mothers arms. DIGP

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Julia Elizabeth Hillebrand 12 Lindsey Steltenpohl 6 Peyton Elizabeth Rudkin 7

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:41 am

Julia Elizabeth Hillebrand 12

Julia Elizabeth Hillebrand, our beautiful 12 year old daughter, passed from this life to the next on December 4, 2010 Julia died of a rare brainstem tumor (DIPG) surrounded by her family

Lindsey Steltenpohl 6
February 16, 2005 - August 18, 2011


Peyton Elizabeth Rudkin 7
Birth: Aug. 30, 2004 California, USA
Death: Oct. 23, 2011 Washington, USA

Peyton spent only 7 years, 1 month and 23 days on earth. DIGP

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Laura Babcock 23

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:45 pm

Laura Babcock 23
killed on July 3 or 4, 2012.

Laura Babcock had intense fear of death since childhood killed on July 3 or 4, 2012.

It took an Ontario prosecutor 10 minutes to read through a lifetime of pain for Laura Babcock.

Jill Cameron walked the jury in the murder trial through the young woman's mental health records, which detailed more than a dozen visits to specialists in the year leading up to her disappearance in the summer of 2012.

"She feels no one loves or cares about her," reads a note from a psychiatrist at Toronto's St. Joseph's Health Centre on April 29, 2012.

She banged her head against the wall to relieve her "extreme anxiety," and she lived with an overwhelming fear of death since childhood, read another.

Babcock's mother, Linda, closed her eyes and bowed her head as she sat in the packed courtroom on Wednesday. Her father, Clayton, rubbed his temples and clenched his jaw.

The Crown contends Dellen Millard, 32, of Toronto, and Mark Smich, 30 of Oakville, Ont., killed Babcock and burned her body in a large incinerator because she was the odd woman out in a love triangle with Millard and his girlfriend.

They believe she was killed on July 3 or 4, 2012. Her body has not been found. Both Millard and Smich have pleaded not guilty.

Millard, who is representing himself, has said he didn't care much about his girlfriend at the time or about her feud with Babcock. Court has heard there was bad blood between the two women.

Babcock's mental health records came as an admission in court agreed upon by the prosecution and both accused.

"We had a stack of documents from Ms. Babcock's various mental health treatments at three different hospitals that she had attended as an outpatient and on one occasion as an inpatient," Justice Michael Code told the jury.

They boiled her records down to eight pages that only detail the time from August 2011 to April 2012.

Babcock lived through extreme anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder, the records state. She purged herself. She cried all the time, and she obsessed over death.

"Her major concern is death and what would happen after she dies," reads a note from a nurse at William Osler Health Centre in Etobicoke, Ont., on Aug. 18, 2011.

The next day, Babcock told a social worker at the same hospital she has had negative thoughts since she was five years old.

"Does not want to die, but likes to see blood. Some days she believes anything is doable," reads one note from a doctor at William Osler on Sept. 15, 2011.

She would blame her parents for not understanding her. Then she'd take it back.

On Jan. 20 2012, a note from her file at a Toronto mental health hospital reads: "Long-standing history of worthlessness and emptiness."

She told a nurse on March 14, 2012 that she sometimes wished to die, but on several other occasions she told hospital staff she did not contemplate suicide.

Babcock told one psychiatrist she felt misunderstood. She accused her parents of not believing her most recent diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

"She would sometimes state that it's not until she's dead that people would realize she had an illness," said a note from a psychiatrist on April 29, 2012.

At that, Babcock's mother breathed deeply, shaking her head.


Laura Babcock had intense fear of death since childhood

She banged her head against the wall to relieve her "extreme anxiety," and she lived with an overwhelming fear of death since childhood, read another.

"Her major concern is death and what would happen after she dies," reads a note from a nurse at William Osler Health Centre in Etobicoke, Ont., on Aug. 18, 2011.

where have i heard this before?

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

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