my movie idea - the return of the golden ninja

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my movie idea - the return of the golden ninja

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:13 am

back in the day my friends and i loved

one thing i've long wondered is how to combine the world of the ninja


here's my movie idea Smile


raid a village

when a mother puts her baby daughter on a stork and it flies away, before the mother is slaughtered by vikings

the baby is dropped off by the stork in the land of the samurai ninja shaolin warrior

where her arrival was foretold by the prophesy and she is accepted and trained in the ways of the ninja warrior

this clip shows Snake Eyes as a young boy training in the ways of the Ninja with his friend Storm Shadow

the golden ninja is a prodigy but eventually she hears a calling and returns to where she came from to fight the vikings and avenge her parent's death

this is the golden child, the chosen one as foretold in the prophesy, the golden ninja, who defeats the vikings and avenge her parent's deaths

impressive, most impressive

thus began the legend, the legend of the golden ninja

born in the west, trained in the east, in the mystic arts I love you I love you

with the legendary blade of the dragon warrior

forged by

the fate of the world hangs in balance from the golden ninja

next movie

predator vs golden ninja

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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