snoke is quinlan vos *spoilers*

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snoke is quinlan vos *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:52 pm


no one else has suggested it.

Snoke has seen the clone wars and rise of empire
Vos is clone wars era Jedi

Snoke is a master of the dark side
Vos studied the dark side under Asajj Ventress and Dooku

Snoke told Ren he has both light and dark
Vos has both light and dark

Snoke was said to be a handsome young force user back in the day.
Vos was a handsome young force user.

Snoke is supreme chancellor
Vos was captain enigma of the separatists

Snoke does not trust clones
Vos was on the receiving end of order 66

Snoke is a powerful force user, one that Kylo Ren calls master
Vos in Dooku's opinion in Dark Disciple, could take on Sidious and win.

Snoke is not a sith, nor Kylo Ren
Vos and Dooku talked about a new arrangement as equal partner dark siders ruling the galaxy, after killing Sidious.

Snoke obviously lived through the clone wars and rise of empire
Vos fate was never clarified in canon, could still be alive as in legends

snoke is a male force user
vos is a male force user

other candidates for snoke were killed as in plagueis, mace windu, grand inquisitor, vader, sidious or non-force users like grand moff tarkin. ezra is not old enough to be present in the clone wars.

in legends vos lives on and survives order 66.

"there is truth in legends" asoka tano

during the clone wars Vos partnered with Obi wan. Obi wan called vos crazy. later, he learned the ways of the dark side from Ventress, then Dooku. in canon his fate was never clarified.

For Vos to be Snoke, Vos obviously got severely injured, possibly by Vader. Went off to study the Sith on Morriband. bidding his time, and after the fall of Sidious, he reemerges

you read it here first  Embarassed

yeah i know its a reach but if vos gets injured and burned alive then spends time in a bacta tank  that could explain a lot of snoke's appearance

it would ruin the redemption story at the end of Dark Disciple

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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