safety lessons Rebecca Wood, Natalie Henderson, Sierah Joughin, Karina Vetrano

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safety lessons Rebecca Wood, Natalie Henderson, Sierah Joughin, Karina Vetrano

Post by redpill on Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:44 pm

here are some safety lessons

32-year-old Rebecca Wood was  murdered for $20

redpill's safety lesson -

her killers

Deanthony Bradley

William Bounds

Anton Mukes

Jeremiah Flowers

how it went down

Ashley Sears, Fox 6 (Milwaukee), August 10, 2016

Four men have been arrested and charged in connection with an armed robbery turned homicide.

32-year-old Rebecca Wood was shot and killed on July 13th near 28th and Clarke.


Investigators say Wood was shot while in her vehicle.

According to a criminal complaint, 21-year-old Deanthony Bradley and three others wanted to rob her. A witness told investigators he saw Bradley with a weapon, and thought this was a drug deal.

Authorities say Bradley pointed a gun at Wood’s head with his finger on the trigger. He told police when Wood tried to drive away, the gun went off–and Wood was killed. An autopsy revealed she suffered two gunshot wounds–one to the back and one to the chest–wounds caused by one bullet, according to police.

After the shooting, Wood’s vehicle crashed into a tree in the area.


According to the complaint, after the shooting, a witness indicated one of the suspects went to Rebecca Wood’s vehicle and took a purse–apparently dropping it when a witness yelled at them.

The complaint says police found Rebecca Wood’s purse and a $20 bill near her body at the scene. A $10 bill was later found at the scene, with blood on it.

According to the complaint, one of the suspects stated that they got away with $20 after the robbery and fatal shooting. The complaint states that a suspect told investigators he used the money to buy cigarettes and “two bags of weed.”


According to the complaint, after the fatal shooting, Bradley posted on Facebook that he had to “cut his fro and get low.”

Rebecca Wood left behind two children, and an entire family heartbroken over the loss.

safety lesson is that you are not safe behind a car, you can be shot and killed inside your own car.
i guess avoid areas that are high in crime.  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  obviously if you're new to the area.  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

one my fears about traveling to a foreign country is something like this - you as a tourist go to an area that you did not know was high in crime and you get mugged beaten raped and murdered.  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

I don't think there's a whole lot Rebecca could have done to save her life No  No  No
she attempted to escape via her car but the bullets went right through.

not too long ago
Jessica Chamber was burned to death

by this guy

Quinton Tellis

Jessica Chambers and Quinton Tellis were boyfriend/girlfriend. so this reminds me of OJ Simpson and Nicole Simpson

17-year-old Natalie Henderson was just 17 when she and  17-year-old Carter Davis was found with bullet to their head killing them by this guy

apparently he's just crazy
cbs news wrote:
ast Updated Aug 10, 2016 12:34 PM EDT

ATLANTA - Police say the suspect accused of killing two teenagers near Atlanta stole the girl's wallet and the boy's car jumper cables after he killed both with gunshots to the head.

The details are contained in arrest warrants filed in the municipal court of Roswell, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb.

The warrants say 20-year-old Jeffrey Hazelwood followed 17-year-olds Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis into an alley behind a Publix grocery store before shooting each teenager once in the head on Aug. 1.

Hazelwood is charged with murder and theft. Police have declined to discuss a possible motive for the slayings. Henderson and Davis, who used to live in Rapid City, South Dakota, would have been high school seniors this year.

Past police calls to Hazelwood's home also show he was identified as the suspect in the theft of a rifle from his grandfather's gun case.

A February 2015 report released by Roswell police lists Jeffrey Hazelwood as a suspect in the gun theft from his grandfather's house, where Hazelwood lived with his grandparents in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell.

Police released another report of officers called to the same home in 2013 in which Hazelwood's grandparents said their grandson, then 16, stole a sword and knives from their gun safe. That report, which doesn't identify the teen by name, says he'd told his grandmother that "he was going to blow and people were going to get hurt."

A former schoolmate at the former Alternative Youth Academy in Roswell told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Hazelwood "just didn't seem normal."

"You could feel he was strange when you stood next to him," Julio Avendaño, 21, told the paper.

Video from WSB-TV shows Hazelwood during his first court appearance jerking his head around, and his hands and wrists shaking continuously at his first hearing Friday at the Fulton County Jail.

WSB reports that Hazelwood talked to himself during the hearing and appeared to be petting an imaginary dog at one point, but said nothing to the judge.

Hazelwood was raised by his maternal grandparents in the Roswell area after his parents separated when he was a baby, his paternal grandmother, Trudy Darlene Dinwiddie of Moscow Mills, Missouri, told the paper. She said she hasn't seen him since he was young.

In recent months, Hazelwood had been staying with various friends and relatives in Roswell and in nearby Cobb and Cherokee counties, Roswell Police Det. Zachary Frommer told the AP.

"He has some hurt and anger in him, but I don't know what it was about, only Jeff could tell you," his aunt, Kathy Dinwiddie, told WAGA-TV.

Hazelwood's attorney, Lawrence Zimmerman, has said he will provide a vigorous defense.

i don't know why he picked them. news reports don't say. not sure what to offer in terms of safety lessons. i guess don't be behind a grocery store in the middle of the night bc um u can get shot that way.

there are a long list of questions about this murder. apparently all three were behind the  Publix grocery store at night time, which seems unusual.

20 year old Sierah Joughin

her killer  James Worley, 57, of Delta, Ohio pictured above. Worley committed an eerily similar crime against a 26-year-old woman in 1990

Revealed: Ohio college student, 20, who was kidnapped and killed on a bike ride had been suffocated with a gag and hog-tied

   The remains of University of Toledo student Sierah Joughin, 20, were found July 22 near a rural county road
   Autopsy found Joughin died of asphyxiation over the course of several minutes
   Her body was found in a shallow grave, with her wrists handcuffed and bound to her ankles, which were taped together  
   James Worley, 57, was charged with aggravated murder and abduction
   Investigators have found a dungeon with restraints that could be use to abduct people on his property
   Multiple pairs of women's underwear were also discovered during a search of his home
   Worley was previously convicted for 1990 abduction of a 26-year-old woman, but he only served three years in jail

A 20-year-old Ohio college student who disappeared while riding her bicycle and was later found slain in a cornfield had been suffocated to death, her autopsy has revealed.

Sierah Joughin was discovered found handcuffed and hog-tied with rope on July 22, three days after she was last seen biking along a rural road east of Toledo.

Her autopsy report states the University of Toledo student died of asphyxiation from a large plastic gag that was placed in her mouth.
The document, which was reviewed on Wednesday by The Toledo Blade, states that the 20-year-old died over the course of several minutes. There was no evidence of sexual assault.

Her body was found in a shallow grave, with her wrists handcuffed behind her back and tied with a rope to her ankles, which were taped together.

Authorities have charged 57-year-old James Worley with aggravated murder and abduction in Joughin's killing.

Police said in court documents they found handcuffs, rope and tape on Worley's property in Delta.
They also discovered a secret room in a barn outfitted with restraints and a freezer lined with carpet that had blood inside of it. The freezer had been covered by hay bales behind which several pairs of women's underwear was found The Toledo Blade reported.

Worley served three years in prison after he was convicted of abducting a 26-year-old woman in 1990 who was biking alone near Toledo. She says he hit and handcuffed her.  

According to search warrants released in late July, Worley told a therapist he was mandated to see by Lucas County Common Pleas Court judge after his previous abduction conviction that he 'learned from each abduction he had done and the next one he was going to bury.'

Sierah Joughin was last seen alive riding her bike July 19 at around 6.45pm with her boyfriend in Metamora, on a country road in rural Fulton County, about 20 miles west of Toledo.

They then split directions to head home, but Joughin did not make it.

Her bike was later found in a cornfield after her mother filed a missing person's report that evening.
Investigators have found a hidden room on James Worley's property. Evidence found so far suggests he was repeat abductor
Since Worley's arrest in Joughin's killing, investigators have been looking into the possibility of additional victims.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said earlier that Worley's criminal history in the 1990 attack made it worth investigating whether other women have been victimized.

At this time, police do not believe there was prior connection between Worley and Joughin.

Authorities spent several days in late July digging through the farmhouse and barns where Worley operated a small-engine repair shop, but no human remains were found.

The search warrants released say that cell phone evidence shows Worley was at the spot where Joughin's bike was found for two hours on the day she went missing.

Investigators said he had marks on his arms and bruises on his lower legs but told them 'he didn't steal anything or kill anyone,' according to the documents.

He first told investigators he had been riding a motorcycle and that he lost his helmet, screwdriver, sunglasses and fuses after it broke down, the search warrants said.

Those items were found at the location where Joughin's bike was uncovered, the documents said.

Worley served three years of a four- to 10-year sentence in the 1990 abduction of a woman who was riding her bike, which happened about 20 miles from where Joughin was riding near Metamora.

Worley entered an Alford plea to abduction, meaning he didn't admit guilt but conceded that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him.

The circumstances in the 1990 abduction are eerily similar. In that case, 26-year-old Robin Gardner, had been biking along a country road,The Toledo Blade reported.

As she rode past farm fields, Worley passed her once before striking her with his truck from behind, causing her to tumble into a roadside ditch, court records indicate.
He then stopped to ask if she was okay before coming up behind her and striking her on the head, according to the Toledo Blade.

Worley then reportedly dragged her to the side of his truck, threatened to kill her and pulled out handcuffs from his glove box.

Gardner, recalling the incident, told the Toledeo Blade that she was screaming in the cornfield at the top of her lungs.

'A blood-curdling scream, a scream I didn't know I had in me,' Gardner, now 52, said.

She managed to escape injured, but alive, after fleeing out the driver-side door and hopping onto the back of a motorcycle whose driver had pulled over down the road after seeing her flailing inside the truck, The Toledo Blade reported.

Following that abduction, Worley was indicted for kidnapping and felonious assault but entered an Alford plea, not admitting guilt, to abduction, according to The Toledo Blade.

He was found guilty and entered prison in November 1990, and was paroled in December 1993.
Ms Gardner said she was shocked but not surprised he'd been arrested again.

'Of course, I think he's done it before and after me,' she said.

After the attack, Gardner moved out of state soon afterward. She says she still has panic attacks when she's far from other people.

'I can't walk in the woods alone, I can't hike, camp, bird watch,' she said in an email. 'I get very afraid if people aren't around to help me if I'm in need.'

She said she was heartbroken over 'knowing the fear that Sierah experienced and the sadness that her mother is experiencing.'

'My heart aches so much for Sierah and her family,' she said, adding that Worley should have been kept in prison longer. 'I wish I could have done more to protect them but it was out of my hands.'

Fulton County Sheriff Roy Miller said investigators continue to search for evidence in Joughin's case, and he encouraged people with any information to call authorities.  
Read more:

safety lessons - it his inherently unsafe to be on a bike, or even jogging. there are many bad drivers that will accidentally kill you on a bike and run away. I've identified several young girls were killed when a car accidentally struck them. In some cases it was a hit and run. In other cases, the driver stopped and waited for ambulance and gave an accounting.

the additional safety issue is that this is one way predators can get you, they see you on a bike, they deliberately run their car directly into your bike in an attempt to knock you off, then abduct you and rape you.

growing up i did a lot of bicycling, esp on a college campus. i know now that bicycling esp alone, is highly dangerous. either an accident or a killer/robber for money might want to get you and its easy to knock you off a bicycle or shoot you.

She was bicycling in broad daylight when her killer struck her. She should have carried either pepper spray, mace, or even a gun as a precaution in her purse.

there are several girls who went missing and/or found dead and their bicycles were recovered.
OCCK's victim Jill Robinson is a famous example. Personally I'm not going to bicycle anymore, on the streets. If I do bicycle it will be on bike trails.

Karina Vetrano, 30 wrote:
A Queens woman was found slain in a marshy area near Howard Beach after she went out for her evening jog Tuesday, law enforcement sources said.

Karina Vetrano, 30, was reported missing by her father when she didn’t return from her regular run along the Belt Parkway’s bike path at about 5 p.m., according to the sources.
Modal Trigger
Police at the scene where a jogger’s body was found in tall weeds on Tuesday in Howard Beach.Photo: William Miller

Shortly after her worried dad, a retired firefighter, called 911, police found the body of the St. John’s University graduate in the high-weeded area off 165th Avenue and 78th Street at about 10:30 p.m., the sources said.

Sources said a cause of death has not been determined, but she appeared to have been strangled and her jogging pants were pulled partway down.

Vetrano’s father, who neighbors say retired from the FDNY on disability, was called to the crime scene as sobbing neighbors gathered outside his home on 84th Street.

Even before the remains were identified as Vetrano’s, neighbors feared the worst. One young girl on the block collapsed in tears as police investigators descended on the neighborhood.

“She had a routine jog,” one neighbor said, describing Vetrano as a “pretty girl.”

Another neighbor, who would identify himself only as John, said Vetrano went jogging with her father nearly every night before he suffered an injury.

“He asked her, ‘Don’t go in there,’ ” John said, referring to the weeded area.

“They found her phone over here [on the path] . . . If these weeds weren’t this high, we would have seen her,” John said, adding that “all girls know not to walk along these weeds.”

Karina VetranoPhoto: Instagram

Another neighbor said that “hobos and bums” typically lurk in the weeded area.

Vetrano’s Instagram account is filled with photos of her enjoying her summer sipping cocktails, traveling and soaking up the sun with friends.

In a recent photo with her dad on his 60th birthday, Vetrano called him her “hero” and said, “I’m so blessed to have a father I can call my best friend.”

Vetrano, who was an avid runner, posted an image online that showed her wearing a medal from the Spartan Race at Citi Field 15 weeks ago.

Sources said police were investigating whether the victim had been sexually assaulted.

safety lesson - jogging is good exercise but there are risks such as this. her jogging path took her around very tall grass that her killer could hide behind so if you have to jog, watch out for dangers like this.

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