Kali Jade Bookey 14 admits brother's girlfriend 15 psychopath

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Kali Jade Bookey 14 admits brother's girlfriend 15 psychopath

Post by redpill on Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:15 pm

Kali Jade Bookey 14 was seduced by the dark side

icy cold blue eyes. i sense darkness in u

   White / Caucasian
   United States of America
   New Richmond, Wisconsin
   New Richmond Middle School

Kali Bookey

Kali Jade Bookey is a resident of New Richmond, Wisconsin. [1] Bookey attended New Richmond Middle School.  [1] 

On July 28, 2016 Bookey was charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide. [6]  Bookey rode her bicycle 11 miles to the home of her brother’s girlfriend, slipped inside, awakened the girl and assaulted her for hours on July 27, 2016. [7]  [6] 

Bookey admitted to jumping on the girl and landing 20-30 blows before smashing bowls over the unidentified victim’s head. She also cut the girl’s throat with a bowl shard at least four times. [6]  [7] 

Bookey claimed she was a Psychopath and wanted her first kill. [6] 

HUDSON, Wis. (AP) – The mother of a 14-year-old Wisconsin girl accused of slitting her brother’s girlfriend’s throat says the family saw no signs she was planning anything violent.

Prosecutors charged Kali Jade Bookey on Thursday with attempted first-degree intentional homicide. Investigators say she told them that she attacked her brother’s 15-year-old girlfriend as she slept in her home in New Richmond on Wednesday morning.

According to a criminal complaint, Bookey told investigators she slit the girl’s throat with a shard from a bowl she had broken over the girl’s head. Bookey said she hated the girlfriend because the girlfriend made her brother happier than she did.

Bookey’s mother, Dawn Bookey, told The Associated Press in a brief telephone conversation Friday that there were no signs her daughter was planning to attack the girl and that her family is very, very sad.

Read More: UPDATE: Mother Of 14-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl Says No Sign Daughter Was Planning Attack | http://wjon.com/police-14-year-old-wisconsin-girl-slits-teens-throat-in-hope-of-1st-kill/?trackback=tsmclip

Bookey then told the girl she is “a psychopath and crazy and that [the victim] was her first kill and she was probably going to kill again,” the charging documents showed.


her stated reason for killing
A 14-year-old Wisconsin girl tried to kill her brother's girlfriend, slitting her throat and telling her during the attack that she was a psychopath looking for her first kill, according to investigators.

a girl on girl attempted murder.

it seems the victim 15 is alive and survived. she's also white. so this isn't a hate crime.

same state that gave us the slenderman attempted murders

girl on girl attempted murder

So Kali Jade Bookey 14 admits being a psychopath and wants her first kills.
Sounds like another dark sider

female on feline

Alyssa Bustamante  15

lured and killed 9 year old girl , Elizabeth Olten

she looks a lot older than 9

also girl on girl
diary wrote:
Bustamante stabbed the 9-year-old girl in the chest, strangled her, sliced her throat and left her in a shallow grave covered with leaves so she could find out what it felt like to kill.

"I just f***ing killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they're dead. I don't know how to feel atm [at the moment]," Bustamante wrote in her diary

She later added: "It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the 'ohmygawd I can't do this' feeling, it's pretty enjoyable. I'm kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now...lol."

and then there's this

also girl on girl

and this one

not too long ago

if Kali Jade Bookey 14 victim, 15, knew martial arts she might have been able to defend herself but if Kali Jade Bookey 14 knew martial arts she could have been a serial killer, a girl on girl serial killer. no one would suspect her. Kali Jade Bookey 14 could have entered lesbian bars, met lesbians, took her home then used her mma to kill them. everyone would believe a male serial killer like Ted Bundy.

how many female murder victims where everyone assumes the killer is male, which is the case like 99% of time, but was actually a female.

with walker county jane doe, they recovered no semen despite a sex assault to her genitals with a large blunt object, so there is speculation that her killer might be a lesbian psychopath like the above girls.

i support a woman's right to an abortion regardless of ability to pay. one reason is that how many serial killers, terrorists, mass murderers, spree killers, and psychopath thrill killers are aborted, before they become teens or adults? aborting embryos that in the future will grow into serial killers thrill killers mass shooters makes society safer so abortion should be free.

shame there isn't some way to test fetal DNA and if it is defective as in serial killer defective, an abortion is urged. not in the USA but in a country like china or india, if there is some way to detect serial killers in children, perhaps those nations could euthanize the child before they kill. a child that likes to torture animals or shows unusual fantasies involving murder and death.

at age 14, there are so many fun things to experience from star wars rogue one to season 3 of star wars rebels to vr on an xbox scorpio. she threw it all away to satisfy a desire to experience killing, another teen girl 15, and will be in prison for along time.

this shows you are never safe around another person, ever. another person can decide to kill you at any time for any reason under any circumstances. for me if a chick looks emo in any way, i'm avoiding her. males are always a clear and present danger  

Bookey then told the girl she is “a psychopath and crazy and that [the victim] was her first kill and she was probably going to kill again,” the charging documents showed.

this is something i think about. someone wants a thrill kill, a first kill, and then i walk along into his or her crosshairs.

Kali Jade Bookey 14 if she were rational, calculating, planning and knew both MMA and forensic techniques and countermeasures, could go a long way to being a prolific serial killer. still there is a lot of discussion on how well that could be done in today's age with smart phones and tracking people's smart phones and messages on social media like facebook. and there are plenty of surveillance videos.
a female serial killer would mostly have to prey on women since a man could very well overpower and kill her, unless she uses a weapon like a gun.

what is this world turning into?  cyclops

men killing men is as it always has been always will be. but now we have to worry about emo teen girl psychopaths.  No

my interests have turned towards survival, from accidents to homicide. i can be killed in a car accident, or i can meet either a robber, or a serial killing thrill killer.

i wonder where these girls get their ideas, perhaps from pop culture? i also wonder if these girls at a very young age were subjected to a jesus camp style brain washing, would they turn out to not be killers?

how many children had they not been brainwashed with fundamentalist Christianity would have instead turn to drugs, gangs, violence and murder, or sexual promiscuity?
how many of these psychopaths, had they been brainwashed by Jesus camp, turned out normal?
at least some would see through religion as bullshit.

while i think christianity and judaism are bullshit, i'm not even remotely concerned about being killed by

while i'm not worried about party girls wanting to kill me, their life choices often leads to an early end, in death

or suicide

unlike ur average new atheist, i am fully aware that nonbelievers are also into drugs, thrill killing, gangs, robbing, rapes and murder so there's that. i feel safer around christians mormons then i do some of these nonreligious types.

a segment of the population has an idea in their head. a desire. to kill another human being. it becomes an urge. then they go out and kill. part of reality of human existence.


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Re: Kali Jade Bookey 14 admits brother's girlfriend 15 psychopath

Post by redpill on Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:03 pm

here's a another photo of her

nice blue eyes of a killer. smile of a psychopath.

Bookey described herself to the victim as a 'crazy psychopath' looking for her first kill, then told her to "have a nice afterlife" and left the trailer.

knowing what i now know, that's pretty scary lol. my mom told me there aren't monsters but there are.
her mother said she had no idea and no indication her daughter would do this.

RDI claiming an intruder would not leave behind a ransom note and a body behind in the Jonbenet case are total fucking dumbass morons who don't know shit.

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Re: Kali Jade Bookey 14 admits brother's girlfriend 15 psychopath

Post by redpill on Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:13 pm

any notice alot of these white girl psychopaths have blue eyes? hmmm, reminds me of in star wars, when a human turns to the dark side, they get sith yellow eyes, with some exceptions.

it seems that the dark side of reality is ascendant. the new reality is that psychopaths are here and ready to kill, and they now come in the form of young teen girls.

if all u atheists out there who think jesus camp is bullshit, if you actually take the time to study the dark side, you realize you can't take normalcy for granted. there's drugs, bullying, mental health problems, suicide, gangs, psychopaths, fantasies of killing and murder, partying and drugs, sexual deviance of all kinds. there's no guarantee that a child raised an atheist will turn into someone interested in science logic and rationality. there's the lure of drugs, murder, gangs, extreme political and social movements, serial killing, killing animals, burning things etc. jesus camp is a lesser evil to what you will find here

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Re: Kali Jade Bookey 14 admits brother's girlfriend 15 psychopath

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:26 am

when  Kali Jade Bookey


Halle Hickman - note there are many teenagers with same name -

so Kali Jade Bookey isn't a racist  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked she kills white girls and she is a white girl

Halle Hickman

wiki wrote:
Halle Hickman is a resident of New Richmond, Wisconsin.  [2]  [3] 
Assault by Kali Jade Bookey

On July 27, 2016 Halle was assaulted at her home for hours by Kali Bookey. [3]  Booke jumped on her and landed 20-30 blows before smashing bowls over her head. She also cut the girl’s throat with a bowl shard at least four times. [5] 

Halle remains in intensive care sustaining extensive life threatening injuries.


Halle Hickman is white so this isn't racially motivated. But imagine if Halle was a black girl.

speaking of which not too long ago

Trinity Carr Charged In Killing Of Amy Inita Joyner Francis!

is the dark side stronger? is the dark side getting stronger? will we hear more stories of teen white girls killing teen white girls, because the Force is now unbalanced with the death of Christianity?

imagine a Hunger Games

a real life Hunger Games with real life teenage girl psychopaths

with the above teenage girls all in one island. No way to escape the island.

NO Rules. No weapons, no tools, no tents or premade shelters, no pots or pans, no medical supplies, no nylon cords, no clothing no tampons.   Embarassed
they get a video camera to vlog  Twisted Evil

only island food coconuts and fresh water. And camera crew to record the violence and mayhem through remote cameras, but no outside interferences. No time limits. girls are helicoptered in.  the last girl standing is rescued and set free. Sooner the last girl wins, sooner she can be set free.

it would be like an episode of Alone

but not. contestants much hotter, hotter action, girl on girl that sort of thing  Evil or Very Mad

we can include other teen girls who kill  girls

how would it all play out. would they all cooperate and stay on the island indefinitely? only thing on that island is coconut trees, with all trash removed. coconuts and fresh water for life, and sand. will they form alliances? is it every girl for herself? remember all the girls in this thread who killed were also psychopaths who want to kill other girls. what strategies should they employ? Trinity Carr may have an advantage, she actually was able to kill a black girl with just her fists, no knife, and a white girl killing a black girl ala Travyon Martin Mike Brown may not go over well with the BLM crowd, so we take her out, so only white girl psycopath killers are on that island - each and every one has killed or attempted to kill a white girl. on the island only white girls they can kill are other white girl psycopaths.  

will they set aside their differences, discover their commonalities and live in a feminist all girls lesbian paradise society?

Sheila Eddy and Rachel Shoaf were once lesbian lovers, and had actual lesbian sex together,  but since Rachel ratted on Sheila for reduced sentencing, Sheila will want PAYBACK. Revenge is a dish served cold.

what kind of conversations would they have? what kind of fighting will they employ?

as i write this in Aug 2016, most of the girls above are still teenagers, and in prison  so time wise it could actually work, all same age similar height weight body build experience. all slender, pretty level playing field. slenderman girls would be the youngest. Casey Anthony and Rachel Wade would be the oldest  Twisted Evil

who is the last girl standing?
who will be first season Lady of the Psycopaths Wink

Who is the deadliest psychopath?

unlike the tv show, no weapons, no armor, no shield.

thus far, among the white girl psychopaths, i would probably put my money on Sheila Eddy as the most depraved and possibly most dangerous.  

psychopath contestants

Sheila Eddy - looks like she has blue eyes

Alyssa Bustamonte - notice blue eyes

Kali Jade Bookey - notice blue eyes

rachel wade - notice blue eyes

rachel shoaf - notice blue eyes

morgan geyser - notice blue eyes

casey anthony - notice blue eyes

christy sheats - notice blue eyes

anakin sith eyes

imagine Sheila Eddy saying to Alyssa Bustamonte, you like killing white girls? NO WAY. I I love you I love you  killing white girls to.  

Rachel Wade can i join?

anyone else notice these white girl psycopaths who like to kill white girls mostly have blue eyes?  What a Face  What a Face  What a Face  Suspect  Suspect

btw this freckled face tall slender ginger Rachel Shoaf, killer of Skylar Neece, psycopath

not to be confused with Brynne Larson, teen exorcist

amazingly similar looking isn't it?
if Brynne Larson were to visit Rachel Shoaf to perform an exorcism, Rachel could murder Brynne, then wear her clothes and walk out as Brynne and live her life as Brynne Larson. until they find the body.

one is of the dark side

the other is of the light, a christian teen exorcist

this one was also a light sider a christian but died of the brain eating ameoba  What a Face  What a Face

this one also of the light side, a christian but died in a car accident

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Re: Kali Jade Bookey 14 admits brother's girlfriend 15 psychopath

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