icy cold blue eyes eyes - a poem to blue eyed teen psychopaths

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icy cold blue eyes eyes - a poem to blue eyed teen psychopaths

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:11 pm

What a Face  What a Face  What a Face

Sheila Eddy -  blue eyes

Alyssa Bustamonte -  blue eyes

Kali Jade Bookey -  blue eyes

rachel wade -  blue eyes

rachel shoaf -   blue eyes

morgan geyser -  blue eyes

casey anthony -  blue eyes

christy sheats -  blue eyes

anakin sith eyes

these teen psychopaths inspired me to write a poem

icy cold blue eyes - a poem to teen psychopaths by redpill

icy cold eyes
as blue as the skies
you wanna thrill
so u cut and kill

cold eyes so blue
i sense darkness in you
so filled with wrath
you're a psychopath

with beautiful blue eyes
that tell many lies
your victims dies
as their families cries

blue eyes so filled with hate
with a victim's death
you seal your fate
with her last breath

blue eyes you choose the dark path
subtracting life is your math
covered with blood
you hear a thud

blue eyes so bright
they shine with light
from a soul so dark
evil is the spark

behind eyes so blue
what is actually true
what you knew
is goodness flew

blue eyes hear these words
from a song bird
fluttering and stuttering
hate leads to suffering

icy cold blue eyes
with only one life
you end another on a knife
you let evil thrives
and thus end 2 lives

in your next life
flee from strife
embrace the good
like little red riding hood

by redpill

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